Equal parts striking and timeless, wood is a material frequently used in interior design and specific furniture requirements. Far from making outdated cabinets and furniture, wood today is a material that brings nature inside without looking awry in a modern contemporary home. When picking the best wood for bed designs, here are the top 5 types you should definitely consider:

Best Wood for Bed Frames #1: Mahogany
best wood for bed-mahogany-wood bed-dark brown wooden-poster bed
For majestic vibes

Mahogany is one of the more popular wood types for those looking to make or source bed frames. The rich hue of the hardwood is a draw in itself and, when coupled with durability and strength, makes it a winner in the luxury wood department. True mahogany can be quite expensive depending on how much you use and how pure it is, so if budget is a constraint, think twice before opting for this wood.

Best Wood for Bed Frames #2: Walnut
best wood for bed-light wood-wooden bed-pendant lights-floral wallpaper
 A light and rustic choice

Yet another hardwood, walnut wood is renowned for its colour and lovely textured grain. It’s quite a strong hardwood, making it a good choice for furniture that will see regular use over time. Walnut wood is usually chocolate brown, but lighter and warmer shades of brown are also available to complement your decor. Granted, walnut is a tad rarer compared to everyday counterparts, but its durability and ability to hold shape will make it a worthy investment.

Best Wood for Bed Frames #3: Oak
gold accent wall-wooden flooring-pendant lights-wooden bed-side table
Durable options

Oak is a supremely versatile hardwood thanks to its quality, durability, grain and colour options. Being a high-quality wood, it stands the test of time when maintained properly, even in high-footfall areas like the bedroom. Oak also stains well, which means it can be customised to suit your existing decor; better still, a good coat of varnish will successfully display the natural grain of the wood.

Best Wood for Bed Frames #4: Rosewood
dark brown bed-floral blinds-tv unit designs
Comfort above all

Rosewood has come to become synonymous with luxury, high-end furniture. It has a vivid red hue and excellent texture that add dimension to a space. Rosewood has classically been used to build intricate furniture so if delicately design bed frames that can tolerate a lot of wear is what you’re looking for, using rosewood is your best bet. It’s a rare wood, rarer still due to strict trade regulations, so ensure that the rosewood you buy is authentic and has been farmed sustainably and ethically.

Best Wood for Bed Frames #5: Teakwood
wooden bed-wooden flooring-floral wallpaper-blue walls-blinds
Long lasting furniture

Promising strength and durability, teak wood is known for lasting a multitude of years when well-taken care of. The golden-brown colour of the wood, coupled with straight grain, makes it a visual delight. In addition, the natural oil content of teak wood makes it resistant to termites and pesky bugs that tend to take over wooden furniture.

 When opting for the best wood for bed frames, be sure to opt for sustainably farmed, ethically sourced options so that your choice is both conscious and elegant!

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