A hot trend in the Indian market — CNC cutting designs or jali design — has taken homes and commercial spaces by storm. These fancy designs are versatile and can be used to make your home look ethnic or contemporary, depending upon your choice. 

What is it?

Intricate cnc jaali designs take their inspiration from Mashrabiya — an Arabic term for lattice-work windows in stone or wood that spread across India thanks to Islamic architecture, and our Mughal rulers. The designs are mimicked on wood panels today to create hypnotic, mesmerizing patterns, and give it a contemporary feel.

Where can it be used?

These beautiful and versatile laser cut wood panels are light and can be used on furniture, as room partitions or even on a wall. Back-lit laser cut panels and false ceiling panels are currently in vogue.

What are the popular designs?

From traditional favorites like paisleys to contemporary geometric designs like hexagon lattice, laser cutting makes it all possible. There is a great range of choices and plenty of scope for customisation.

CNC cutting designs-hall partition
Glam up your living room with a jaali partition

What about the price and material?

The prices can hugely vary according to the intricacy and complexity of the design chosen. Some are readily available on MDF boards. As for the finish, for a contemporary appeal, you would find most of them painted white. But traditional wood polishes are available as well.

Here, we give you five fantastic ways to incorporate CNC cutting designs in your home:

1. Create private corners

laser cut wooden panels-wooden partition
Maintain privacy

The geometric pattern on this laser cut wood panel blends in beautifully in this modern home and separates the living and dining areas without adding visual clutter. The same can effectively be applied in an open layout kitchen.

laser cut panels-living room partition
An intricate jaali screen can beautify any room

Simple floral motifs on this jaali divider add a charming touch to this home while maintaining a semblance of privacy. 

2Stunning backlit beauty

cnc jaali designs-backlit jaali
The backlit jaali is the highlight of this room

Delicate laser cut wood motifs are brought to life with a backlight in this living room. The more intricate the jali work the more stunning the effect.

CNC cutting designs-jaali mandir
Jaalis are perfect for mandirs

Back-lit jali panels are a popular choice in pooja rooms as well thanks to their ethereal glow.

3Lattice furniture

CNC cutting designs-jaali swing
How pretty is this jaali swing?!

Another growing use of CNC cutting designs is in furniture. For instance, this stunning swing made of intricate laser cut wooden panels adds some Indian drama to this living room.

4Jali facade

cnc jaali designs-jaali on wall
Elegance with a hint of opulence

Laser cut panels in walls are an easy way to add some subtle opulence and royal elements to your home.

5Deck your walls

laser cut wooden panels-jaali wall décor
Artistic wall décor

Laser cut wood designs can make a stylish statement on your existing walls. In this room, cnc jaali designs have been used in the lamps and wall-mounted unit. 

6. Beautify Your Windows and Doors

laser cut panels-jaali on door
An elegant jaali trim

Another place where you can use CNC cutting designs are on your doors and windows. Here, we transformed a simple and basic door with the help of delicate jaali work.

7. Jaali Headboard

CNC cutting designs-jaali headboard
A stunning headboard in a simple room

Laser cut panels are not just confined to dividers, walls and doors. For a quirky look, why not go for a jaali headboard like this one?


Laser cut designs are available in several materials. Here are the most common:

1. Wood

laser cut wooden panels-wooden jaali-partition-door
Solid wood jaali partitions are evergreen and gorgeous

Love traditional designs? Then laser cut wooden panels are the perfect choice for you. Add a rustic touch to your home with wooden jaali divider.

Price Range: Depends upon the type and variety of wood

2. MDF

cnc jaali designs-MDF jaali-mandir
MDF is cheap and versatile

While wood may look elegant, it might not be in your budget. On the other hand, MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is a durable and cheaper alternative to wood that also looks stunning.

Price Range: Rs 1390/sq ft

3. PVC

CNC cutting designs-PVC jaali-mandir unit
A grand mandir unit in PVC jaali

Want something opulent? Then opt for CNC cutting designs in PVC. PVC jaali styles look unique and you can also use them in different forms like dividers, wall decor, ceiling designs etc.

Price Range: Rs 665/sq ft to Rs 1485/sq ft

Ready to start decorating your home with CNC cutting designs? But first, check out these gorgeous hall dining partition ideas.