The kitchen is the mother of all other functional spaces in a house. There is so much happening in the kitchens, and there are so many different facets to its design. Naturally, there are more than one kind of problems, too. Storage problems are one genre of issues that come up while using a kitchen. But with a bit of wit and our kitchen storage ideas, you can solve these problems in a jiffy. 

Let’s see what the most common problems associated with kitchen storage are and also how to solve them easily. 

Problem #1: I can’t access cooking essentials quickly

By essentials, we mean spices, condiments, oils, sauces, herbs, etc. 

kitchen storage ideas-open shelves
Accessibility to open shelves is far greater than cabinets

Solution: Open Storage

You may like the seamless quality of completely closed storage. You may also prefer the fact that closed storage is easy to maintain. But open storage will save you precious time while cooking during those busy mornings. So, have at least some open shelves because this is one of the kitchen storage ideas that will get you through those busy mornings.


“Worried about open storage getting grimy? Use high-gloss laminate or acrylic finish. For affordability, use glass shelves.”

Problem #2: I can’t reach the extreme corners of my kitchen

This would typically be the corner space in a L or U-shaped kitchen. 

carousal unit-white cabinet-kitchen storage
Its revolving so you won’t even have to reach out

Solution: Carousel unit

This is among one of the expensive accessories you find but it’s worth its weight in gold. This space is essentially dead space until you salvage it. And these revolving shelves make this entire space usable without batting an eyelid!

Problem #3: Where do I fit my pots and pans?

If we may add, where you can see them and don’t have to hunt!

kitchen storage ideas-hooks for pots and pans
Keep the vessels you need everyday handy

Solutions: Hooks, racks or magnetic strips

When it comes to pots and pans, they may fit into your cabinet space. However, the cabinets or accessories are not made to fit the pots and pans like a fiddle. Also, with vessels you need every day, visibility is important. 

There are three kitchen storage ideas that can help you solve this problem. Firstly, you can add hooks to hang your pots and pans. Secondly, you can add a rack where you can keep your regular use pots and pans handy. Thirdly, magnetic strips provide a one-touch solution to wall-mount these vessels. 

Problem #4: My kitchen is used by more than one person. How can we find the ingredients we need in one place?

Because no one leaves anything where they pick it from. 

kitchen storage-tall units-pantry pull-out
Can’t loose any ingredients if they are all together

Solution: You need a tall unit with a pantry pull-out

You do not need to explore a number of kitchen storage ideas for this problem because all you need is a tall cabinet. This cabinet, with its size, will fit in all the groceries in your kitchen so you cannot lose them anymore. 


“To make life easier, also add a pantry pull-out unit to the tall cabinet so that you can easily access anything you need.” Articles

Problem #5: My countertop is always cluttered. How do I change that?

The countertop is usually crowded because you have too many appliances or essentials there. 

kitchen countertop-granite countertop
Look to the walls

Solution: Wall-mount all your accessories and have in-built appliances

On a design level, you can fix this issue by getting in-built appliances for your kitchen. More space can be saved if you wall mount essentials like chopping boards, knives, etc. This will leave more room for you to do prep work.

Problem #6: Where do I keep vegetables that don’t need refrigeration? 

PS: I don’t want to use up floor space by adding a basket rack.

wicker basket-kitchen storage
Let your veggies breathe

Solution: You need wicker baskets!

Has anybody told you about wicker baskets, which are one of the most revolutionary kitchen storage ideas in the modular age. These baskets allow the vegetables to breathe and keep them fresh. They are also light and easy to wash. However, the best part is that they fit into modular settings like a glove!

Problem #7: I can never find a spoon or ladle when I need one. What do I do?

Might be pertinent for those who cannot find forks, soup spoons or beaters, too.

cutlery tray-kitchen storage ideas
Sort the spoons into counters

Solution: Get a cutlery tray and you are sorted!

One simple accessory can solve your problem, and it’s called the cutlery tray. This tray has slots for different kinds of cutlery so that you can find them in one place. And if you have a lot of cutlery, use two of these trays by installing them in two different drawers. We don’t want the spoons and forks to fight for space, do we?

Problem #8: How do I ensure that my precious China plates do not get chipped?

For placing them on top of each other is really not helping!

red kitchen-thali basket
The idea is to make sure the don’t crash into each other

Solution: A thali basket will solve your problem

Utilise your lowermost drawer to install a kitchen accessory called the thali basket. This basically is a stand for the plates with some space between them so they do not clash with each other and get chipped. 

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