La-Z-Boy on rug

A much-coveted addition to your living area, the La-Z-Boy is the epitome of comfort. It is designed for repose while catering to a luxurious lifestyle. However, La-Z-Boys can prove to be a decorating challenge, as they might not always be in sync with the general aesthetics of the room.

Often due to its noticeable size, the La-Z-Boy tends to grab all the attention and hurl the aesthetic coherence of a room into disarray. But, this issue can easily be solved if a few basic things are kept in mind while getting a La-Z-Boy for your living space:

1. Choose The Right Upholstery
While choosing the color and texture of the recliner, it is important to keep the general décor of the room in mind. The color should ideally blend well with the furniture, be it the same tone or in a contrasting shade. The texture, say leather or suede, etc., should be along the lines of the other textures used in the room. This will ensure that your comfortable add-on complements the room decor.

2. Clever Positioning
When it comes to arranging the recliner in your room, it is all about positioning it right. For rooms that are small in size, it is a good idea to place the recliner in a corner. This way, it does not consume one’s vision upon entering, nor does it tower over the other furniture. On the other hand, a room which has more space can do with the La-Z-Boy placed more centrally. The recliner, in such cases, often lends an aura of authority and power, which lifts the general ambience of the room.

3. Go For The Right La-Z-Boy
What if you really want to buy a La-Z-Boy but have very minimal space for it? There is an easy way to make sure that the recliner itself does not overtake the aesthetics of your room – a wall-saver recliner. A wall-saver recliner takes up lesser space while providing the same level of comfort. When stretched, it moves forward instead of backwards so that one does not have to leave too much space near the wall.

4. Accessorize
Apart from the above tips, you can doll up your recliner with a cushions or two and a throw blanket. Placing potted plants near it or an area rug under it are other ways to increase its aesthetic appeal.

La-Z-Boy on rug

As you can see, decorating around sofas are easier than you thought. So, now what are you waiting for? Get that La-Z-Boy and relax in style!

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