Summer is well on its way, which means more time spent outdoors and in the garden. If your garden is in a sorry state, now’s the time to get cracking on cleaning it up! Here are some go-to garden cleaning tips to kickstart your spring cleaning project well in advance.

Garden cleaning tip #1: Weed out the weeds
Cut the competition by cutting weeds

Gardens tend to have weeds and it is unavoidable and sometimes they go to the seed. Adding chemicals to your garden to kill weeds might not be the best idea for the soil. Some ways to remove weeds are hand picking them or using a good garden hoe. Leaving chickens in the garden is also a great idea for scraping and weeding. Tilling is another great way to remove weeds from gardens.

Garden cleaning tip #2: Prune & throw out dry leaves
Targeted removal of unwanted plants

Pruning is a very important step in garden cleaning. Before you start clipping, you must prune dead branches. Winter is a great time to prune trees and shrubs since they are clearly visible during this time. Also, you should remove dry leaves periodically to keep your garden plants looking fresh.

Garden cleaning tip #3: Dust leaves & pots regularly
Keep them looking green by dusting the leaves

Pots and leaves hold a lot of dust and mud tends to stick to these. A great way to deal with this is to regularly clean them with a soft cloth, especially leaves. Leaves are very often tender even though they look robust. As for pots and planters, you can wash them down or scrub them down with a cloth.

Garden cleaning tip #4: Wipe down garden furniture
Wash them down with a hose

Garden furniture is notorious for collecting dust and grime over the months. Wash them down with a hose if they’re very dirty; continue to maintain them by giving them a wipe-down once a week with a wet cloth. If you have furniture that is broken or worn out, consider repairing or replacing them because they definitely detract from the look of the garden overall.

Garden cleaning tip #5: Rearrange plants to avoid overcrowding
Do not overcrowd your garden

Another great way to keep your home garden looking fresh is to move things around. Make sure you rearrange the pots every now and then and so that your garden looks new. Also, remove any broken pots and replace them with new ones. This will ensure that your garden does not look overcrowded.

Garden cleaning tip #6: Wipe glass and railings
Use window-cleaning liquid and lint-free cloth

If your garden is screened off by glass doors and railings, an important task during garden cleaning is wiping those down. Glass tends to collect dust, grime and fingerprints over the days, ruining the look of your garden and the rest of your home. Using window cleaning liquid and a lint-free cloth should give you a sparkling clean glass frame that highlights your garden. Railings are also dust-collectors, so taking a wet cloth and giving them a good wipe-down will make your garden look much fresher.

Pro tip: When you’re looking at your garden, take a look at your tools as well. Clean them up before the gardening season arrives in full force and ensure the blades and prongs are sharp for use. If you have mechanical gardening tools like lawnmowers, keep them in good condition by cleaning them out and changing the oil once in a while.

Garden cleaning isn’t an easy task but it can be quite an absorbing one. What’s more, your plants will benefit and thrive from your care, just in time for summer! Read this for more inspiration: 5 Awesome Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Your Garden.

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