The ancient lore of Vastu Shashtra tells us wooden door design ideas are auspicious for your home, in the way that they attract good luck. Wooden door designs are the most popular door designs in India. That’s because wood lends a warm tone to your home, thus making your space more inviting and welcoming.

Wood also adds a sense of timelessness to your interiors. It is also believed to improve resale value. Keeping all these factors in mind, it’s best to opt for wooden door designs for home. Without much ado, let’s take you through the best wood door design ideas you can try:

1. Teak Wood Double Door Design

Double door designs can be very useful for rearranging furniture, welcoming guests and increasing the resale values

For your main entrance, a double door design is recommended. That’s because of the extra space they provide – for ushering people in or moving furniture.

Also, double doors will improve your resale value. So, if you’ve such plans in mind, it’s best to opt for double doors, given their extra inviting vibes.

2. Wooden Door Design In White

A white wooden door design stands for elegance, class and a spark of understated regality

White is a vastu-approved colour and often lends a cool touch to the warm wooden vibes. This wooden door design in rectangular blocks in all-white can go with most of the prevalent colour themes.

Try having a double door design for your home main door design to give it a sense of spaciousness and warmth.

3. Foldable Glass Door Design With Wood

Go for wooden only on the borders, and opt for the latest designs like glass that give your room a modern makeover

If you would rather not have an entirely wooden door, you can opt for glass door designs. They’re the latest designs of main doors that have taken the interior world in India by storm.

They’re easily foldable: so you’ll end up saving quite a lot of space. Plus, they’re mostly see-through, unless you opt for fluted glass panels, which can give you privacy and design in one.

4. Sliding Glass Door Design With Wood

Sliding glass doors with wooden borders are great for saving space and giving your home an impressionable transformation

If you think sliding glass door designs only offer an uninterrupted view of the other rooms (unless fluted), that’s not all! In fact, we’re just getting started on the pros these modern door designs come with.

Their designs equip them to be perfect fits for a compact, space-saving home. Plus, they offer a sense of aesthetic elegance and style to your interiors. Comparatively, they’re also less-maintenance.

5. Pastel Wooden Main Door Design

Opt for pastel shades like pistachio green, lavender to give your entrance a sense of calm and tranquillity

If you want to have wooden main door designs, but don’t want the wooden look, you can paint it the shade of your heart! By that, we mean, you can paint in any colour you like. Just make sure that it goes with the larger theme of your interiors and gives off a good impression.

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The pistachio green plays off with the neutral shades of this Livspace home and brings out a sense of elegance we don’t usually see. Have the benefits and timelessness of wood, but not in the look it’s known for.

6. Abstract Wood Door Design in Black

Our latest pick for main door designs would be this beautiful in black door which is equally abstract and regal

Often times, abstract designs don’t come with a sense of regality. But that was our idea before, we at Livspace, came up with this latest door design in black.

It’s abstract in the way it has uneven textures and rectangles, and yet the bold colour lends a sense of royalty, perfect for white and neutral-themed homes.

7. Simple Black Door Design Wood

If you want to go bold and beautiful, try a black door to stand out

If you’re not into abstract designs and yet would like to stand out with elegance and sophistication, try a simple black door design like the one above.

It has two rectangular blocks and a simple silver knob design. When we look at this door, we can’t help but agree that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

8. Geometric Wooden Door Design for Home

Geometric door designs help you create a fantastic first impression with its lines and triangles

Bored of the same set of boxed door designs that you see everywhere? Go out of the box, take a look at this unique, geometric door design in wood with modern lines.

If you’re a fan of European architecture or want to create a stunning first impression, you should go all out with this white and brown door. It’ll add a sense of sophistication to your home, while giving it an uncommon edge.

9. Brown Wooden Design Door

Brown wood door designs with metal panes can be a stunner, in themselves

You might already know how brown wood door designs are very popular in India. They have also managed to catch up with the recent trends. Look at the wooden door design above, and you’ll see the sense of modern charm and sophisticated vibe it has.

A brown exterior also pops out very well amidst lighter interiors and darker interiors alike.

10. Traditional Wood Door Design

Add a jaali design to accentuate your wood door design; it’ll allow light to get in and enjoy limited visibility

If you love traditional designs, you must give a chance to wood door designs with brass frames and jaali designs.

In addition to the high durability and strength that you get from wooden doors, the jaalis add a sense of elegant charm.


1. Which Wood Door Is Best for the Main Door?

Teak wood door is best for your main door, as they’re durable and timeless.

2. Is Double Door Good for Vastu?

Yes, double door is good for vastu.

3. Which Type of Door Is Best for Room?

A wooden door design is the best for a room.

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