Sofas are a massive investment, so you don’t want to be second-guessing your choice of material or style at any point in time. To avoid future ‘what ifs?’ and regrets, take time to select the right material for your sofa– whether customised or not. You’ll be happy with your choice for years to come and won’t have to shell out extra for maintenance or upkeep! Putting durability, comfort and style first, here are a few sofa material choices you could look at:

Sofa Material Options #1: Leather
sofa material-leather chairs-dining table set-frames
Easy to clean leather

The age-old favourite, leather is a no-brainer when it comes to sofas of any style. It’s easy to clean, holds up well over time and comes in a variety of colours, finishes and textures that delivers on personalised visual appeal. Most leather sofa material today have stain-resistant finishes, making them ideal for houses with much footfall in the living area. That said, leather is quite vulnerable to scratches and may develop cracks if levels of humidity fluctuate.

Sofa Material Options #2: Linen
sofa material-colourful cushions-wooden rafters-pendant lights
Tough and rough textile

Linen is a tough textile, perfect for homes that pets or children don’t live in. They also have a luxe feel to them, making them an enviable sofa material choice. However, linen doesn’t hold up well under duress, especially if its made of loose weaves. Lighter colours can’t hold a candle to other materials when it comes to stain resistance and it’s hard to keep it wrinkle-free at all times.

Sofa Material Options #3: Cotton
sofa material-cotton material-cabinets-standing lamp
Woven cotton fabric

Quite similar to linen, cotton is also a breezy and durable fabric but doesn’t hold up well in areas of high footfall, like the living room. This sofa material can be treated and made stain-resistant but even so, it isn’t quite as easy to clean. Densely woven cotton fabrics such as denim and canvas are a clever way around these caveats; pure cotton, despite being able to resist piling, absorbs stains and colours faster.

Sofa Material Options #4: Wool
sofa material-wool fabric-pattern chair-blue cushions
Wool blends are durable and warm

Wool and wool blends make ideal sofa material choices because they’re durable and warm. They’re also a good choice for kid-friendly homes because they don’t experience much piling and wrinkling. Wool is also easier to spot-clean in case of spills and stains; running a vacuum over it removes dust. However, this fabric might not be an ideal choice for warmer climes as it retains heat.

The Best Sofa Material Based on Durability: Leather
Classic brown leather

Leather stands head and shoulders over other sofa material when it comes to durability. It’s quite an investment but stands the test of time and holds up well under distress. If you’re worried about kids or pets staining the material, consider opting for distressed leather– any blemishes will blend right in. 

Pro tip: If you’re planning to reupholster, the best material also depends on the shape of the furniture. Be careful of patterns and prints; these may distort when the fabric is cut up, so what you pick at first blush may not look the best on a sofa! 

A little due diligence when picking out your sofa material will help you avoid future regrets and unremovable stains!

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