Did you know 42% people regret having thrown or given away things because they didn’t have enough space? In fact, for most of us, it seems like we can never have enough wardrobe space. It’s probably because we are not planning your wardrobe right. However, planning is only possible unless you have a realistic estimation of wardrobe cost. So let’s start by finding out how much does a wardrobe costs. 

It is not a single factor that determines how much does a wardrobe costs but a combination of facts. The most important factors that affect wardrobe cost are listed below.

#1: Size of Wardrobe

how much does a wardrobe cost-white wardrobe-louvre doors
A wall-to-wall wardrobe cast into the wall

It may be an obvious thing to say but the larger the wardrobe, the more it would cost. Wall-to-wall wardrobes cost more particularly if they are cast into the wall. Also, the height of the wardrobe also has a critical role to play. Wardrobes with lofts or floor-to-ceiling wardrobes will naturally cost more than regular ones. 

Putting in lofts can cost an additional ₹4,000 per sq ft.

#2: Types of Wardrobe (swing or sliding)

Depending on your preference, you can have your wardrobe doors as hinged/swing-open (shutter attached to the closet) or sliding (shutters that can be slid open). If your room is compact and cozy, sliding doors are a great option. Sliding doors are the more expensive option here. But there are other things as well to consider when choosing between these two options.

how much does a wardrobe cost-sliding wardrobe-swing wardrobe
Did you know sliding doors cost more than swing ones

A basic fitted wardrobe with 2 swing doors and no add-ons can cost between ₹21-25,000, while sliding doors can cost between ₹60 – 67,000.

The Indian Walk-in Closets

 how much does a wardrobe cost-white wardrobe-walk-in closet
Indian version of a walk-in closet

A proper walk-in closet is basically a room designated to the storage of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. It could include a dresser and vanity counter. Needless to say, this is a very aspirational storage unit that requires a generous allocation of space and budget. The cost of walk-in closet would vary depending on the area it covers and the accessories you opt for. 

In India, walk-in wardrobes are increasingly becoming a trend, especially in the metros. Much like everything that comes to our country from the West, we have given this too our own desi twist. 

  1. Most walk-in wardrobes in India are niches rather than rooms. 
  2. Walk-in wardrobes usually do not have shutters or doors. But we are not used to wardrobes that cannot be closed. Hence, Indian walk-in closets are shuttered and often have mirrors installed on them to serve as dressers. 

Here is how you can get a walk-in closet for a small room.  

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#3: Material Wardrobe is Made of


Internally wardrobes or the carcass of the wardrobes are generally made of MDF and plywood. Designers and carpenters would tend to recommend MDF as the carcass material since it’s cost-effective and strong. 

how much does a wardrobe cost-lights in wardrobe
The carcass is the interal part of the wardrobe

A wardrobe made out of MDF can be around ₹60,000 and above.

While plywood can range between ₹74 – 80,000.

You can learn how to design the wardrobe you need here.


At Livspace, the shutters or external doors of a wardrobe are done in plywood. Depending on your style, you can pick from a range of finishes. Laminate, membrane, acrylic, aluminium with glass or aluminium with lacquer. If you’re looking for something cost-effective and easy to maintain, laminate and membrane are good options.

 how much does a wardrobe cost-red wardrobe-sliding wardrobe
The finish is the external polish you see

A laminate finish starts at ₹7,400 and membrane at ₹18,000. High-end options like acrylic and PU are between ₹25 – 28,000.

#4: Hardware & Handles

The hardware here includes screws, nuts and bolts that are holding your wardrobe together. Needless to say that hardware is the basic framework of your wardrobe and you must invest in it. In fact, it is the real measure of how much does a wardrobe costs. 

wardrobe handles-laminate wardrobe
Wardrobes can be handleless too!

Handles of your wardrobes are that one part of your wardrobe that will be subject to maximum yanking and shoving. So get sturdy handles no matter how much it affects the wardrobe cost. The more fancy you want your handles to look, the more cash you need to shell out. 

#5: Wardrobe Accessories

There are several add-ons for a wardrobe. You can put in different pull-out options for drawers, hangers, laundry bags, or trousers. Get a holistic look at all the wardrobe accessories we offer here.

wardrobe cost-wardrobe accessories
The more accessories you add, the better the ease of use

 A hanger pull-out can cost an extra ₹800 and a three drawer set can cost around an additional ₹12,000.

#6: Labour Cost

The cost of labour is one one of the major elements that determines how much does a wardrobe costs. If you buy one of our catalogue pieces that are , your cost of labour will be substantially lower because the wardrobe just needs assembling. However, if you have a space crunch or very specific requirements, a customised wardrobe can be built on site that will require more labour cost. 

wardrobe cost-green wardrobe
Customisation leads to higher labour charges

The Big Question: “Why Can’t I Choose a Freestanding Wardrobe Instead?”

While you can’t move a fitted wardrobe like its freestanding counterpart, you can’t deny the fact that it adds value to your home.  It also allows you to organise things according to your preference. Also, these do not eat away precious floor space and keep your room clutter-free! 

If you liked this post, take a look at an infographic to iron out all your wardrobe organisation woes. For advice on getting the right wardrobe for your home, get in touch with us!

— editor@livspace.com