Wood is a popular choice in most of our homes, especially if you love traditional style interiors. Its dependability and availability have made it a go-to material, especially for wardrobes. However, a real wooden wardrobe can be expensive, leaving wood-finished wardrobes as the next best alternative. Our range of modular wooden wardrobe designs have great storage capacity, look elegant and possess a universal aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the best wooden wardrobe design ideas. We’re sure you’ll find one that’s perfect for your space!

#1: Get a Free-standing Wooden Wardrobe

Pick a renters best bet for a sturdy wardrobe

If your nomad soul refuses to be tied down to one home, pick a free-standing wardrobe. It is sturdy, has amazing finishes and can fit into any space.

#2: Opt For a Sliding Door Wooden Wardrobe Design

Save space with a sliding-door wardrobe

Have a compact space? Getting sliding doors is an ideal choice. Sliding doors, although an expensive pick when compared to hinged doors, can save space in a compact room.

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#3. Your Wooden Wardrobe Design Doubles Up as a Dresser

Add a dresser in your walk-in wardrobe

Make the best use of your wooden cupboard design by opting for a built-in dresser. Fit in a mirror and customise the wardrobe accessories to carve out a dresser. This makes getting ready on Monday mornings easier.

#4. Pick a Light-Toned Wood-Finish Wardrobe

Pick lighter woods for a vastu-compliant wardrobe finish

A wood wardrobe finish can give you many options to explore. Opt for a beige colour for your wooden cupboard design. What’s more, it’s also a vastu-approved option.

#5. Use Different Shades For Your Modular Wooden Wardrobe

Combine light and dark tone to bring contrast to your bedroom wardrobe

Dark mahogany wood and its variants are relatively sturdy and dependable. This kind of wood boasts a certain yesteryear’s charm. With a bit of wax polish, you can amplify the look of modern wooden wardrobe designs. This kind of finishing on modular wooden wardrobes requires almost no maintenance if done professionally. The shade is simple and works best with subdued decor.

#6. Use Shutters to Get a Modern Wooden Wardrobe Design

Use shutters for a contemporary touch

Shutters can add a contemporary touch to your Indian wooden wardrobe design. They not only match your furnishing but can also blend well with the background.

#7. Splurge on a Modern Wooden Wardrobe With Distinct Patterns

Experiment with a patterned wooden wardrobe

Now this is a wooden wardrobe design that stands out! A patterned wardrobe can easily become the centre of attention. You can customise your wardrobe finishes to chevron, herringbone or striped patterns.

#8. Add Mirrors to Your Wooden Wardrobe

Open the space with mirrors

If you want to make an edgy statement with your wooden cupboard design ideas, mirror finishes are the way to go. They immediately add vibrancy to the setting and become a focal point. Also, these modular wooden wardrobes are functional as they can double up as dresser units when required.

#9. Go for a Dark-Hued Wooden Wardrobe Design

Contrast dark hues with complementary colours

Dark hues can easily complement large spaces. They impart richness to the surroundings and create a contrast with muted shades.

#10. A Multipurpose Wooden Cupboard Design

Fit in your appliances with the custom wardrobe

We love a custom wooden wardrobe design for its multipurpose nature. For example, in the picture above, you can see built-in shelves paired with a cut-out niche. This makes it easier for the homeowner to use it as a display area or to store appliances/furniture such as a mini fridge or safe.

#11. Try Out a Portable Wood-Finish Wardrobe

Bring your cupboard anywhere you want

Portable wardrobes are for people on the go. They have loads of drawers and shelves so you can easily accommodate them in any space.

#12. Get a Handy Single-Door, Modular Wooden Wardrobe

Optimise your vertical space

When space becomes an issue, your wooden wardrobe design needs to adjust accordingly. Thus, make sure to use vertical space and push for a single-door wooden wardrobe.

#13. Go for a Hinged Door in Your Modern Wooden Wardrobe Design

Pick out an economical option for your home

Hinged wooden wardrobe designs are the traditional go-to for most Indian homes. They are economical and can open all the way. You can also customise their handles to add character.

#14. Extend Creativity to Your Modern Wooden Wardrobe

Incorporate another utilitarian space with the wardrobe unit

This wardrobe, extended to become a pooja room, is yet another example of custom design. It is easy to attribute some open shelves to the corner, turning it into a divine space.

#15. Get Creative With Your Modern Wooden Wardrobe

Experiment with wooden wardrobe design and colours

This two-toned wooden wardrobe design is all about style and storage. This three-door hinged wardrobe is made with glossy laminate, which lends a reflective quality to the design.

#16. Optimise Space With An L-Shaped Wooden Wardrobe Design

Leave no corner unused with an L-shaped wardrobe

No corners go to waste when you opt for a custom wooden wardrobe design. L-shaped wardrobes optimise your corner for more storage. It also helps you easily create his and her sections in your wardrobe.

#17. Choose the Right Shades to Go With Your Wooden Cupboard Design

Blue complements the wooden tones

Your wooden wardrobe design can be infused with playful colours. Pick the right shades to go with them to add some contrast to the room.

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#18. Dress Up the Plywood of Your Wooden Wardrobe

Choose sturdy and economical with plywood

Plywood is a cheaper alternative to woods like teak or sheesham. It is sturdy and available in a wider range of options. To add the final touches, go with laminates to perfect the look of your wooden wardrobe.

#19. Accessorise Your Modular Wooden Wardrobe Right!

Customise the accessories for your wardrobe

When it comes to wooden wardrobe design, it is no surprise that wardrobe accessories are important. For example, you can easily preserve your vintage sarees for longer with a saree rack in your wardrobe.

#20. Customise Your Modular Wooden Wardrobe Needs

Turn your wooden wardrobe into a functional study unit

In most homes, space crunch is a huge issue. Thus, you should compartmentalise effectively to give yourself the extra space you need.

There are plenty of wooden wardrobe designs to suit your lifestyle. Wondering how our customers feel about working with Livspace? You can check out the Livspace wardrobe reviews here!

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