In any Indian household, after the puja room, the most important room is the kitchen. Traditionally, this was the room where the women of the home socialised with one another while cooking. But with changing times, the kitchen is no longer the sole abode of women — it has become the room where the entire family congregates and bonds together. While functionality is of utmost importance, desi millennials also want their kitchens to look stunning. And this is where open kitchens come in — the perfect mix of great design, functionality and accessibility!

But when we talk about an open kitchen concept, what’s the first thing you visualise? A large, spacious kitchen, right? What if we told you that an open kitchen is perfect even for a small apartment? Unbelievable, isn’t it! The fact of the matter is that an open kitchen offers several benefits when space is scarce.

Why open kitchens are perfect for small apartments

Most Indian apartments in large metros are small — and the kitchens, even smaller. In such a  layout, you would think that an open kitchen isn’t a good idea. But the opposite is, in fact, true! Open kitchens offer multiple benefits:

  • They make the most of the space available and make the area look large. 
  • When the square footage of your apartment is less, having separate dining and kitchen areas is never a good idea. Open kitchens can be built into the dining or living areas.
  • Open kitchens get maximum light from all the surrounding rooms, further adding the illusion of space. 

Convinced about getting an open kitchen for your compact apartment? Now get inspired by these 20 small open kitchen designs!

#1: Open Kitchen With a Breakfast Counter to Save Dining Space

open kitchens-blue kitchen-breakfast bar
A contemporary open kitchen with rustic walls

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

This open kitchen design for a small house has a built-in breakfast bar for two. This not only saves on dining space but is also very useful for working people who can quickly grab a bite while cooking in the mornings.

Why we love it: The stunning royal blue colour elevates the entire look.

#2: Soft, Pastel Shades to Create the Illusion of Space

Pastel shades are trending

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

A cardinal rule while designing small spaces is to use light colours. Open kitchens in pastel shades look trendy as well as spacious. While the powder-blue-and-beige colour scheme makes this kitchen look big, the colourful backsplash adds a fun element.

Why we love it: The countertop is extended at the open end to create some extra space.

#3: Fit Into a Niche

White is a versatile colour that makes a compact space look big

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

One of the biggest advantages of an open kitchen concept is that you do not need a separate space to build it — you can fit it into any available niche. This open kitchen was built in a niche available in a passageway. Amazing, isn’t it?

Why we love it: The deep green backsplash looks perfect against the white kitchen.

#4: Extra Lighting = Spacious Kitchen

An open kitchen in Vastu-compliant red

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

Who said flaws should be hidden? When space is small, light it up! Contrary to popular belief, bright lights can actually make a room look big. From pendant lights to spotlights and profile lighting, this beautiful open kitchen knows how to get lighting right!

Why we love it: The added lighting also makes this kitchen elder-friendly.

Strip Banner 01 1

#5: Place it in Your Living Room

Maintain continuity between spaces by using the same colour palette

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

No space for a kitchen? No problem. Just fit it into your living room! As you can see from the image, the kitchen and living area is actually one single room that has been partitioned with the help of a wall. This type of design is also perfect when you are entertaining guests.

Why we love it: The kitchen colour scheme maintains continuity with the living room.

#6: An L-shaped Open Kitchen for Space Maximisation

This open kitchen concept has ample lighting

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

Open kitchens are all about space optimisation. And this kitchen design makes the most of it by opting for an L-shaped layout within an open design. The combination of the L-shaped and open design ensures that there is ample space to work and move around.

Why we love it: The mix of open and closed shelves for storage.

#7: Dining Room Inside an Open Kitchen

A mid-century modern open kitchen

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

Wasting space is a sin when you have a compact apartment! And we love how this open kitchen concept has smartly used the available space for a dining table. This type of setup is helpful for working millennials, especially ones with kids, who are always running short of time.

Why we love it: The mid-century modern design style of this kitchen and dining room.

#8: One Wall is Enough for a Kitchen

The textured wood adds a fun element to this open kitchen concept

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

In cities like Mumbai, apartments can be as small as 500 sq. ft. So, it’s important to use every space-saving trick in the book to optimise the available space. This open kitchen design for a small house is perfect because it only makes use of a single wall. You can easily fit this type of kitchen within your living or dining rooms.

Why we love it: The distressed wood finish adds a rustic touch to this kitchen.

#9: The One With Suspended Storage

Use vertical space when you want extra storage space

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

When you’re running out of space, look up. No, we don’t mean look to the heavens for inspiration! We’re talking about vertical space. Most people forget that a room also has a ceiling that can be used. This open kitchen design makes the most of this ‘fifth wall’ with the help of a suspended storage-cum-display-unit. Such an effective way to add some extra storage without taking up space!

Why we love it: The suspended unit has been kept above the breakfast bar instead of the kitchen, which ensures convenience while working.

#10: Open Kitchens Packed With Storage

Handleless cabinets to save space

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

There is no such thing as too much storage! And that’s what makes this open kitchen perfect — the ample amount of storage that has been installed despite the small space. Here’s a pro tip:

When adding storage to a small kitchen, opt for handleless units to make the most of the space available.

Why we love it: The glass partition that makes it a semi-open kitchen.

#11: White and Spacious

The dark blue lower cabinets ensure that any oil and spice stains won’t be visible

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

White is the magic colour that can make small open kitchens look spacious. Despite being compact, the ample use of white makes this kitchen look big. Strategic lighting also adds to the spaciousness.

Why we love it: The lower cabinets are a deep blue shade, making them easy to clean — perfect for Indian cooking!

#12: Go Glossy for a Bigger Space

Reflective finishes make a space look big

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

While matte may be trending, it can make a space look small. This open kitchen was already very compact. To make it look bigger, our designer opted for a high-gloss finish for the kitchen cabinets. Glossy and reflective finishes work like mirrors and create the illusion of space.

Why we love it: The contemporary colour combination of grey and powder blue.

#13: Oodles of Natural Light

The whiteness of the kitchen is enhanced by the natural light flowing in

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

One of the main advantages of an open kitchen concept is that, depending on where you build it, you can maximise the amount of natural light flowing in. Unlike a closed kitchen, you are not limited by the presence or absence of windows in the kitchen. This open kitchen, despite being small, looks so much bigger due to the amount of natural light flowing in and the pure white cabinets.

Why we love it: The gorgeous aqua blue backsplash adds a pop of colour.

#14: A Rustic Open Kitchen

An industrial kitchen with rustic walls

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

Beauty lies in simplicity! When there is too much going on design-wise, even a large space can look small. Open kitchens with simple designs, like this one, are a winner. The brick walls add a rustic touch while the rest of the kitchen has been kept basic and simple.

Why we love it: The industrial style of the kitchen.

#15: The Golden Triangle

Neutral shades work best for small kitchens

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

Have you heard of the golden triangle rule? It’s a theory in which the sink, refrigerator and the stove should form a triangle, ensuring comfort and convenience while cooking. When you have a small open kitchen, getting the design right is of utmost importance. Like this kitchen, which follows the golden triangle rule, making it comfortable despite being small.

Why we love it: The pendant lights in black add some drama to this white kitchen.

#16: For Black, Go With Textures

Dark and mysterious!

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

Black and small spaces are a big NO, right? The beauty of good design is that there is a workaround for everything. Take tips from this stunning open kitchen concept! Despite being small and black, it looks quite spacious. How? The use of texture on the cabinets. The textured herringbone pattern ensures the room doesn’t look dark despite the black colour theme, which, in turn, makes the kitchen look spacious.

Why we love it: The pure white countertops look amazing with the patterned black cabinets.

#17: Open Display Shelves That Make the Space Look Big

Warm shades of wood for a traditional touch

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

While designing open kitchens that are compact, there are several small hacks that you can implement to make the space look big. One such hack is the use of open shelves instead of closed cabinets. In this kitchen, instead of installing cabinets on the walls, the designer added open shelves. This makes the space look more open.

Why we love it: Track lighting on the floor for added safety and convenience.

#18: Maximum Use of Horizontal Space

Simple and efficient design

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

While vertical space is the obvious choice when designing a small space, don’t underestimate the horizontal space. This open kitchen concept makes the most of the available horizontal space. Attached counters for cooking, washing and eating ensure that the kitchen remains spacious.

Why we love it: The simple and minimal design.

#19: Sleek Lines in This Open Kitchen

We love the pops of blue!

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

Bulky units can make a small space look smaller. Open kitchens with sleek lines look modern and spacious. This kitchen shows you how it’s done! Every unit is sleek and fitted into walls with nothing protruding out and ruining the look. Also, everything has been placed in a symmetrical order. 

Why we love it: The compact breakfast bar proves that you don’t need a big kitchen to get one for your space.

#20: Minimal Designs FTW!

Some fresh greenery with your morning tea!

What makes it perfect for a small apartment?

Millennials love minimalism as it is the solution to all their space woes! This minimal open kitchen design is perfect for those who want a stunning kitchen but lack the space. A compact breakfast bar, low-maintenance finishes and cabinets against a single wall ensure space optimisation and convenience.

Why we love it: The hanging planters for a fresh dose of greenery every morning!

Open kitchens are no longer just a western concept. The globetrotting modern Indian understands the benefits of this type of kitchen. Planning on getting an open kitchen? Here are 5 things that you must know first!

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