If you look at celebrity homes for inspiration, their dressing rooms are to die for! Each item is organised neatly along with an array of shelves, hangers, and drawers. What really catches the eye is the dressing unit neatly tucked in the centre like a showstopper. It isn’t easy to replicate this in every home. However, we can try to choose the right wardrobe design with dressing table to make things a bit easier at the regular Indian homes. 

Having a vanity unit built into your wardrobe makes it easy to get ready every day. For, the times when we had elaborate dressing tables or vanity counters are long past. . So, let’s take a peek into some of the finest Livspace homes and how we made use of wardrobe designs with dressing table in these. 

#1: Pink Wardrobe Design With Dressing Table

wardrobe-design-with-dressing-table-pink and white-sliding door
The mirror breaks the monotony of the pink wardrobe

This pretty wardrobe design is tactfully made to let in natural light. The chest of drawers just below the window makes the space light up while leaving an area to store cosmetics, fragrances and much more. The floor-to-ceiling mirror as part of the wardrobe door is a handy addition, especially when you want to see how your #OOTD (outfit of the day) is coming along. 

#2: All-white Wardrobe With Dressing Table 

Meero Master bed room1 1 HDR 2
Don’t miss the full-length mirror!

When you’re short of space, a sliding wardrobe design with a dressing table is the way to go! A small platform neatly inserted in an alcove of the sliding wardrobe makes it easy to sit and get dressed. As a bonus, this also can be a handy study corner or desk just to spend time in. Add in some table mirrors, knickknack holders, and you have your pretty dressing corner ready. 

#3: Vanity Unit Attached to Mint-coloured Wardrobe

Mirrored doors make it easy to dress up

This room is a really compact one but look how smartly it has been designed.  A mirrored door wardrobe kitty-corner to the actual wardrobe not just comes with storage space but also fits into small bedrooms with ease. The design is practical without disturbing the flow of the wardrobe or compromising on storage space. . 

#4: Walk-in Closet With Vanity Unit

You are looking into a walk-in closet here

Wondering why this space looks so tiny? It is because what you see here is a walk-in closet. The gold finish gives it an oomph factor that makes it stand out just right. The wardrobe is tucked into an alcove with parallel storage for optimum space and the dressing area is equipped with lights to make the corner bright and cheerful. The design is offset with handy drawers to store essentials in. 

#5: Dressing Space With Seating 

Full-length mirrors with a pouf to dress up

If you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible. This wardrobe design with a dressing table is simply made of a mirror placed beside the wardrobe with a stool to help you get dressed with ease. You can store all your cosmetics and grooming accessories in the wardrobe and use the tall mirror to see how well-dressed you are. 

#6: Walk-In Wardrobe With Vanity Unit 

See how the drawers have different colours?  

This design has not one but two mirrors strategically placed to give you the celebrity experience. In this walk-in wardrobe area, one is a full-length mirror that helps you see the outfit in all its glory while the one above the drawers helps in the easy application of your makeup. The design has enough room to bring in a settee to help you sit while you complete your beauty routine. The different coloured drawers help you sort things easily!

#7: Dressing Area by the Window 

The dressing corner by the window

We find this wardrobe design with the dressing table refreshing for two reasons — it is right by the window —  and it is easily implemented in a small space. The window brings in ample lighting to help you see well and brings in some fresh air. A simple mirror can make so much difference while getting ready especially when you can find the accessories to get ready right behind it or next to it. This design is ideal for small homes that can’t really afford to lose space with extra furniture. 

Strip Banner 01 5

#8: Wall-to-wall Wardrobe With Dressing Area 

wardrobe-design-floor-to-ceiling mirror-side-shelves-for-storage
The dressing unit occupies a corner in the wall-to-wall wardrobe

This design charms you right away! It might be the ocean blue hue of the wardrobe, the golden handles paired with it or the delicately placed full-length mirror. All these elements put together makes the wardrobe design with the dressing table look plush. You can get a look at your full outfit and enjoy getting ready in the corner. Either way, the design is functional and pretty. 

Whether your home is compact or large, having a dressing corner is useful in making your space comfortable while you prepare for the day. A functional space with a touch of plush aesthetics can make your everyday routine and dressing-up for special occasions special.

How can Livspace help you?

Whether your home is compact or large, having a dressing corner is useful in making your space comfortable while you prepare for the day. A functional space with a touch of plush aesthetics can make your everyday routine and dressing-up for special occasions special. Book an online consultation with Livspace today to get such beautiful wardrobes for your home. Delivering safe home interiors is our #1 priority. Click here to find out how interiors are being delivered following all safety protocols. 

If you’re still not inspired, here are some chic dressing table ideas to keep you hooked! 

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