Starting out the day in a clean and hygienic space does more good than you can imagine. Nothing ruins a day like an untidy bathroom. It’s common knowledge that, bathrooms are a cesspool of bacteria that require regular disinfection and a good scrub down. However, there are times when a bathroom is clean but still feels dirty. Wondering why that happens?

Take a look at these spots your may have missed while cleaning your bathroom.

How to Clean Bathroom #1: Too Many Buckets
how to clean bathroom-blue bucket-white wall-bathroom
Maximise space with fewer buckets

Being environmentally conscious while taking a bath has been a fundamental rule in most Indian households. Therefore, buckets work great for keeping track of how much water is being used in a day. However, too many buckets can take up plenty of space while giving it an untidy look. Minimise the number of buckets for more floor space in your bathroom.

How to Clean Bathroom #2: Stained Mirrors
how to clean bathroom-orange glove-mirror
Wipe mirrors with a microfiber cloth

Moisture causes a number of problems in bathrooms and mirrors are the first to show these signs of damage. A thin layer of rubbing alcohol or cleaning solution works like magic to remove toothpaste and water stains. Moreover, permanent black spots are formed on mirrors when the wrong cleaning solution seeps into the mirror. So, using the right technique and cleaning solution is important.

How to Clean Bathroom #3: Water Stains
how to clean bathroom-tap-stains
Regular cleaning can avoid stains

One of the many reasons your bathroom hardware and walls look dull is because of water stains. If you still haven’t figured out, hard water can do irreversible damage to faucets and walls. Therefore, wiping faucets on a daily basis can avoid permanent stains.

How to Clean Bathroom #4: Dirt in Grout
how to clean bathroom-tiles-scrubbing
Scrub it down!

A bathroom with squeaky clean tiles is the ideal bathroom. However, in most cases, grime gets collected in grout due to dirty water which is often overlooked while cleaning tiles. The best way to clean stubborn dirt in grout is by using warm water and a stiff-bristled brush.

How to Clean Bathroom #5: Drab Faucets
how to clean bathroom-tap designs-sink-bathroom
Opt for stylish hardware

Sometimes, a bathroom can look outdated and untidy due to its hardware. Give your bathroom an instant makeover by replacing  old faucets with a few stylish ones. You can order these online or get them at a hardware store near you.

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