If you are a home decor aficionado, then you’d know that every detail counts when it comes to creating great interior design, including the walls. In fact, your space will look incomplete without striking walls. While there are different ways to dress up your bare walls, wall panelling is a popular option.

But you might have questions like, “Is wall panelling expensive?”, “Is it a good idea?”. This detailed guide will not only help you out with wall panelling cost, but also provide other useful information like what affects the cost, advantages and types.

But first, let’s understand what is wall panelling. Wall panels are pieces of material that are used to cover a wall. These not only increase the aesthetic value of your walls, but also help in covering unsightly wires and damage.

However, installation of wall panels can be tricky and should never be done without expert help. At Livspace, our designers come with both expertise and years of experience in installing stunning wall panel designs, according to your requirements.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Wall Panelling Cost?

From the core to the finishing as well as the complexity of the design, everything plays a role in determining the final wall panelling cost

Before we get around to calculating the wall panel price, let’s understand the factors that will affect the final cost.

  • Core Material: One of the primary factors that affect wall sheet price is the core material. Generally, for the core, ply or MDF is used. The higher the core material cost, the higher the wall panelling expenses and vice-versa
  • Finishing Material: Laminate, fabric and mirrors are common finishing materials
  • Polishing: Apart from the materials, the polish you use also matters. Common polishing types include PU, Duco and lacquer
  • Labour: Once you’re done with the materials and polish, you need to hire labour to install the panels, which adds to the wall panelling installation cost
  • Thickness and Area: The thickness of the wall panels and the area it will cover must also be included in the final wall panelling cost
  • Design: The more complex the design, the higher the cost

What Are the Advantages of Wall Panelling?

From beauty to functionality, wall panels satisfy both requirements for a great-looking home

Here are all the reasons why we love wall panelling designs:

  • Wall panelling can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home
  • You can use panels to hide unsightly wires
  • Depending upon the material, wall panels can be easy to clean and maintain
  • Wall panels can help with insulation and soundproofing your room
  • Panelling can be done on a low budget, by choosing cost-effective materials

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How to Calculate Wall Panelling Cost per Square Foot?

While there are multiple factors that can affect your wall panelling cost, material and labour are the primary ones. Take a look at the costs here:

FactorsCost Range*
Material**₹500 to ₹900 per sq. ft.
Labour₹200 to ₹300 per sq. ft.
Total₹700 to ₹1,100 per sq. ft.

*The prices mentioned are exclusive of 18% GST
**The cost includes panelling as well as polishing over the panels
These prices are an estimate. Your overall wall panel price can vary depending on the city, labour charges, material and finish, design, and the area being covered

Types of Wall Panelling With Prices

There are mainly five different types of wall panelling. The table below lists the price ranges for these types.

TypesCost RangeNotes
Overlay₹700 to ₹1,050 per sq. ft.The starting price
range is for
laminate. The cost
will go up with
other materials like
veneer and PU
Shiplap₹900 to ₹1,000 per sq. ft.
Geometrical Wooden Panel₹500 to ₹750 per sq. ft.
Wainscoting₹135 to ₹200 per rft.Includes solid wood
or MDF trims
with paint finish
Beadboard/Board and Batten₹750 to ₹950 per sq. ft.Paint finish

*All prices mentioned are exclusive of 18% GST. These prices are an estimate. Your overall wall panel price can vary depending on the city, labour charges, material and finish, design, and the area being covered

#1: Overlay

You can opt for different materials like wood or laminate to create an overlay wall panelling design that will work as a great backdrop for your TV unit wall

Where to Use

Overlay can be used behind your TV unit as a TV panel. This not only improves the aesthetic appeal but also helps in hiding electrical wires.

#2: Shiplap

In case of shiplap, pieces overlap each other to form airtight ridges

Where to Use

You can use shiplap anywhere in your home as a design aspect. It adds texture to a space and acts as a striking feature.

#3: Geometrical Panels

Geometrical panelling is the geometric arrangement of wooden panels on a plain wall

Where to Use

You can use geometrical panelling as an alternative to geometric-patterned wallpapers on your headboard wall.

#4: Wainscoting

Wainscoting covers half or one-third of the lower part of your wall and protects against damage

Where to Use

Wainscoting can be used in the living room to transform dull walls and enhance the look of the space.

#5: Beadboard/Board and Batten

Inherited from the British, beadboarding is done by placing pieces of wood or other materials vertically next to each other
Similar to beadboarding, board and batten technique binds the boards together while the batten hides the ridge joints of the boards

Where to Use

Beadboarding/board and batten can be used anywhere in your home to make your home look stunning.

Cost of Different Wall Panelling Materials

To calculate the price of the wall sheet design you pick, it’s important to know how much the material will cost you. This table lists the different types of wall panelling materials and their costs.

MaterialCost Range*
Veneer₹150 to ₹400 per sq. ft.
Fabric₹400 to ₹1,500 per sq. m.
Laminate₹65 to ₹140 per sq. ft.
Acrylic₹150 to ₹375 per sq. ft.
Mirror₹120 to ₹400 per sq. ft.
Brick₹100 to ₹350 per sq. ft.
Stone₹200 to ₹600 per sq. ft.

*All prices mentioned are exclusive of 18% GST. These prices are an estimate. Your overall wall panel price can vary depending on the city, labour charges, material and finish, design, and the area being covered

Wall Panelling Polishes With Prices

The following are additional types of wall panelling that are usually done over core materials like MDF and veneer. While duco is a type of paint, PU and melamine are polishes that are added as a layer over core materials.

MaterialCost Range*Notes
Duco Polish₹140 to ₹400 per sq. ft.Over MDF
PU Polish₹250 to ₹600 per sq. ft.Over MDF or veneer
Melamine Polish₹100 to ₹150 per sq. ft.Over veneer

*All prices mentioned are exclusive of 18% GST. These prices are an estimate. Your overall wall panel price can vary depending on the city, labour charges, material and finish, design, and the area being covered

Wall Panelling Materials

#1: Veneer

Veneer is a core material for wall panelling and requires a polishing material on top like PU or melamine polish
  • Veneer looks like wood, making it a great wooden alternative
  • The cost of veneer is much lower than a wood panel price
  • Moreover, it is versatile and durable

#2: Upholstery/Fabric

If there are children or elders in your home, opt for fabric wall panelling for the headboard walls in their bedrooms as a safety measure
  • Fabric wall panelling helps in insulating the room
  • It is also child- and elder-friendly

#3: MDF With Wooden Pattis

Since MDF is a core material, you can opt for wooden pattis or polishes like Duco as a layer on top
  • Cost-effective alternative to a complete wood panel
  • MDF is also more resistant to insects and termites than wood

#4: PVC

  • PVC wall panel price is lower as compared to several other materials
  • Low-maintenance
  • It is also available in a variety of options

#5: Mirror

If you have a small room, opt for mirror wall panelling as this will create the illusion of space
  • To reduce the wall panelling cost, you can opt for multiple pieces of mirrors and join them together as a single panel
  • Mirror wall panels can make your room look spacious
  • A mirrored panel also acts as a statement piece in your home

#6: Brick

For a rustic theme in your home, you can go with brick wall panelling
  • They are easy to maintain and long-lasting
  • Brick wall panelling can give your home a natural and rustic look

#7: Cement

If you prefer an industrial theme, cement wall panelling will ensure you get the right look
  • Cement wall panels are extremely durable
  • Moreover, cement is quite easy to clean and maintain
  • Cement also provides insulation

#8: Stone

Stone wall panels, like marble, are the easiest way to achieve an opulent look
  • One of the biggest advantages of stone wall panelling, especially marble, is its aesthetic appeal
  • Stone is also resistant to heat, cold and moisture, increasing its durability

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More Wall Panel Designs to Serve as Inspiration…

Check out wall paint designs for your home:

How Can Livspace Help You? 

  • With 146 quality checks, we ensure that the branded materials we are using for your wall panelling are durable
  • We will provide you with personalised designs and 3D visuals to ensure your wall panels are unique and stunning
  • Completely transparent pricing; there are no hidden costs with Livspace

We hope you found our ideas useful! If you want beautiful interiors for your home, then look no further. Book an online consultation with Livspace today. To know how our customers feel about working with us, check out these Livspace reviews for more details!

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