A hot trend in the Indian market—CNC cutting design or CNC jali design—has taken homes and commercial spaces by storm. These fancy designs are versatile and can be used to make your home look ethnic or contemporary, depending on your tastes. Wondering what they’re all about? Take a look at this simple guide on how to decorate your home with CNC cutting design ideas and what materials work best for them.

What Is a CNC Jali Design?

Intricate CNC jali designs take their inspiration from mashrabiya—an Arabic term for latticework windows in stone or wood, that spread across India with the prevalence of Islamic architecture under Mughal rulers. CNC, or Computer Numerical Control cutting, refers to the use of a computer-controlled cutting machine that cuts different materials into intricate patterns. An interior CNC cutting design is mimicked on wood panels today to create hypnotic, mesmerising patterns.

Where Can a CNC Cutting Design Be Used?

These beautiful and versatile CNC laser cutting design ideas are light and can be used on furniture, as room partitions or even on a wall. Backlit laser-cut panels and false ceiling panels in CNC cutting design looks are currently fashionable. Similarly, you can also use CNC jali partition design ideas for elevation at the entrance of your home.

Types of Materials Used in CNC Cutting Design for Home

#1: Wooden CNC Cutting Design

Solid wood jali partitions are evergreen and gorgeous

Love traditional designs? Then a wooden CNC cutting design is the perfect choice for you. Add a rustic touch to your home with a wooden jali divider or a CNC cutting design for the wall.

Price: Depends upon the type and variety of wood

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#2: MDF CNC Cutting Design

MDF design is cheap and versatile

While wood may look elegant, it might not be in your budget. On the other hand, MDF or medium density fibreboard is a durable and a cheaper alternative to wood that also looks stunning. You can opt for an MDF CNC cutting design for mandir or an MDF CNC jali design for the wall to achieve the look you desire.

Price: ₹1,390/sq. ft.

#3: PVC CNC Cutting Design for Mandir

The holy Om in CNC

Want something as opulent as this CNC Om jali design? Then opt for a CNC cutting design for mandir in PVC. A CNC Om jali design in PVC looks unique, and you can also use them for dividers, wall decor and ceiling designs.

Price: ₹665/sq. ft. to ₹1,485/sq. ft.

#4: Stone CNC Design Cutting

well lit homes dining table jali
Stone CNC cutting design is where it all started from

Stone CNC cutting design is where jali designs originated from. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve not kept up to the contemporary times. Stone CNC partition designs stand out for their precision and intricacy. They’re a great way to spice up your interiors.

Price: Depends on the type of stone

#5: Metal Jali CNC Cutting Design

Metal CNC cutting design makes sure your partitions last the longest

While opting for CNC cutting designs, consider metal if you want your partitions or jali designs to stand the test of time. This is especially suited to outdoor or high-traffic areas that’ll see a lot of wear and tear over time.

Price: Depends on the type of metal

#6: Terracotta CNC Cutting Design for Wall

If you want to add a rustic touch to your jali designs, go for terracotta CNC cutting designs. They’ll not only add an Indian touch to your home, but also take you back to your roots!

Price: Affordable

#7: Stainless Steel CNC Design Cutting

If you want to go the durable and water-resistant way but need an alternative to higher priced metals, you can go for stainless steel jali designs for your home. But keep in mind that they won’t be as aesthetic as their metal or wooden counterparts.

Price: Affordable

Interior CNC Cutting Design for Front Elevation

Did you know that you can improve front elevation with CNC for elevation? However, while selecting your laser cutting designs for elevation, be sure to choose materials that can handle outside temperatures. This helps ensure that your front elevation CNC withstands heavy wear and tear.

What About the Price and Material of CNC?

The price can vary according to the intricacy and complexity of the design chosen. Some are readily available on MDF design boards. As for the finish, for contemporary appeal, you would find most CNC cutting designs painted white. But a traditional CNC jali design with wood polishes is available as well.

How to Incorporate CNC Cutting Design in Your Home

1. CNC Partition Designs for Private Corners

Maintain privacy with intricate CNC partition designs

The geometric pattern on this laser-cut wood panel blends in beautifully in this modern home and separates the living and dining areas without adding visual clutter.

A similar CNC partition design can effectively be applied in an open-layout kitchen. Ensure that the design matches the decor of your home to create a seamless connection.

Beautify any room with an intricate jali CNC design as a screen

Simple floral motifs on this CNC design jali divider add a charming touch to this home, while also maintaining a semblance of privacy.

2. An Interior Design for a Backlit Effect

Add a highlight to your room with a backlit jali using an interior CNC cutting design for wall

Delicate laser-cut wood motifs as CNC cutting designs are brought to life with a backlight in this living room.

The more intricate the jali work, the more stunning the effect. This is a good option when you want something desi yet modern.

Add a grand CNC cutting design for mandir with jali

Backlit jali panels in a CNC cutting design for mandir is quite popular thanks to the ethereal glow they create.

3. Lattice-Work for Furniture

How pretty is this lattice-style jali swing?!

Another growing use of CNC is in furniture. For instance, this stunning swing made of intricate laser-cut wooden panels adds some Indian drama to this living room. Using CNC for mandir, partitions, swings etc is a great way to add some ethnic element to your home.

4. Jali Facade for the Architrave

Provide some elegance with a hint of opulence with CNC cutting designs

Laser-cut panels in walls are an easy way to add some subtle opulence and royal elements to your home. You can either opt for CNC on your walls or panels around your doorway for some understated glam.

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5. CNC Wall Design

Deck your walls with artistic CNC cutting designs for wall decor

A laser-cut wooden CNC can make a stylish statement on your existing walls. In this room, a CNC jali design has been used in the lamps and wall-mounted unit. The same can help you elevate the look of your walls without going overboard.

6. Jali Trims for Your Windows and Doors

Give an elegant jali trim to your doorway

Another place where you can use CNC cutting designs is on your doors and windows. Here, we transformed a basic door with the help of delicate CNC jali designs. You can go as understated or as glamorous as you want with CNC cutting.

7. Jali Headboard

A stunning MDF design headboard will transform a simple room

Laser-cut panels are not just confined to dividers, walls and doors. For a quirky look, why not go for a jali headboard like this one? You can also use CNC cutting designs in your wardrobes and other pieces of furniture for an elegant look.

Please note that the prices mentioned above are subject to change based on availability and other factors. Consult an interior designer to know more about estimated prices for these materials.

What Are the Advantages of CNC Jali Design?

1. Fashionable

When you opt for jali designs, you end up giving a home a fashionable and aesthetic look. You can use them for room dividers, doors, headboards and pooja mandir units.

2. Great for Privacy

If you’ve an open floor layout or want to break up a single room into two, you can add some privacy with an intricate jali design.

3. Provides Better Air Circulation

Following up from our last point, a jali allows you a leeway to have an open layout without closing it up. Hence, in the absence of unwanted walls and structures, it provides better air circulation.

4. Reduces Heat

As you might have guessed, a partition or a jali design reduces or blocks the direct entry of sunlight, thereby giving you cool and breezy interiors.

This home features a stunning jaali pooja room:

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