A mirror wardrobe is favoured by people everywhere because they are so practical. Be it a conventional hinged or the contemporary sliding wardrobe with mirror, it is functional and space saving. Another advantage of having a mirror is that it will make your room look more spacious, which is a boon for compact urban homes.
Take a look at some of Livspace’s favourite mirror wardrobe designs:

#1: A Grey Sliding Wardrobe with Mirror in the Centre

You can go for contemporary sliding wardrobe designs with mirror

If sombre and contemporary is the mood you want to set, this mirror wardrobe design is a handy option. You don’t necessarily have to have a mirror from floor to ceiling. Speak to your designer and get it designed according to your taste. You can also answer these 9 questions to find your wardrobe design.

#2: A Wardrobe with a Lacquered Finish

Perk up your mirror wardrobe design with a pop of lacquered finish

As opposed to the first option, this sliding wardrobe has a lacquered finish in the centre in a colour that complements the room decor. It adds to the charm of the bedroom, don’t you think?

#3: A Chic Wardrobe Design

A soft-toned and less shiny wardrobe

This wardrobe design for bedroom with mirror is meant to be shown off! It suits any design seamlessly and saves a lot of space! The Wardrobe Colour Pops with the use of wall art and wallpaper.

#4: A Black Wardrobe with Half Mirrors

A balanced half-and-half wardrobe design for bedroom with mirror

Doing up the top half of your doors with mirror makes the room look visually light and spacious. You can choose from a range of colours for the lacquered half. We recommend you go with a colour you’ll never tire of, since this is a long-term investment.

#5: A Pristine White Wardrobe with Mirror in the Middle

An all-white and glossy look is one of the popular wardrobe designs

Sliding wardrobe designs with mirror best suit small spaces like this. The white-plus-mirror combination is a classic one that will leave your room looking striking!

#6: A Sliding Door with Mirror

A full-length vanity mirror right in the middle

Doing up one sliding door in the centre with a mirror is a smart move. It doubles up as a vanity unit while you can store all your make-up and accessories within the wardrobe.

#7: A Full-Wall Wardrobe with Mirror

A full-wall wardrobe design with large reflective surfaces keeps the room bright

What a stunning piece of design! Covering one full wall, the massive wardrobe is a classy addition to the bedroom. If you love full-length mirrors, this should be your pick. This is one of our favourite wardrobe designs for the bedroom.

#8: An English-Style Walk-In Wardrobe

A dreamy walk-in wardrobe

For Victorian-esque vibes, mouldings are a great choice for your wardrobe. This white walk-in design here, has been amped-up in functionality by the mirror panels and mouldings for visual texture.

#9: A Beige-and-White Wardrobe with Mirror Door

A full-length dressing mirror on one side and lacquered glass on the other

Small spaces like this bedroom benefit most from sliding wardrobe designs with mirror. You can also follow a muted colour scheme in your room for a more airy vibe.

#10: A Wine-Coloured Wardrobe with Dresser Unit

A high-gloss theme for the bedroom furniture

This wine-and-champagne-coloured wardrobe has been colour coordinated with the entertainment unit. Using the mirror on one side helps turn it into a dresser.

#11: A Champagne Wardrobe with Sliding Doors

A spacious wardrobe with lofts on top

This champagne-coloured sliding wardrobe design with mirror has one in the centre is an elegant addition to this bedroom. It complements the wooden tones well and doesn’t take up much space!

#12: A Black Armoire-Style Mirror Wardrobe

A hinged mirror wardrobe with panels

An armoire-style wardrobe design would be great for those who want a more conventional approach.

#13: Mirrors on All Wardrobe Doors

A classy look with mirror doors

We highly recommend this design for compact urban spaces. The mirrored surface plays tricks on the eyes to make the space look bigger than it actually is. Choosing neutral shades will also help you experiment with colours in the room.

#14: A Yellow-and-White Colour Block-Patterned Wardrobe

This wardrobe comes with a mix of lofts, drawers and hinged doors

Mirror above drawers? Yes, please! If you are looking for a dresser-like unit with ample storage, this wardrobe with lofts on top is an excellent choice. Yellow adds a breezy vibe too.

#15: A Wheat-Coloured Wardrobe with Mirror in the Centre

A hue that doesn’t overwhelm the space

This muted and sober-coloured wardrobe caters to modern sensibilities. The wheat colour settles in easily into the room design and complements the shades employed in the fabrics and flooring.

#16: A 4-Door Sliding Grey Wardrobe

Minimal in style but not in effect

Talk about going big! This 4-door sliding wardrobe makes the most of the space available to give the inhabitants plenty of storage space. Also, this happens with no compromise on aesthetics.

#17: A Sliding Wooden Wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobe designs with mirror are ideal for compact bedrooms

Wooden grains are also popular with our clients who opt for sliding wardrobe design with mirror. While the mechanism is modern, the wooden grains keep the look traditional.

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