Your neighbour just bought a sleek and stylish modular kitchen. While you love the way it looks, you don’t know whether it would be an improvement over a traditional, carpenter-made one. Almost every homeowner has faced the dilemma of a modular vs carpenter-made kitchen. 

We’re not here to discredit great carpenters. In fact, we love skilled carpenters. But can you trust skilled craftsmen with the design of your home? It’s the same as trusting your mechanic to design your favourite car. While your life would become impossible without your mechanic, you won’t be trusting them with design. Hence, in the same breath, we’re here to tell you why choosing carpenters isn’t such a good idea for interior design.

1. Good Design Demands Great Skills

A modular kitchen relies on the best space optimisation hacks

A carpenter plays an important role in the interior design ecosystem. However, they often don’t have design tricks up their sleeve – unlike experienced designers who have spent years studying the concepts of design have.

In fact, Livspace designers stay constantly up-to-date with material science, trending styles and how to best utilise your space while working with the latest superior technology.

Our designers will give you accurate 3D visuals of the design you build with them. In fact, you can come to our Experience Centres and see what works for your home and what doesn’t.

2. Promises Are Conditional

At Livspace, we help you choose the materials that work for you

A carpenter is always at the mercy of local suppliers. So, if a local supplier gets a higher profit margin from a specific brand, they’ll push that material. A carpenter doesn’t have a lot of knowledge to separate the pros and cons of different materials or understand what your custom designs need.

They’ll push the same material onto you! There won’t be any scientific tests conducted to ensure your products stand the test of time. At Livspace, we’ve a team that sources materials that are good for you. We also keep promises when it comes to timelines.

We’ve a 45-day move-in guarantee. That’s not all! You get regular project updates from our platform Canvas – which you can track yourself. Would you get that from a carpenter?

3. Precision Engineered Automation Isn’t Possible

Modular products are known for their perfect finish and fit

When it comes to interiors, it’s modern trends that have the spotlight. So, to have interiors that are known for their perfection and accuracy, the best option is to opt for machine-made modular products.

At Livspace, we have a precision engineered automation process we use to make our modular products. This ensures minimal errors. Additionally, we’ve 146 quality checks that our products go through to ensure you get only the best.

A carpenter-made kitchen is manual, so getting the same fit and finish as automated modular products is impossible. The techniques a carpenter uses doesn’t allow your modular products to last very long. So, laminates bubble up or soak moisture, or the hinges of your cabinet fall off and get loose.

At Livspace, we have superior technology like the AntiBubble Technology, the AquaBloc technology and the Durabuild Technology that help keep air bubbles out, prevent moisture from entering your cabinets and keep your cabinets sturdier for long (respectively, of course). Don’t trust us when we say you won’t get this anywhere else – try us!

4. Warranties Aren’t Available

Build your dream home and secure its foundation with a warranty

You get warranties only on some products that your carpenter brings. But in case something happens, do you contact the carpenter or do you go through the hassle of contacting a third-party brand?

If a panel starts to bubble up in less than a year, would a carpenter be kind enough to replace it? Probably not.

That’s why you should go for modular products that have a 10-Year warranty. At Livspace, our superior technology allows us to give you a warranty of up to 10 years.

We’re India’s only on-site warranty provider. So, you can get back to us within a year with any problems you might be facing. We’ve a dedicated team to handle post-installation services. Show us a carpenter who’ll give you that – we’ll wait.

Pros of a Modular Kitchen

A modular or a machine-made kitchen seems like the hottest thing in the market, and that’s not without reason. Here’s a list of the pros that you need to look out for.

  • The sleek construction and layout of the modular kitchen gives your home a neat look
  • It is easy to assemble and reassemble the modules of a modular kitchen, and you can easily carry them with you if you shift homes
  • Engineered wood that is used in modular furniture is preferred in the long run for its durability over solid wood that can be hard to maintain
  • Quality is assured by all the modular kitchen manufacturing units since they are factory-made products
  • Storage is never a problem with modular kitchens, since you can get customised storage with a designated space for everything
  • There is no stress of carpenters working and creating a mess at home, since everything is made in the factory and only assembled at the site
  • Cost stays true to estimate, provided there are no substantial changes to design

Modular vs Carpenter-Made Kitchen: The Ultimate Comparison

Livspace ExperienceTypical Carpenter Experience
ConvenienceWe’re your one-stop solution for all interior needs You need a minimum of 27 market trips
DesignPersonalised custom-made designs with 3D visualsCookie cutter designs with 2D visuals
Timeline45-day move-in guarantee on select modular productsUnreliable timelines
TrackingRegular project updates with trackingNo such option
QualityHigh-quality branded materials with 146 quality checksInferior materials with no quality check
WarrantyUp to 10-Year Warranty with India’s only on-site service warrantyNo such warranty
After-sales supportA dedicated team to handle requestsNo such option

How Can Livspace Help You? 

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