When it comes to the kitchen, you need form and function to integrate as easily as possible to make your life easier. Appliances have long been known to simplify human lives and, as technology grows, so do the offerings in the market. But there are basic, cornerstone appliances that any kitchen needs to perform its job seamlessly.

Kitchen Appliances You Need #1: Mixie 
Jack of all trades

An Indian favourite, no kitchen is complete without a mixie. This versatile appliance can do anything from making fresh juice to grinding spices for chutneys. As the years go by, mixies have evolved in size and offerings, quickly cementing themselves as a top-rated, Jack-of-all-trades appliances. They slice prep time in half and run in the background while you attend to other pressing tasks. They also reduce the amount of food waste and can be quite energy-efficient, too, depending on the model you choose.

Kitchen Appliances You Need #2: Kettle
Boil water for a steaming cuppa!

An age-old Indian custom is heating water in the pan on the stove. However, kettles do more than simplify lives – they also ensure safety in the kitchen. A good kettle boils water in a short amount of time and is much easier to use that DIY water boiling setups. They’re also energy-efficient as most kettles turn off automatically when the water is at boiling point. Some also keep water warm for hours on end, which is not something DIY setups do. And when you’re in a rush to make your morning cuppa before work, these are benefits you simply can’t live without.

Kitchen Appliances You Need #3: Microwave Oven
Warm up your food in a jiffy

From those late nights when you want to warm up those leftovers for a half-decent meal to the early morning mug meals, the microwave oven is your all-time saviour. While you can use this as your failsafe for warming up foods, studies show that it’s actually safer to cook in the microwave. It’s simple – most of the cookware used in microwaves are impervious to the rays, so they are cooler than vessels typically used for cooking food. Moreover, the cooking process takes less time too! 

However, you absolutely cannot use metals and metallic finishes in the microwave – keep this one detail in mind, and you’re good to go!

Kitchen Appliances You Need #4: Toaster
Make breakfast at break-neck speed

It goes without saying that the main function of a toaster is to toast bread. However, the eating experience that is created in the process is quite unrivalled. Toasters allow you to select the precise temperature, which allows you to make your toast as crispy or as burnt as you like it to be. Typically, a toaster takes a shorter time to toast two slices than a regular pan would. Four-slice toasters allow you to accommodate more slices, effectively cutting breakfast prep time even more.

Kitchen Appliances You Need #5: Coffee Maker
Nothing like the perfect cup of coffee to start your day

Need freshly roasted beans to start your day but dependent on instant coffee? Coffee makers to the rescue! These versatile machines can make coffee in its various forms– think espresso, cappuccino and latte. Though a bit of an expensive investment, coffee makers actually save money in the long run because you cut down on over-the-top coffees in speciality cafes. 

Kitchen Appliances You Need #6: Dishwasher
Cleaning up made easy

Yet another diversion from traditional clean-up methods, dishwashers are slowly but steadily racking up a following in the country. For starters, these kitchen appliances simplify lives on busy mornings when you have to do the dishes, don’t have the time but don’t want to come home to a dirty sink. Top-level dishwashers also use up much less water than hand-cleaning, which is a boon in current times. The cycles of scalding hot water ensure that plates and utensils are sanitised when they come out, making for a healthier dining experience.

The choices offered in colours and finishes make modern-day kitchen appliances a breath of fresh air in your kitchen, too! If you enjoyed reading this article on essential cooking appliances, also check out Must-have Pots & Pans for Your Kitchen.

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