Scared for your light color sofa? Keep these tips and tricks in mind to maintain light color sofas and you would be able to preserve it in all its glory!

You have finally convinced yourself that the pretty light-colored sofa can indeed work in your Indian home, with your lifestyle and family. But, if the thoughts of aftercare are giving you cold feet, you are in the right place. As you will find out, taking care of a light color sofa is not an uphill task, as many think it likely. Instead, with a little caution and mindfulness, your light-colored sofa can serve you long and serve you well.

maintain light color sofas

1. Choose your upholstery wisely:

First steps first, while choosing a light color sofa the upholstery makes a world of difference. In most cases, faux leather will be easier to clean and maintain than fabric.

2. Regular cleaning:

Vacuum clean your sofas and the surroundings frequently to maintain the colors and to control the dirt that settles on them. If vacuum cleaning is not a chore you enjoy, try it this time it with your favorite music playing in the background.

3. Timely drycleaning:

Apart from your vacuuming routine, get them dry-cleaned at regular intervals as well. With several economical visit-at-home services available today, it is easier than ever before to maintain light color sofas.

4. Prompt action:

In case you spot a stain on your light color sofa, needless to say, that dealing with it immediately will save you a lot of sorrow later.

5. Cleaning tip:

Hot water with a mild liquid soap does the trick for stains most of the times if one springs into action immediately. The trick is to use a white or a neutral cloth so that you don’t have to deal with bleeding colors from the duster itself. For more stubborn stains, a solution of vinegar and baking soda can be used.

maintain light color sofas

6. Avoid obvious disasters:

As much as you can, steer clear from eating, drinking or painting your nails around the sofa. Food or artificial colors can leave notorious permanent stains. Set an example, and the rest of your family members will most likely follow suit.

7. Party-proofing:

When you are having a party that involves drinks and food that leave stains, ponder over the feasibility of temporarily shifting your light color sofa into another room. This may not be viable every time, so consider investing in some slipcovers as well.

8. Move it around:

If your sofa is exposed to sunlight, move it around to make sure that sunlight is not always directed at one place. This will ensure that the color from one portion of your sofa doesn’t fade, causing noticeable uneven color later.

9. Change your spot:

Don’t choose one spot to sit in all the time. Keep shifting often, so that only one side does not sag and attract more dirt than the rest of the sofa. Fluff the cushions often, so as to maintain their contour.

maintain light color sofas

If the tips seem like a handful right now, trust us that you will become accustomed to staying slightly aware near your beloved light color sofa and it will come naturally. In the end, if anyone will ask us if a light color sofa is worth all the trouble — all our heads will nod in a yes!