Germophobes will shudder today– there are out-of-sight and out-of-mind spots in your home that attract a crazy amount of dirt and bacteria and all things nasty. These are spots that, regardless of how much you clean, still hold on to a layer of dirt. Fear not! Here are the 5 dirtiest spots in your home and – more importantly – home cleaning tips to tackle them for a clean house.

Home Cleaning Tips Spot #1: Handles and Doorknobs
home cleaning tips-door knob-door handle-wooden door-steel handle
Door knobs need a good rub every now and then

The elements you use without a second thought also make for the dirtiest spots in your home. Everyone uses a doorknob or door handle but they’re not cleaned as often as other visible parts of your home. Use these home cleaning tips to remedy this starting now! Pour a disinfectant cleanser onto a wet cloth or sponge and thoroughly rub the surface of the handle, niches et al. Let it set for a few minutes, then wipe it off with a dry cloth. Fin!

Home Cleaning Tips Spot #2: Remote Controls and Devices
home cleaning tips-remote control-electronic device
Yes! Your remote control is a bacteria hoarder

Once again objects that everyone uses but no one thinks to clean or does so irregularly, remote controls are germ-carrying entities after a short while. This could be your AC remote, TV remote, even your handy fan remote. Add cleaning these devices to your list of daily chores. All it takes is an alcohol-based disinfectant wipe, or a soft cloth dampened with a bleach-water solution, and a few minutes every day!

Home Cleaning Tips Spot #3: Kitchen Appliances
home cleaning tips-kitchen appliances-electrical appliances-mixer-kettle-toaster
Your kitchen appliances should be deep cleaned after every use

When there’s a spill in the kitchen, it’s cleaned almost immediately. But the more hard-to-see niches of kitchen appliances need a deeper cleaning session to get rid of the whole host of bacteria and dirt that sits there. Cleaning tips to tackle your kitchen appliances are easy to get to. Wet a soft clean cloth with some mild disinfecting soap and thoroughly scrub the exterior of your appliance. Take care to unplug it from power sources before you do!

Home Cleaning Tips Spot #4: Computer Keyboards
home cleaning tips-computer keyboard-keyboard keys-laptop keyboard
Avoid transferring dirt on yourself through the keyboard

It’s second nature to sit behind a keyboard and get to typing without a worry about what’s on our hands or on the keys– but computer keyboards are germ and dirt magnets. Before sitting down to type, wash your hands thoroughly. Keep anti-bacterial alcohol wipes handy at all times to give your keys a quick clean. You can extend these tips to laptop screen and mouse, too.

Home Cleaning Tips Spot #5: Bathtubs and Showers
home cleaning tips-bathtub-shower
Soak up in a clean bathtub by cleaning it regularly

The place you go to cleanse yourself of dirt and germs are attractors of the same things! Warm water and little corners make ideal breeding grounds for mould, too. To disinfect your bathtub or shower area on the regular, consider using a bleach-based cleaning liquid on the floor alongside regular cleaners. Wipe down faucets with a disinfecting liquid for good measure and tackle your sink with the same home cleaning tips.

It’s not easy to tackle all the dirtiest spots at once, especially the ones beside the obvious. Instead, consider putting together a strict routine that tackles each spot at regular intervals, leaving no space for a bacteria build-up!

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