Well, you must be thinking all walk-in closets look the same and have the same features: shelves, hanging space, lighting… So what do we have that’s new?

The quirkiest designs, stunning colour combinations, and budget-friendly options! Prepare to be wowed by stunning visuals, practical tips, and expert advice that will leave you itching to start your closet transformation. Remember, your dream dressing room is within reach – let’s make it a reality!

18+ walk-in closet designs for every home

Walk-in wardrobes #1: The power of black frames

Did you notice that the background of these two wardrobes changes the aura of the closet? If your bedroom doesn’t get a lot of natural light, black frames can make it feel even darker, which is why recessed lighting or track lighting can help to brighten up the space.

Walk-in wardrobes #2: Profile lighting

Now, when it comes to lighting: what kind should you choose if there’s no natural light? Profile lighting is your saviour here. Unlike general overhead lighting, profile lights can be precisely positioned to highlight specific areas like shelves, drawers, or hanging sections. This makes finding what you need much easier, especially in larger closets. They even come with adjustable colour temperatures!

Walk-in wardrobes #3: Spotlight

Let the spotlight bathe your vintage finds and runway buys!

Own a vintage dress passed down through generations or a designer bag you adore? Use spotlights to showcase these special items, turning your closet into a mini museum. Strategically placed spotlights can create soft pools of light, adding depth and dimension to your closet, especially in larger spaces.

Walk-in wardrobes #4: Chandelier

Built your own gateway to Narnia yet?

A dazzling cascade of crystals or a sleek, modern orb casting a warm glow: a leaf straight out of a fairy tale! Opt for adjustable brightness or dimmable bulbs to create the perfect ambience for browsing your clothes or getting ready for an evening out. Coordinate the chandelier’s finish with other hardware in the closet, like drawer pulls or hanging rods, for a cohesive look.

Walk-in wardrobe design #5: Cove lighting

Cove lighting can visually expand a small closet design by drawing the eye upwards and creating a sense of spaciousness. They come in three types: LED strips, puck lights and rope lights. Add a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting intensity for different moods.

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Luxury walk-in closet #6: Profile lighting

A showroom just for your clothes!
walk in closets with profile lightings
Out with the old, in with the sleek!

Clean lines and minimalism: two aesthetics of profile lighting and wood finishes. Internal wardrobe designs like these give you the luxury walk-in closet you’ve always wanted. Keep reading for more such options!

Luxury walk-in closet #7: In glass

Did you know glass equals luxury?

Glass can be broken, so it’s important to choose a type of glass that is appropriate for your needs. Tempered glass is a good option for walk-in closets because it is more resistant to breakage. Oh, and don’t forget the lighting!

Walk-in wardrobe design #8: Bedroom nook to fashion book

You don’t need a separate space to create a walk-in closet; just the extra space in your bedrooms can be re-designed to look like a closet area. Add in a dresser, cover a wall with a mirror, and add some ceiling light to complete the setup. Thank us later!

Walk-in wardrobe design #9: Open shelf

No walls, just closet glam!

As we said, walk-in closets can fit in just about anywhere. Even an open shelf like this one that separates the bedroom from your dressing area can be your dream walk-in closet. Just make sure to add elements like lighting, seating, rugs, and some mirrors.

Walk-in closet design #10: Lofty fashion

Zero mess with a walk-in-loft-closet

Another walk-in closet design idea is the one where your rooftop, an unused hallway, or a loft becomes your walk-in wardrobe. This gives you a ton of space to experiment and improvise (and leave the messy clothes as it is 😉).

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Walk-in closet design #11: The best #mirrorselfie zone!

Where do we even begin… The aesthetic appeal of these walk-in closets lies in the vanity and mirrors. All you need is built-in lighting and functional storage spaces to make it your own.

Walk-in closet design #12: White delight

White reflects light, making even small walk-in closets feel larger and brighter. This can be especially beneficial if your space doesn’t get a lot of natural light. It also serves as a perfect canvas for pops of colour. Also, consider recessed lighting, track lighting, or pendant lights to brighten up the space and make it more functional.

The final fold on walk-in closet design

Here’s your final walk-in closet design checklist:

  • Storage solutions with soul: Opt for modular wardrobes that adapt to your needs, integrate hidden compartments for treasures, and don’t forget that a touch of personality (a pop of colour, a quirky display) goes a long way.
  • Lighting matters: Brighten your space with natural light whenever possible. Add soft, warm task lighting for organising and for highlighting your favourite finds.
  • Mirrors, glorious mirrors: Mirror your space and let natural light bounce around. Full-length options for outfit checks, decorative accents for a touch of glam, mirrored cabinets to hide away clutter – the possibilities are endless!
  • Accessorise: Invest in velvet hangers for delicate fabrics, shoeboxes for pristine pairs, and stylish containers for scarves and jewellery. Remember, small details make a big impact.
  • Maintain the magic: Declutter regularly to avoid falling back into chaos. Dedicate time for seasonal swaps and embrace the joy of reorganising – it’s like a mini makeover for your walk-in closet!

As your wardrobe evolves, so too can your closet. Be flexible, experiment, and keep the inspiration flowing!

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