Perfecting your wardrobe organisation can take days if not months of decluttering, discarding and even watching countless hours of Marie Kondo’s Youtube videos. But planning your internal wardrobe design doesn’t have to be that complicated!

We have spent years revolutionising the way homeowners organise their wardrobes especially couples who are limited to one wardrobe. However, uniting mens and womens closets can be a task without the right kind of accessories. You wouldn’t want his ties getting entangled with her handbags, right? So, here’s a list of 8 must-have wardrobe accessories that will help you clearly demarcate your wardrobe space and keep your clothes wrinkle free. These accessories are so versatile and user-friendly that you can mix and match them to work for your parents closet or even a kids wardrobe!

#1: Saree rack

saree rack
The perfect way to store sarees that keeps them wrinkle-free

When it comes to sarees or fabrics that take some effort to fold and organise, opt to file them instead of stacking them. A saree rack not only keeps them wrinkle-free but also gives you easy access to remove one item without taking the others out of their place. Moreover, these racks come with a pull-out feature so you don’t have to bend over and struggle to get any of them out.

#2: Trouser rack

trouser rack
Avoid stacking up trousers in a shelf

Don’t think we forgot about trousers that have the same storage problems as sarees. Take one half of the wardrobe space that is dedicated for mens clothing and install trouser racks in the bottom. Organisational heaven!

#3: Shoe organiser

show organiser
The ideal place to store your dress shoes and prevent it from getting dirty

An absolute must-have in every wardrobe is a pull-out shoe organiser. This space-saving unit is perfect to store dress shoes or heels that need to be kept away from dirt.  These racks are designed in a way that mud and grime can fall through the racks, keeping the shoes in a clean condition.

#4: Wicker baskets

wicker basket
Store away winter clothes in wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are a great way to store anything and everything. These baskets are ideal for clothing items that you would want to stack up like shawls, scarves and dupattas. They can also be used to store away winter clothes like sweaters and coats.

#5: Folding iron board

 internal wardrobe design-folding ironing board
A folding ironing board is a must-have in every wardrobe design

The ironing board is one essential item found in every home whether you iron clothes or not. The problem arises when you are carrying this considerably heavy item around your home looking for a place to stow it away. With this accessory, you no longer have to worry about that. A folding ironing board is the perfect space-saving and convenient way to iron your clothes. Moreover, it can be installed at an ergonomic height for you.

#6: Tie and belt holder

Organise your tie and belts to avoid clutter

Adding a tie and belt holder is a complete change changer! These simple accessories can go a long way for your wardrobe organisation. The tie holder is designed to accommodate a large number of ties while keeping it crisp and wrinkle free.

#7: Trouser hanging shelf

 internal wardrobe design-trouser hanging shelf
Double up your storage with these trouser hanging racks

While a trouser rack answers all your woes about storing pants in an organised way, you can take it a step further with a trouser hanging shelf. These double rack shelves can hold twice the number of trousers and can give you a full-length view of all your pants!

#8: Folding mirror

 internal wardrobe design-folding mirror
A folding mirror is perfect for compact spaces

A wardrobe is incomplete without a mirror. However, compact spaces and vastu can limit your options of placing a mirror wherever you want. Therefore, this pull-out mirror can be extended when in use and put back in its place. These mirrors can be installed in any storage unit and can also come as a full-length mirror.

Extra Accessories: Display organising drawers

 internal wardrobe design-display organising drawers
Fabric lined drawers to store your expensive accessories

Nothing adds luxury to a wardrobe like installing a fabric-lined display organiser for your expensive accessories. Every display drawer comes with 6-9 compartments to store your watches, jewellery, collectibles and even keys. This open display makes it easy to reach out for things without having to scramble through a cluttered drawer.

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