Your home is your haven which you design with utmost love and care. Not only should a small modern house design look beautiful but it should also be spacious. But when you look at your home, does it look small? If your answer is yes, then it could be because of these common design errors. So, what are these design mistakes and how to fix them? 

Read on to know how to identify these design mistakes and how to fix them. 

Small Modern House Design Mistake #1: Using Bulky Furniture

small house design-bulky furniture
Big furniture and small homes never work well together

In India, most people tend to use refurbished furniture that has been passed down through the generations. But the problem with such furniture is that it is usually large and bulky. When your home is already compact, big furniture can make it look even smaller.

How to fix it?

small modern house design-sleek furniture-console table-jaali partition-bar unit-accent wall
Notice how the console table, dining set and bar unit are all in a straight line

Use sleek furniture. Slim and customised furniture can transform a small house design. Also, make sure that all the furniture in a room is linear, with no edges protruding out. This makes the space look bigger.

Small House Design Mistake #2: Not Enough Light

small house design-dark interiors
Dark spaces look small

Black makes you look thin, which is great but not when it comes to spaces. Dark spaces look smaller than they actually are. Most people make the mistake of not having enough light in their room. Now if you have a large window, you’re one of the lucky ones and you won’t face this issue! But what if your room has no window?

How to fix it?

small modern house design-bedroom-ceiling lights-spotlight-accent wall
Chandeliers can light up your room and give it grandeur

Natural light is always the first preference. But when there is no natural light in your small house, you can make do with artificial lighting. Pendant lights, ceiling lights, table lamps, fairy lights — the world is your oyster when it comes to home lighting options!

Small Modern House Design Mistake #3: Too Many Colours

small house design-colourful accent chairs-blue wall-yellow furniture
Stick to colours for your clothes and not your interiors

Indians have a self-confessed love for bright and vibrant colours. But in the case of a small modern house design, too many colours can make your space look tiny and cramped.

How to fix it?

small modern house design-living room-neutrals-white walls-beige sofa
Add an accent piece for a pop of colour

When you are getting your interiors done, opt for white or neutral shades like beige and grey. This does not mean that you must say no to colours! Add an accent wall or an accent decor element in a vibrant colour to add some pizzazz to your space!

Small House Design Mistake #4: Using Matte-finished Furniture

small house design-matte cabinets
Avoid matte when space is less

Most people, to keep up with interior design trends, end up making their homes look small. Matte finish is one such trend that looks amazing but isn’t a good idea when you live in a small house.

How to fix it?

small modern house design-glossy wardrobe
Reflective finishes and mirrors make a space look bigger

Glossy, reflective finishes create the illusion of space and make a room look bigger than it actually is. Also, glossy cabinets look great in small kitchens.

Small Modern House Design Mistake #5: Too Much Clutter

small house design-cluttered living space
Stick to things that you actually need

Clutter is the enemy of space! Even if you have a massive home, clutter will make it look much smaller than it is.

How to fix it?

small modern house design-minimal living room-sofa-bench
Minimalism does not have to be bland and boring!

It’s not that you lack space; it is just that you have too many things that you never use! The popular minimal design style is a trend that you should follow if you want a more spacious home. 

Pro Tip

Follow the 90/90 rule. If you have not used something in the last 90 days and don’t plan to use it in the next 90, dispose of it!

Small House Design Mistake #6: Too Much Decor on the Walls

small house design-wall decor-wall frames
Too much decor on walls looks OTT

For a small home, it’s always a good idea to use your walls for both decor and storage purposes. But you need to draw the line between decorating and overdecorating. Too much art and decor on your walls can make your space look cramped.

How to fix it?

small modern house design-accent wall-lighing-purple sofa
Batten and board panelling for the accent wall

For an elegant look, opt for accent pieces. If you are yet to design your home, opt for an accent wall. On the other hand, if you are looking for a quick fix, choose a single decor piece that serves as statement wall art.

Small Modern House Design Mistake #7: Furniture Pushed Against the Wall

small house design-furniture pushed against wall
No space between walls and furniture makes the room look small

Most people tend to push their furniture against the walls to create more space in the middle. This is one of the most common design mistakes that you can make! Experts say that furniture against walls creates the illusion of a small space.

How to fix it?

small modern house design-accent chairs-jhoola-mirror accent wall
Keep some gap between furniture and walls

To fix this, always remember to keep at least two to three inches of gap between the walls and your furniture. This creates the illusion of depth and makes the room look large.

Small House Design Mistake #8: Windows Without Curtains

small house design-window-no curtain
The view will not make up for the lack of space!

Do curtains play a role in making small homes look bigger? Oh yes, they do! Our designers say that uncovered windows can visually diminish the size of your room.

How to fix it?

small modern house design-sheer curtains-blue curtains-floor length curtains-mirror
Long curtains make the space look bigger

The fix is simple — don’t forget your curtains! However, opt for long, floor-length curtains as these will optically increase the height of your room. Also, opt for lighter fabrics and colours. You can also choose to get transparent white drapes to let in the light along with heavier drapes for privacy.

Small Modern House Design Mistake #9: Too Many Patterns in a Room

small house design-too many patterns
Too many patterns that confuse the look

Too much of anything is bad. The same goes for patterns — too many in a single room will make the space look small and cramped. The same goes for big, loud and bold patterns.

How to fix it?

small modern house design-accent wall-focal pattern
A single but statement pattern can serve as a decor piece in a room

While decorating a room, stick to a single focal pattern. The pattern can be on a wall, upholstery or furniture. But make sure you do not overpower the interiors with too many designs.

Small House Design Mistake #10: Using Bulky Storage With a Single Function

small house design-wardrobe-bed
The wardrobe takes up all the space!

The one thing that we can never have enough of is storage. But too much storage can make your home look more like a storage unit than a house! Also, when it comes to a small modern house design, bulky storage is a big no! 

How to fix it?

small modern house design-multifunctional unit-mandir-buffet unit-crockery unit
The sleek unit serves three purposes — mandir, crockery unit and buffet unit

A golden rule for small homes is to opt for furniture that serves more than one purpose, to save space. So, while adding storage, always look for multifunctional units that are both storage-efficient and space-optimised.

Are you making any of these errors? Our solutions are sure to give you the spacious home of your dreams! 

Top 4 Livspace Homes That are Small yet Spacious

Looking for small house design ideas? Check out these 4 compact homes that we designed in 4 major Indian cities.

#1: A 500 sq. ft. 2BHK in Mumbai That has Everything a Family of 3 Needs

small modern house design-Mumbai home-living room-jhoola-seating-storage
This 180 sq. ft. living room has a jhoola, ample seating and storage!

Size: 550 sq. ft. (approx.)

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Location: Mumbai

This home in Mumbai is only 500 sq. ft. with a tiny 180 sq. ft. living room. Every piece of furniture in this home has been customised to fit into nooks and crannies. With multifunctional units, pull-out features and hidden storage, this home was a dream to design!

#2: A Low-Budget Renovated Pune Home That is Only 900 sq. ft.

small modern house design-Pune home-yellow wall-metal partition-planters-blue sofa
Using the partition for planters adds a splash of greenery

Size: 900 sq. ft.

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Location: Pune

This Pune 2BHK showcases vibrant interiors designed on a budget. Our designer, Shweta followed a yellow and blue colour theme throughout the home, which ensures continuity while looking bright. Also, by opting for unconventional lighting choices like track lights instead of a false ceiling with recessed lights, she kept the cost low.

#3: An 800 sq. ft, Bengaluru Home That Has a Wow Element in Every Corner

small modern house design-Bengaluru home-mirrored wall-dining table-white interiors
A full mirrored wall makes the small space look bigger

Size: 800 sq. ft.

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

Location: Bengaluru

When our client, Uday Kumar, purchased his 1BHK in Bengaluru, he wanted a design that opened up the compact space and had a ‘wow’ element. The unique thing about this home is the pristine white interiors — it makes the home look spacious. Also, the clutter-free design and ample use of mirrors create the illusion of space.

#4: A Glam and Stunning 900 sq. ft. Delhi Home

small house design-Delhi homes-wooden pattis on wall-yellow sofa-false ceiling-tripod
The wall is the showstopper!

Size: 900 sq. ft.

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Location: Delhi

A 3BHK spanning only 900 sq. ft. in Delhi — imagine that! Samrita Singh’s home is proof that even compact spaces can look glam without being OTT! The walls are the star elements of  this home — from wooden pattis to the POP panels. Accent walls are a good option when you want to decorate without taking up floor space. 

While you are fixing your home design, also check out these 10 small homes under 900 sq. ft. that we designed and the tips you can steal from them.

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