We have always used white and mirrors to open up compact spaces. But did you know that there are more ways to use color in your home? To be more specific, your choice of color and where you use it can make your room look completely different. Or, while the space you have might be limited, how you use it makes all the difference! So if you’re wondering how paint affects room size, we’ll give you a few hints!

Before you go ahead and splash color on all the walls of your home, remind yourself of the mood you want to set in the room. If you want it to look open or cosy, create the illusion of a wider or higher space, we’ll tell you how to use colors correctly to achieve your goal!

#1: Want to make your room look super spacious?

white walls
White or light-colored walls make your rooms look spacious

We’ve all been here. A small space can leave you feeling cramped and uncomfortable. If you aren’t interested to make structural changes, you can always rely on the art of illusion.

Our designers’ favourite secret –  when you want to make a room look open and spacious, settle for white or light hues. Let white or dainty hues dominate your walls and ceiling, and your room will feel open and airy!

How paint affects room size-white walls-living room
Use white walls to open up spaces

Where does it work best: Living rooms and kitchen

#2: Craft a space that looks cosy

How paint affects room size-how to make your room look cosy and compact
All the walls are coloured dark to create an intimate space

Having a large room is always amazing, right? Wrong! When you want to create a space that’s best for close, intimate family conversations or a room to watch movies and chill together, cosy and comforting vibes go a long way. And while the large room works perfectly when you have a big family, stark white walls can be quite off-putting.

In such a scenario, you’d want to make the best use of available space while making your room appear nice and cosy. So choose a darker shade of paint, and be liberal with it. By that, we mean, do not limit the color to just one wall! And how does color affect space here? With dark-colored walls and ceiling, your room will feel snug and pleasant!

kids room-green room
Painting your entire room with a dark color makes a space look cosier

Where does it work best: Family room, Entertainment room

#3: Want a sky-high ceiling?

How paint affects room size-high ceiling
Contrast dark walls with a light ceiling to make the roof appear lower

In the past, houses were built to have higher ceilings – this ensured, among other things, that the interiors remained cool. As times changed and we found newer ways of utilising space, our ceilings came to a standard height of around 2.75 m. But if you love rooms with high ceilings, fret not!

We’ll tell you the answer to “how does color affect space” in this situation. Consider a room that has dark-colored walls, but a light-colored ceiling. How does paint affect room size, then? Well, you have the illusion of a higher ceiling. Isn’t that great?

How paint affects room size-living room-yellow sofa
A light-colored ceiling paired with dark walls sets the mood for a chandelier

Where does it work best: Living room, especially if you have a chandelier, indoor gym

#4: What if you want a lower ceiling?

How paint affects room size-how to lower your ceiling
Make your ceiling appear lower by painting it a darker color

A low ceiling can make a space feel instantly warm and inviting. If you think this would work well for you, we’ll tell you how paint affects room size in this case. Simply paint your ceiling a darker color than the rest of the home, and see how the ceiling appears to be lower!

How paint affects room size-study-blue ceiling
A study with a low ceiling makes a room feel more intimate

Where does it work best: Study, Home office

#5: Do you want to make the space look wider?

How paint affects room size-widening spaces
Make narrow spaces look wider by painting the accent wall and ceiling

Narrow spaces become inevitable at times, but you can make a huge difference in how it appears to people! In a narrow room, consider painting both the accent wall as well as the ceiling in a darker color! Are you wondering, “How does paint affect room size?” When you choose a single dark color for both your accent wall and the ceiling, while the other walls remain white or have a lighter hue, you create an illusion of a wider space!

accent wall-painted ceiling-headboard
Make your bedroom look wider with a painted accent wall and ceiling

Where does it work best: Passage, Entryway

#6: What if you want a narrower space?

How paint affects room size-make a space narrow
Make narrow rooms look more symmetrical by painting opposite walls

Once in a while, you come across a space whose proportions make it difficult to add your own personality to the space. But we’ve got a solution for every situation! When you come across a room with mismatched proportions, consider painting the two end walls with a darker color. These darker walls will seem to appear closer to you, and your room will appear to be in a more regular shape!

How paint affects room size-narrow living room
With dark-colored walls on opposite sides, a narrow room can look more balanced

Where does it work best: Long passageway

#7: Want to shorten a never-ending room?

How paint affects room size-shorten a room
A dark-colored back wall to shorten a long room

Have a room that’s so long, you’re tired of it already? What if we help you turn it into one that comes with a definite end? With how paint affects room size, cover the back wall with a dark hue, and you’ll have a more intimate space in a jiffy!

How paint affects room size-dining room
A dark-hued back wall marks a definite end to the room

Where does it work best: Dining room with bar

#8: How to draw attention to a wall?

How paint affects room size-Draw attention to a wall
Draw attention to a light-colored accent wall by painting all other walls in dark hues

If you’re thinking of accent walls at this point, that’s just one of many ways! Consider painting the accent wall a slightly lighter color than the rest of the room. How does color affect space in this case? Our eyes are automatically drawn towards the lighter-colored wall, which at once highlights the wall while making the room look more intimate!

How paint affects room size-bedroom with light colored accent wall
Highlight your accent wall by painting it a lighter hue than the rest of the room

Where does it work best: Bedroom

Now that you know the tips and tricks of how paint affects room size, find out Which Paint is Best for Your Walls.

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