Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. Not if you can make your kitchen work harder to save time and effort. And how do you do this? Our experts say that the easiest way is to handpick the modular kitchen accessories you install!

If you are wondering what types of kitchen units you must have, this list should give you something to start with.

Modular Kitchen Accessories #1: Drawer Systems

Space for everything

If most of your storage items are set to go under your counter, then drawer systems can be your go-to modular kitchen accessories. Drawers are among the best modular kitchen accessories that trump bottom cabinets for ease of use and optimum usage of space.

Box drawer systems offer shallow as well as deep storage space. These accessories for modular kitchens come with sturdy metal sides which can open out to their entire length, so that all items are fully visible. 

Pro Tip:

The drawers are made in such a way that even when they are loaded to their maximum capacity, the items inside are unlikely to get displaced.

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Modular Kitchen Accessories #2: Tall Units

Stock your knick-knacks and groceries

Tall units can definitely be a part of your modular kitchen accessories list. These are an integral part of your modular kitchen design. This is especially true in cases where one needs to store a large amount of groceries with a long shelf life. Moreover, these versatile accessories for modular kitchen utilise vertical spaces and function like a pantry.

When closed, these modular kitchen storage units look like a part of the kitchen’s wall, and can give the space a clean look. At the same time, they can house diverse items, from oil and seasonings to wine and munchies and more, in differently sized drawers and shelves. 

Pro Tip:

The hideaway kitchen storage can provide a cool, dry place that helps preserve delicate items and protects them from heat, sunlight and moisture.

Modular Kitchen Accessories #3: Vegetable Basket

Store your onions and potatoes in wicker baskets

In a kitchen that is not fully modular, you generally have a basket or tray to keep a daily stock of vegetables. In a modular kitchen, this function is fulfilled by wicker baskets set into the modular framework. These fittings for modular kitchen are durable and easy to clean. Plus, like everything else in your kitchen, the veggies too can be seamlessly concealed. 

Modular Kitchen Accessories #4: Pull-outs

Pull-out unit for oil and condiments

Modular kitchen accessories like pull-outs make the best use of narrow spaces. Usually installed near the dishwasher or towards either end of the kitchen, these accessories for modular kitchens are designed with narrow shelves. This makes it easy to spot and access the items.

Pull-outs are available in multiple widths and ranges and can be used to keep canned foods, condiments, bottles, jars, cleaning agents, etc. 

Pro Tip:

Pull-outs can even work as a mini pantry in a busy kitchen where guests can help themselves.

Modular Kitchen Accessories #5: Cutlery Trays

Organised drawer space

A kitchen accessories list is usually incomplete without cutlery trays. With compartments to hold everything from spoons, forks, knives, rolling pins and more in an organised manner, cutlery trays are versatile. This is a great way to do away with clutter and is especially handy when whipping meals in a hurry. 

Pro Tip:

Cutlery inserts are usually available in a variety of finishes to suit your preferences, including metal, wood and PVC.

Modular Kitchen Accessories #6: Corner Solutions

Space-saving corner unit

Corner spaces in kitchens typically go unused because they are hard to reach. However, you can access the most redundant corners with savvy types of modular kitchen accessories such as the LeMans corner. It features kidney-shaped pull-out shelves that rotate beyond the standard 90 degrees so that they fully retract into the back. 

Additionally, you can find other corner units (deep, diagonal drawers) that make good use of the corner space. These solutions include Dee tray, Magic corner and more. These clever, easy-access units are a great addition to Indian kitchens, especially those that are smaller in size. 

Pro Tip

You can install corner units in both upper and lower cabinets based on how you like to organise things in your kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Accessories #7: Bottle Pull-Out

For ease and convenience

Bottle pull-outs can be an essential part of your kitchen accessories list. If you are someone who is always complaining about losing your spice bottles, this kitchen unit can be a huge help! Bottle pull-outs can also help in making use of dead spaces.

Modular Kitchen Accessories #8: Under-Sink Units

Keep your cleaning supplies within reach

While not very common, under-sink units can help keep your supplies within easy reach when you are washing your utensils. In addition, you need not keep your brushes, soaps, etc., near the sink when you install such a unit. As a result, your kitchen can look cleaner and more organised.

How Can Livspace Help You?

These charming units will take care of all your clutter, and will introduce efficiency into your kitchen. To get your kitchen custom-designed with these accessories, book your consultation with Livspace today.

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