Termites may be miniscule, but the damage they cause is definitely not. Since they work silently, the threat they pose cannot be identified until the damage has been done. Handling termites in the kitchen is trickier than furniture as you can’t keep kitchen cabinets out in the sun. Here are a few handy tips for a termite-free kitchen.

Pre-installation Tips

Prevention is always better than cure. Here are some things you need to tend to pre-installation to keep these pests at bay.

Termite-free Kitchen tip #1: Get Pest Control done Before Construction
termite-free kitchen pest control

Call a professional team to get your surroundings treated even before the construction starts. However, in apartments getting pest control before installing a new kitchen will help curb the infestation.

Termite-free Kitchen Tip #2: Opt for Termite Resistant Material
termite-free kitchen material

Termites feed on cellulose of plants. So generally, wood is an alluring option. Engineered or processed wood usually has chemical resins which make it difficult for termites to feed on. Using processed wood can reduce a lot of your tension. However, the solution is not 100% foolproof.

Termite-free Kitchen Tip #3: Chemically Treat the Wood
termite-free kitchen spray

If you’re against using processed wood, give the solid wood a chemical treatment before starting to build your modular kitchen. This helps prevent termite invasion to an extent and avoids major damage to your kitchen

Termite-free Kitchen Tip #4: Optimum Sunlight
termite-free kitchen sunlight

It’s true we can’t keep the kitchen out in the sun, but we can always let sunlight into the kitchen. Design your kitchen with lots of windows to let sun’s rays inside to protect it from pests.

Post-installation Tips:

If your kitchen is already installed, use these tips to keep the pests away or treat them.

Termite-free kitchen tip #5: Regular checks
termite-free kitchen checking

It is difficult to track termite infestation. However, keep an eye out for wood dust and shallow shutters noises. This can avoid massive damage to your kitchen modules.

Termite-free Kitchen Tip #6: Clean Pipes
termite-free kitchen pipes

Keeping your surroundings tidy has a major influence in curbing termite break out. Regularly clean your water and drain pipes to keep those pesky insects away.

Termite-free Kitchen Tip #7: Home Remedies
termite-free kitchen home remedies

If you do have a termite issue take immediate measures. Home remedies such as applying boric acid, orange oil have shown positive results in hindering their growth. However, ensure you have safety measures in place as a lot of these measures are flammable and poisonous.

Termite-free Kitchen Tip #8: Get Professional Help
termite-free kitchen professional

When the issue is out of control, get exterminators to chemically treat the area and get rid of the pests. Don’t forget to act fast as you can control a considerable amount of damage.

Check out kitchen designs:

Termite infestation not only causes a lot of property damage in your kitchen but also make you incur large expenses. Ensure you follow this checklist to have a termite free kitchen. Additionally, you can take a look at the Definitive Modular Kitchen Cleaning Checklist for kitchen maintenance tips.
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