Kitchen door designs are possibly the most overlooked aspect of designing or renovating your dream kitchen. While choosing the right kitchen door design might look like a small detail, it not only fulfils a practical function, but also impacts the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

There are multiple kitchen door design options available, from sliding glass doors to wooden doors and uPVC custom doors. Which one should you choose and why? Take a look at the different kitchen door designs that are increasingly popular today, with design inspiration straight from real Livspace homes.

1. Modern Kitchen Sliding Door Designs That Glide

Embrace style and save space with the latest kitchen sliding door designs

Modern kitchens have sliding door designs, mainly because of their space-saving functionality. Space is always scarce in modern homes, and hence an open layout is very popular. If you want to separate your kitchen from your living and dining areas, sliding doors are a great way to do that without making the space feel restrictive.

They complement an open layout and improve air circulation within your interiors. Whenever you feel your kitchen is too stuffy, you can open the sliding doors for a bout of freshness!

2. The Perfect-for-Small-Houses Modern Kitchen Door Design

Fibreglass kitchen door designs stand the test of time and keep your interiors cool

Fibreglass kitchen door designs are everywhere! This material facilitates minimal heat exchange. Hence, these doors help keep your interiors cool and save energy.

Plus, they are environmentally friendly and durable, and have varied design options to choose from.

3. A Kitchen Door Glass Design for the Minimalists

This kitchen door with a glass design is a minimalist’s marvel

If you are keen on creating a home that’s modern, minimal and trendy, opt for a kitchen door with a glass design. While there are many types of glass designs, a French door is both lightweight and energy-efficient.

Made up of glass panels, a French kitchen door glass design is usually installed in pairs and can mimic tall windows.

4. Fluted Glass Door Designs for Kitchen

Kitchen door glass designs come in many options: folding, stacking and pivoting

If you want to add privacy to the energy-efficient, lightweight and lovely glass kitchen door designs, opt for fluted glass. They provide sufficient opacity to ensure the same.

These kitchen door glass designs allow you to enjoy a bright and airy ambience, while also being low-maintenance. You can wipe them with either a cotton or microfiber cloth for everyday cleaning.

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5. Panelled Glass Door Design for Your Kitchen

Stacking kitchen doors are good for that main character moment in the kitchen

Stacking kitchen door glass designs, like the one above, resemble regular sliding doors at first glance. However, take a closer look and you will notice that they are thinner and better suited for enjoying a vista outside.

They take up less room, have aesthetic appeal, and can effectively help you control the airflow to your kitchen. Simply avoid opening the entire door if it’s too windy.

6. Kitchen Double Door Design to Open Up Possibilities

A kitchen with a double door design can help save space while giving it a modern, rich look

Double door designs for the kitchen, like the one above, resemble a mix of a French glass door and a sliding glass door. They mimic tall French windows while also allowing you to save room with a sliding mechanism.

If you take a quick look at these doors, they hardly take up space and work as a separator between the kitchen and the dining space.

7. Contemporary Kitchen Door With a Half Glass Design

A kitchen door with a half glass design helps you make a statement while keeping things simple

Resembling a French window but with its own distinctive features, this kitchen door with a half glass design is elegant, low-maintenance and convenient. As you can tell, this door is custom-built. It fits a narrow space. The wooden bottom lends support to the glass panel above, making it sturdier.

If the homeowners had opted for a covered door with no glass panels, that would have made their kitchen appear smaller and cluttered. Adding a kitchen door with a half glass design allows them to enjoy a cool and airy vibe without compromising on the aesthetics.

8. The Small-House Modern Kitchen Design Starter Pack

uPVC glass doors usually can’t be broken down or forced open in the case of a theft or robbery

uPVC glass doors aren’t actually glass doors. They are a sturdy plastic alternative to wood or metal, popular for their low-maintenance, high durability and cost-effectiveness.

uPVC doors can be custom-built for small spaces, are comparatively stronger than wood, and can retain their shape and aesthetic for a long time. Plus, why are we calling them the small-house modern kitchen design starter pack?

That’s because they are resistant to extreme weather conditions, fire hazards, pollution, and natural rotting and rusting. They are incredibly sturdy and usually can’t be forced upon or broken into.

9. A Kitchen Gate Design That Complements the Arch

uPVC kitchen door designs can be custom-built to suit your specific space needs, and complement any round structures like a kitchen arch

Another popular uPVC kitchen door design, this modern style is quite commonly used in kitchens.

That’s because uPVC kitchen gate designs are resistant to chemicals, toxins, seawater and pollution. Plus, the kitchen’s an area where fire hazards can happen. These doors are resistant to such hazards, and also ensure energy efficiency as they help maintain cool temperatures indoors.

10. The Indian Staple: Wooden Kitchen Door Designs

Embrace the beauty of wooden kitchen door designs

Wooden kitchen door designs are the Indian staple that we are so used to seeing everywhere. While the trend is shifting in recent times, wooden kitchen door designs are still one of the top choices for homeowners.

That’s because wooden kitchen door designs provide insulation like no other, are durable when cared for, look elegant, and can stand the test of time.

11. The Classic Wooden Kitchen Door Design That Fits Every Style

Bring natural elegance to your Indian kitchen and create a welcoming atmosphere

Another reason why wooden kitchen door designs are popular is because of their timeless appeal. They never seem to go out of style, especially in Indian households!

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12. A Wooden Kitchen Door Design With an Enduring Appeal

Wooden kitchen door designs have been popular for centuries, and for good reason

No matter the type of your kitchen—traditional or contemporary—wooden kitchen door designs are a versatile choice that’s sure to fit any kitchen.

Wood is also a natural insulator, which means it will keep your home warm in winters and cool in summers. Plus, it’s a durable material that can stand the daily wear and tear of a busy Indian kitchen.

13. THE Kitchen Door Design for Narrow Spaces

Kitchen door designs made from fibreglass are easy to install and easier to maintain

Yet another kitchen door design made of fibreglass, this one’s a favourite because of the low upkeep it requires!

In India, a country with tropical weather, fibreglass ensures that your doors are protected from warping, chipping, and rotting. Not only that, it’s perfect for a high footfall area like a kitchen because it’s resistant to dents and scratches with proper maintenance.

14. A Spacious Kitchen’s Double Door Design

Fibreglass or uPVC kitchen door designs work well for kitchens of all sizes

So far, we have shown you fibreglass or uPVC kitchen door designs that are perfect for small homes and narrow spaces. That might make you wonder whether these are great options for a spacious kitchen.

The answer is YES! They can be custom-built and offer the same level of safety (from hazards) and security (from break-ins), no matter the size or design you opt for. Plus, they are great insulators and contribute to energy savings.

In conclusion, your kitchen door design can impact the overall look, feel, and functionality of your kitchen. That is why choosing one may not be an easy feat. So, talk to a designer and understand what works best for your home and lifestyle.

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