A home without gadgets in this digital age of technology is simply unthinkable. As indispensable as they might be, these electronics come with a lot of baggage- namely, wires or cables. Here’s how you can hide wires.

While some of us might not have a problem with the wires cluttering up our spaces, the rest are definitely looking for ways to get them out of sight. Besides, it’s always better to get them organized, especially if you have toddlers and pets at home.

So here are some interesting and creative ways to hide electrical wires, cables and cords for a clean and organized home.

Tips to Hide Wires #1: Binder Clips

how to hide cable wires on the floor
Start with a simple clip

Binder clips are cheaply available at your local stationery store. Use clips to bind together long stretches of wires and cables, to form smaller bundles that can be easily hidden. How simple is this?

Tips to Hide Wires #2: Book Arrangement

how to hide cable wires along wall
Cover it up with books


A simple way to conceal  wires would be to stack books across your  console. Arrange them systematically so that the wires cannot peek through.

Tips to Hide Wires #3: An Undercover Router

creative ways to hide electrical cords
Camouflage with a decor element


Instead of stopping with just the cables, why not consider hiding your router too? A fun and creative way of doing that would be to hide the router in the hardcover of an old book. It serves as a decorative element and also solves your problem!

Tips to Hide Wires #4: Use a Gift Box

creative ways to hide electrical cords in the living room
Make more use out of a gift box


How could we forget gift or shoe boxes? Place the router in a box and make holes behind the box for the wires to be inserted. These boxes can be kept in any part of the home to hide wires on the floor and no one will even know.

Tips to Hide Wires #5: Get Artistic

Easy and Simple Ideas for Concealing Wires
Use stickers to make a design


Instead of simply hiding wires,  consider getting creative with them. Use fancy wire clips  to camouflage wires along your walls. This way your wires can serve as decorative elements and truly blend in with your interiors.

Tips to Hide Wires #6: A Magician’s Cloth

how to hide computer cables, wires and cords
Try this quick cover up


This quick and easy trick is a great concealer when your other ideas have failed. If your work table has plenty of cables sprawling on the floor behind and you’re annoyed with the unorganized display, then hide the clutter using a black cloth and pin it behind the desk.

Tips to Hide Wires #7: TV Panel

how to hide wires behind tv stand
Wooden back panel to cover TV cables

Whether you’re living in a rented apartment or your own house, wall mounting your TV is a great idea. A small hole can be drilled in the wall and wires can be easily fixed up to the height of the television. A wooden back panel can help cover the wires behind your TV.

These are useful quick fixes to hide away your cables, and a more creative alternative to traditional methods like wire sheaths, painting etc. So which one of these tips are you going to try first?

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