Storage is a big concern in almost all urban apartments due to lack of space. At the same time, we Indians are big hoarders and love our storage solutions! While most modern wardrobes come with a lot of space, some of us require a little extra. And this is where wardrobes with lofts come in. Adding lofts ensures that you do not waste the available vertical space, making it the perfect choice for small bedrooms. To give you some inspiration for your own space, we have compiled a list of our favourite wardrobe closet designs with lofts that are made for small spaces. Check them out.

Wardrobe Closet Design #1: Mirrored Finish

Use reflective finishes to open up the space

What We Love: The combination of the mirror panels and the glossy, reflective finish makes the small bedroom look bigger. Always opt for glossy finishes if you have a compact space.

Wardrobe for Bedroom Design #2: The Cost-Effective Choice

Laminate is both cost-effective and low-maintenance

What We Love: This wardrobe closet design with lofts is made of laminate. Laminate is not only very cost-effective but also easy to maintain, making it the best choice for busy, working homeowners.

Wardrobe Closet Design #3: Pristine White Beauty

A white wardrobe will look good in any type of bedroom

What We Love: A white almirah design is a great option for contemporary homes. In addition, white also makes small spaces look bigger. Consider getting a wardrobe with a mirror if you don’t have space for a separate dresser unit.

Wardrobe for Bedroom Design #4: The One With the Mandir Unit

Channel those divine vibes!

What We Love: Multifunctional units are a blessing for small homes. This wardrobe closet design has a niche that has been converted into a minimal pooja unit, complete with a gorgeous jaali partition.

Wardrobe Closet Design #5: Almirah With a Study Unit

Multifunctional furniture like this one is always a win in Indian homes!

What We Love: Perfect for your child’s bedroom, this almirah design saves on so much space! The study unit is sleek and attached to the wardrobe so as to not waste any space. Additionally, the unit comes with both open and closed storage, along with the wardrobe having both lofts and bottom drawers. You will never run out of storage with this!

Wardrobe for Bedroom Design #6: Perfect for the Kids’ Room

Choose vibrant colours for your kids’ room wardrobe

What We Love: Growing children need tons of storage space for the clothes they keep growing out of — toys, books and other knick-knacks. This three-door wardrobe closet design not only provides ample space but also comes with space for a dresser. We also love the pink and blue colour combination, perfect when you have a little girl and a boy at home.

Wardrobe Closet Design #7: With a Dresser Unit

This not only saves space but also cuts down the cost of getting a separate dresser unit

What We Love: Another space-saving option, this contemporary almirah design has a niche in one corner which has been converted into a dresser unit. The icy blue reflective finish is a great choice!

Wardrobe for Bedroom Design #8: Retro Chic With Fabric

How often do you see a wardrobe with fabric designs on it?

What We Love: No matter how modern we get, retro designs will always be close to our hearts! This wardrobe closet design gives off charming retro vibes with its wooden borders and fabric on the shutters. If you are looking for a cupboard design for your elderly parents’ room, this will be a great choice!

Wardrobe Closet Design #9: Classy in Acrylic

The epitome of understated glam!

What We Love: Classy and refined, if you want an understated luxurious look, then opt for an acrylic almirah design like this one. The mirror-like finish looks oh so sleek! And the best part? Acrylic is durable and easy to clean.

Wardrobe for Bedroom Design #10: His and Her Wardrobes

This one is for all the shopaholics who hate sharing wardrobe space!

What We Love: Are you always fighting with your partner due to lack of space in your wardrobe closet? Then you need to get his and her wardrobes! And who said that you need a large room for two cupboards? Ask your designer to build the wardrobes into two walls and provide sliding doors, thereby saving space.

Wardrobe Closet Design #11: Bed Frame Storage

In a small bedroom, every tiny bit of space counts!

What We Love: We can’t get over the amount of storage this almirah design offers! Apart from the wardrobe itself, it comes with display shelves and extensive lofts. Building a wardrobe around your bed is a smart way to use the headboard wall instead of wasting it and it’s a perfect option for small bedrooms.

Wardrobe for Bedroom Design #12: The One That Has it All!

A clean wardrobe is no longer an elusive concept!

What We Love: Tired of your cluttered wardrobe closet? Make life easier for yourself by getting a wardrobe that has separate sections for all your clothes and accessories. From clothes to shoes, there is space in this wardrobe for everything, eliminating the need to get other storage furniture, like shoe racks.

Wardrobe Closet Design #13: Fit Into a Niche

Full-height wardrobes for that extra space

What We Love: The first thing that stands out about this cupboard design is the height. As we mentioned earlier, vertical height is an easy way to maximise space and storage if you have a compact bedroom. In addition, we love how this wardrobe has been built into a niche in this bedroom, without wasting any space.

Wardrobe for Bedroom Design #14: Warm Wooden Tones

Get a wardrobe that is warm and cosy!

What We Love: Nobody can deny that there is something evergreen and charming about wooden furniture. If you want both beauty and functionality, this wardrobe is a great choice for you, with its warm wooden shutters and maximum storage space. Consider playing with different shades of wood for a contemporary look.

Wardrobe Closet Design #15: The One With an Open Display

Flaunt that haul that you picked up during your travels!

What We Love: Picked up some mementoes during your travels that you would love to show off? Instead of wasting space by buying a separate showcase, choose an almirah design that comes with display racks, like this one. These display racks can also serve as additional storage space if you find you have more things than space to store them!

We hoped we inspired you with these beautiful yet functional wardrobe closet designs with lofts that will be perfect for your small bedroom. Also, check out the top 10 wardrobe designs of 2021 and 5 upcoming almirah trends of 2022

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