Lemons are the latest pantry item to cut through the plethora of harsh cleaning agents inundating the market. From cleaning agent to natural air freshener, there are plenty of ways to leverage this citrusy fruit and have a kitchen that’s dirt- and grease-free. Here are a few kitchen hacks that use the power of lemon to freshen up:

Kitchen Hacks With Lemon #1: Scrub Rusty or Unclean Knives
kitchen hacks-rusty knives-lemon cleaning hacks
Acids in lemon juice contain antiseptic properties

When knives aren’t well-taken care of, they can become rusty and transfer unhealthy chemicals to food. The acids that lemons contain are antibacterial and antiseptic, making them a perfect eco-friendly knife cleaning agent. Use half a lemon covered in kosher salt to rub down the knife blade– the acid disinfects while the salt lifts rust, making the knife clean as you after some elbow grease.

Kitchen Hacks With Lemon #2: Clean off Chimney Hoods
kitchen hacks-collage-chimney cleaning-lemon
Use lemon to scrub the hood of the chimney

Chimneys often collect dust and grime especially if the top of the hoods are out of reach. Using freshly-squeezed lemon juice and salt, scrub down the hood, taking care to work the solution into grooves and around the knobs. While it isn’t recommended to clean the inside out yourself, you could wipe down the filter as well, to get rid of stuck food particles and dust.

Kitchen Hacks With Lemon #3: Remove Food Spills From Microwaves
kitchen hacks-microwave-lemon juice
Remove food particles from microwaves

One of the more clever kitchen hacks out there, using lemons to clean out your microwave isn’t as taxing as it sounds. To begin, pour water into a microwave bowl and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it. Microwave the bowl on high power for three minutes and then let it stand. The steam from the bowl loosens particles of food and grime, making it easier to rub off as the next step. For stubborn spots, use concentrated lemon juice– and don’t forget to wipe off the rotating plate!

Kitchen Hacks With Lemon #4: Remove Stubborn Stains
kitchen hacks-lemon for stains-stubborn stains
Lighten stains before washing clothes

Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent and can be used to lift stains off just about anything. If you’re having to deal with stains in linen or clothing, dab some concentrated lemon juice onto the stain and leave it out in the sun. In a while, the acid in the juice will lighten the stain. Before going the whole hog, do a patch test to ensure that the juice doesn’t have an untoward reaction with the fabric.

Kitchen Hacks With Lemon #5: Make a Deodoriser
kitchen hacks-spray with lemon
Air freshener with lemon juice

Citrus smells permeate a lot of air fresheners, soaps and deodorisers so there’s no reason you can’t make one yourself! Spraying diluted lemon juice into garbage cans and running hot water with lemon juice down the drains can get rid of any funky smells.

Pro tip: Be careful not to use lemon juice on natural stone countertops and brass pots as it may lead to damage. Before cleaning anything with lemon juice, consider carrying out a spot test to make sure the citric acid isn’t too harsh.

Of all the kitchen hacks out there, lemons are the most versatile. Not only does lemon function as an all-natural cleaning agent, but it also spreads an invigorating aroma through the rest of the space!