Nothing can keep your home squeaky clean than simply being organised. The trick is to stick to a plan. Why? Because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself when you have unexpected guests over. While certain basic cleaning chores need to be done daily, other things can be done weekly or monthly. Remember, not everything requires deep cleaning frequently.

We’ve sorted it out and made an easy checklist for you to follow. Master this housekeeping checklist and impress your domestic side and maybe even your parents!  

Housekeeping Checklist: Everyday
  1. Do the dishes: While daunting, try to set time aside everyday to wash your dishes. If you get into the habit of washing your plate as soon as you’re done with it, even better! Pro tip: Experts reveal you need to throw away the sponge after two weeks.
  2. Wipe kitchen counters and sink: Once you are done with the dishes, wipe down the sink and the surfaces in the kitchen with a cleaning solution. The kitchen counter can easily fester bacteria if it’s not cleaned daily. Don’t forget to pat down the tap as well.
  3. Sweep kitchen floor: If you don’t want pesky ants loitering around your kitchen, sweep the kitchen floor.
  4. Wipe bathroom surfaces: No guesses here. All the bathroom surfaces need to be wiped down daily. A little baking soda and a wet cloth can do a perfect job.
  5. Sanitise toilet seat: While it’s okay not to clean the bathroom daily, you need to sanitise the toilet seat daily, especially if you are sharing the bathroom.
  6. Clean towels: While not a daily task, towels deserve a special mention because a lot of people tend to overlook well-used towels. The rule is to clean them after every three uses.
Try not to let dishes pile over from the previous day
Don’t forget to wipe down the kitchen sink and taps
Housekeeping Checklist: Weekly
  1. Microwave: Reach out to a lemon every week to clean gunky microwaves easily. Pour half a cup of water into a bowl, slice a lemon and squeeze it into the bowl. Pop it into the microwave along with the lemon slices for three minutes. Let it rest for 5 mins further and wipe down the insides of the microwave. Don’t forget the door as well!  
  2. Bedding: Wash your bed sheets every week, especially if your home is prone to accumulate dust or if you have allergies. You can stretch up to another week if you’re feeling uber lazy, but not beyond that.
  3. Mirrors: Those fingerprint and cloudy smudges need to buffed away weekly. Just a little warm water and a dry cloth will do the trick. Step it up with a cleaning solution for tougher stains.     
  4. Dust furniture: Clean and dust-free surfaces are always the markers of a well-kept home. Make sure to dust off all your furniture, table tops, and shelves weekly.   
  5. Vacuum: Once you are done dusting everything, vacuum the carpets. to completely eliminate dust from your house.
  6. Mop kitchen: While you need to sweep the kitchen everyday, mopping should be done weekly.
  7. Computer: Don’t neglect your computer. Gently wipe down a dry cloth or better yet a dust brush to really get into the keyboard.
  8. Bathroom: While toilet seats need to be sanitised daily, you need to deep clean your bathroom weekly. This means clean out shelves, cabinets, wall tiles and of course, the toilet. You also need to sanitise the toilet brush in hot water.
Lemons are an easy way to clean your microwave
Use a dust brush to clean your computer keyboard  
Housekeeping Checklist: Monthly
  1. Refrigerator: Take out everything from your refrigerator and bin items that have passed the expiration date. Pull out shelves and drawers, and scrub them with some warm water and a little dishwashing solution exactly like you are doing dishes, but gently. Wipe down the doors with a microfibre cloth. Put in the shelves and drawers back in once completely dry.
  2. Light fixtures, blinds and fans: Climb on a step ladder and use a microfiber cloth ideally or a soft cloth to dust off fans, bulbs, lamps and chandeliers.
  3. Washing machine: Experts say you need to run a hot cycle once a month to get rid of build up detergent. Also, always take out the clothes as soon as it’s done and keep the door ajar to let it air dry.
  4. Rugs: These easily accumulate dust and dirt. Toss rugs and mats into the washing machine at least once a month.
Use a microfibre or soft cloth to clean light fixtures
Don’t forget to clean the refrigerator door on either side
Housekeeping Checklist: Seasonal Cleaning

Whether its Diwali, Eid or Christmas, most of us tend to do heavy-duty deep cleaning for our home for big days. After all, who wouldn’t want a squeaky clean home during the holidays, especially when you have guests?  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start cleaning a week before the big day: Don’t try to cram all the chores in a day. Phase it out over a week before the day.
  2. Get into project deep cleaning: Move out furniture wherever you can and really get in there with your trusted brooms and mops. Organise the wardrobes and clean out clutter.
  3. Prep guest room and bathroom: Holidays mean you will probably have friends and family over. Spend a little time when decking up guest rooms and bathrooms. Put in fresh bed sheets and towels. Diffuse a soothing essential oil to set the ambience.
Spruce up your bathroom with fresh towels and a healthy potted plant
Put in fresh sheets before the holidays

Also, don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss the schedule here and there. You can tweak the schedule to suit your lifestyle.

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