It’s Friday night and you are just back from a strenuous day at office. The phone rings and your friends are in the neighbourhood, asking if they can come over! Panic stricken yet? If you’re someone who gets a little sloppy with home cleaning and organising, then sudden guests are definitely a nightmare. But, help is here! You can learn how to clean your home in 10 minutes or less! Read our quick house cleaning guide to find out what it takes to get your home insta-ready in ten minutes..

Home Cleaning Tip #1: Disguise Clutter
Home cleaning in ten minutes

Grab all the things you can get your hands on, and stash them in a wicker basket! That done, now where do you place it? Well, right under the noses of your guests. Yes, you read that right! Cover it up with a decorative throw to disguise the items. No one will ever find out what’s inside.

Home Cleaning Tip #2: Move to the Kitchen!
Home cleaning in ten minutes

Something that all guests like, is helping themselves to plates and food. Especially if they are close friends. So, the kitchen has to look and feel clean too. Make sure the countertops are spic and span. Use an all-purpose cleaning agent and wipe off the stains!

Home Cleaning Tip #3: Get on the floor
Home cleaning in ten minutes

A dirty floor is an instant turn off for a lot of people. So, grab the broom/mop or a cloth to wipe stains down. You do not need to go elaborate with this bit. Just scan the floors to ensure it is free of any unwanted stains. And, you’re good to go!

Home Cleaning Tip #4: Bathrooms are essential
Home cleaning in ten minutes

You don’t want to be caught off guard with this one. Someone once said, if you want to find out about a person’s hygiene, take a look at their bathrooms. As weird as it may sound, the bathroom needs to be clean for the guests to use. Just take a washcloth and swipe the vanity and countertop. Also, do not forget the mirror! Spray some room freshener and you’re good to go! If you want some ideas on quick bathroom cleaning tips, go here!

Home Cleaning Tip #5: Freshen up!
Home cleaning in ten minutes

After you’re done with the initial round of decluttering and cleaning, it’s time to freshen up the air a bit. Light some soothing scented candles around the living area and let the home soak up all the freshness. If you have essential oils, then you could get the diffuser going as well! Your guests will feel fresh the moment they step in.

Home Cleaning Tip #6: You!
Home cleaning in ten minutes

You do not want to show up looking like an exhausted host when your guests arrive. Make sure you keep aside at least 2 mins for yourself. Wash your face, spray some nice cologne and you should be good to go!

Even if you clean your homes regularly, you need to give it a touch-up when guests arrive! Because, you want to put your best foot forward. The next time you’re expecting sudden guests, make sure you run through this checklist. Also, do not forget to let us know in comments, what you feel about this guide. Suggestions are welcome too!