Don’t you just love how easily island kitchen designs can elevate the look of your home, while also easing your cooking woes? What’s more, there are a multitude of island kitchen design ideas to choose from when it comes to selecting the right one for your space. Curious to know which one will suit your kitchen? Be sure to check out this comprehensive list!

14 Bold and beautiful island kitchen designs

#1: Island kitchen designs with a pop of tangerine 

Tangerine is a lovely shade to use for some added vibrance

It’s no surprise that a pop of tangerine can make things refreshing. This breakfast bar-cum-cooktop island kitchen is great for people who love cooking and entertaining.

#2: Island kitchen designs that divide rooms

Use your island kitchen design to segment the space between two rooms

Love the look of an open layout but still want to demarcate the space between two rooms? This is where implementing island kitchen designs can come in handy. 

#3: Brighten the mood with shades of lemon yellow

Kitchen island ideas guaranteed to lend a sunny disposition to your space

If you’re a fan of summer fruits or bright colours, perhaps a vibrant shade of lemon yellow is for you. You can even bring in some fun handcrafted tiles to add interest to your island kitchen designs.

#4: Kitchen island ideas that are perfect for space optimisation

Yellow and blue come together to create the perfect contrast

This kitchen layout with an island provides ample counter space and divides each station into specific work zones like prep work, wet area and cooktop. Now you and your family members can enjoy creating a delicious meal without any obstructions.

#5: Get inspired by purple hues

Show off your personality with a Very Peri island kitchen

Ditch the ordinary and embrace trends with a fun Very Peri shade for your island kitchen designs. This is also a great way to add some character to your space. 

#6: Go bold with shades of Sangria

A bold red is a perfect match for white or grey kitchen interiors

Wine lovers unite! If you love the colour of red wine, this kitchen island design is something you don’t want to miss. We love how it offers the added advantage of open storage as well! 

#7: Summer colours make for the perfect easy-breezy palette

Lime green or yellow? Why not both?

Nothing beats the heat like a cool summer salad. With the right shades, you can recreate this vibe in your kitchen with a yellow backsplash and a lime green kitchen layout with an island. 

#8: Why not add some contrast to your island kitchen?

Your island kitchen can also double up as a dining table based on how you design it

Tired of boring and basic island kitchen designs? It’s time to spice things up with a contrasting ceiling design! Elevate your plain kitchen layout with an island by opting for a colourful ceiling design in complementary or bold colours. 

#9: Earthy colours for calming island kitchen designs

Shades like green, brown or even terracotta can build a calming earthy palette

Earthy palettes can bring a familiar warmth to your space that’s both calming and invigorating. Complement your leaf green kitchen island design with a terracotta shade for the feature wall. 

#10: Embrace simplicity with small kitchen island ideas

Mint green and light wooden floors are a classic match

If contrasting or bold colours aren’t your thing, you can always go for a palette that’s easy on the eyes. This mint green island kitchen design pairs beautifully with the wooden floors of the kitchen.  

#11: An open island kitchen design in a rich mustard

If you love autumn shades, mustard yellow is the way to go

Mustard is a great autumn shade for island kitchen designs. It also works especially well if you’re not a fan of lemon-yellow but still enjoy the vibrant yellow shades. 

#12: A simple pop of colour is an island kitchen’s BFF

Let your kitchen island stand out with a pop of orange

A kitchen layout with an island is a great way to experiment with colours. Turn things up with a very vibrant shade like orange to match plain interiors.

#13: Create contrast with a two-colour palette

Notice how the use of colours divides the room into dark and light spaces

If you’re in search of kitchen island ideas that bring in deep contrast, go for a dark green island to get the look. You can pair this with light-shaded kitchen cabinets to create visual interest. 

#14: Anchor your space with a bright yellow island kitchen

Using overhead storage above your island kitchen helps keep the space storage-intensive

To further add to the storage space island kitchen designs bring, you can also opt for open storage above it. A simple open shelving unit above your island makes a world of difference.

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Design a Scandinavian island kitchen that’s as beautiful as it is practical

#1: A simple Scandinavian island kitchen

The Scandinavian style makes use of wooden furniture and light themes

All-white is no more a nightmare in the kitchen thanks to quartz countertops. For Scandinavian design lovers, this island kitchen is a great setting to enjoy baking and cooking in style.

#2: A kitchen best suited for small households

Use light colours to create the impression of a larger space

This Scandinavian kitchen island is the best choice for nuclear families. Not too compact and not too large, small kitchen island ideas balance aesthetics and functionality to give you a great design.

5 Modern kitchen islands that are pure haute cuisine

#1: Stain-free modern island kitchen design with dark colours

Make a statement with a cut stone slab as an island kitchen

Afraid of stains? This modern island kitchen design employs textures, patterns and darker shades, making maintenance a breeze. Designed with the golden triangle principle in mind, this island kitchen makes your cooking experience efficient and easy.

#2: A little luxury never hurt anybody

White quartz carries all the luxury of marble, and is durable too!

If your budget allows it, you might want to embrace a smidge of luxury for your island kitchen designs. Go for a nice stone island in materials like quartz for the ultimate look. 

#3: Modern island kitchen design made easy

The rich red paired with warm brown granite creates a lush design

If a full-stone island kitchen is too much of a commitment, how about going for a half-and-half design? Embrace stone materials for the countertop only and take your pick of materials for the rest of the unit. Also, consider playing with rich colours to add some contrast to your modern kitchen island. 

#4: Implement celebrity-style high-glam island kitchen design ideas

White, when paired with gold accents, creates a luxe look

If you really want to go all out for your island kitchen design, this high-glam kitchen is the way to do it. With a design like this, you’re bound to feel like a top celebrity. 

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#5: Are you blessed with a nice view? Why not go for a resto-bar theme?

All-black interiors perfectly capture the essence of nightlife in a modern kitchen island

If you’ve ever visited a rooftop restaurant, you would have surely noticed how well their bars stand against the view. If that’s a theme you’ve wanted to embrace for your kitchen, you can do so with a dark quartz island kitchen that’s reflective of the evening sky.  

5 shades of monochrome island kitchen designs

#1: Who said monochrome colours are boring?

Offset cool colours like white with warm lights

A classic taste of monochromatic hues, mixed with wooden tones, this island kitchen design creates a dream zone for cooking and conversations. This is a must for families who love to spend time catching up with each other while creating culinary masterpieces.

#2: Here’s an open island kitchen design that sparks envy

Capture that contemporary look with rich shades of taupe across the kitchen

In need of some island kitchen design ideas that are perfectly contemporary? Perhaps this stylish open island kitchen design in warm shades of taupe might do the trick. 

#3: A modern kitchen island straight out of a magazine

Get that designer look with a sleek black-and-white kitchen

Dreaming of designer kitchen island ideas? Modern, stylish and functional, this design might just influence you to take up a kitchen remodel. If you have a lot of guests over, this kitchen will steal the spotlight.

#4: A one-wall kitchen offers a straightforward approach

How do you feel about an all-grey palette?

A simple straight kitchen paired with an island makes for the perfect design in an open layout. Not too cluttered or bare, this can work great for the singles out there!

#5: Minimal design doesn’t have to be boring

Keep things simple with minimal palettes and designs for your island kitchen

An all-white kitchen is a great way to keep things minimal and neat. Just be sure to opt for stain-resistant materials for your island kitchen and you’re good to go! 

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Bonus island kitchen designs just for you!

#1: Pair your island kitchen with a tiled backsplash

Upgrade the look of a simple island kitchen by pairing it with a contrasting backsplash

Since island kitchen designs tend to be the focal point of a kitchen, they might make the space look dull if it lacks design. You can add more interest to the space by going for a colourful backsplash in complementary colours to match it. 

#2: Accessorise a plain island kitchen design with pendant lights

Pendant lights with a glass casing can help amplify the look of your island kitchen design

Not all island kitchen designs are elaborate and can use a boost when it comes to design. You can either go for add-ons that provide utility or look at using pendant lights above the counter for a curated look. 

#3: Consider upcycling furniture for your island kitchen designs

Add a touch of DIY to your kitchen furniture with an upcycled island and chairs

Not all island kitchen design ideas need to be made with premium materials and finishes. In some cases, you can even upcycle existing furniture to create this unit.

#4: Some art deco themes for lavish kitchens

Go luxe with an art deco-themed kitchen

Are you a fan of jewel notes, rich colours and gold accents? If yes, an art deco-style kitchen island design is the one for you. 

#5: Get a goan-style kitchen for vacation vibes

Every day can be a holiday if you have a Goan-themed kitchen

Indulge in full-time vacation vibes at home with a simple Goan-style island kitchen. The framed door design for the cabinets and island pairs beautifully to give this space a homely feel. 

#6: Play with patterns to make your kitchen visually interesting

Mix different textures and patterns to create depth in the design

If you use wallpaper in your kitchen, you can also consider adding some textures or detailing to your island kitchen designs to match or contrast it. The vertical stripes for the island kitchen paired with the print on the wallpaper make the design more cohesive. 

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#7: Explore nature themes with wooden accents

A mix of wooden accents can help add some rustic charm to your space

Besides going for earthy palettes, you can also experiment with wooden accents across your kitchen. A simple island kitchen with wooden finishes will undoubtedly add a touch of charm to any space it occupies. 

#8: Maybe a stainless steel/chrome finish can give you the new-age look you desire

A stainless steel kitchen island is one way to make a grand statement

Tired of stone and other materials? Perhaps chrome or steel is more your speed. You can either go for a full chrome island kitchen or make things interesting with a modern design. The latter is also a great way to add an artistic element to your kitchen. 

#9: Love the industrial style? Here’s how to get the look

Stone and cement are clear markers of the industrial style

A great addition to industrial-style kitchens is none other than the stone island kitchen design. You can either use a full stone island or just dress the counter in stone and you’re good to go. Pair this with cement floors for the best results. 

#10: Minimise storage concerns with built-in shelves/drawers

Improve storage in your kitchen with a storage-intensive island kitchen design

Island kitchen designs that come with storage are always a blessing to have, especially in compact homes. This island kitchen comes with an extended countertop and cabinet space within it. If you look closely, you can also see sockets on the side of it, making it a very functional unit to have since it is multipurpose in nature.  

#11: Go for an extended countertop in your island kitchen design

Create extra counter space by extending your kitchen island

If you’re running really low on counter space, extending your island kitchen counter can be a great help. You can use this extra space for meal preparation or even storage, depending on your needs.

#12: Extend your island kitchen to your dining table

Combine your kitchen and dining space into one with an extended island kitchen

Multipurpose island kitchen designs are especially useful in compact homes with an open layout. If you’re unable to create two separate areas for the kitchen and the dining room, why not combine them with your island kitchen? 

#13: Jazz things up with under-cabinet lighting for your island kitchen

Recreate the ambience of a bar with under-cabinet lighting for the island kitchen

What better way to illuminate your space than with under-cabinet lights for the island kitchen? It also helps create the illusion of a floating island. This works especially well if your island doubles as a bar unit. 

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#14: Take a mid-century modern approach to island kitchen design

The grey kitchen island helps balance the bright colours in this space

Vibrant colours and graphic shapes are a trademark of mid-century modern interiors. You can get the look by using a mix of complementary primary colours along with a patterned backsplash. Go for a muted shade for your modern kitchen island to ensure there’s visual balance.

Gallery-island kitchens are more than just a culinary hub; they’re an invitation to connect, create and curate. By infusing the functionality of an island with the artistic flair of a gallery wall, you’ve crafted a space that’s as inspiring as it is efficient. So, go ahead and raise a glass (or whisk) to your culinary haven!

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