Organising your wardrobe might be an ongoing process but how many times have you actually refrained from starting the process? The mere thought of sitting down and segregating things in a wardrobe can throw you off the roof. But we’re here to rescue you from that. With our step-by-step guide on how to organise wardrobe, you will actually want to get to work. It’s exciting, it’s easy and it’s sustainable.

With this guide in your mind, we can assure you that you will never spend more than 20 minutes to organise your wardrobe again! The infographic below gives you simple tips on how to segregate clothes in your closet and reduce your wardrobe clutter. With answers to a few questions, you will be able to Marie Kondo your wardrobe!

Things to know

Just know your wardrobe organisation type. Are you a folding person or a hanging person? Do you enjoy colour coordinating your wardrobe, or maybe separate according to frequency of use? By the end of this infographic, you will know how much space you need to dedicate for each item in your closet. We also have tips for decluttering and keeping your wardrobe looking super organised at all times!


Did this simple infographic just make your weekend chore a whole lot simpler? We hope so! If you want to know more about customised wardrobes, check this out: 7 Perks of Customising Your Wardrobe.

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