Indian kitchens may come in many shapes and sizes but the one thing they all have in common is their need for storage. Any well designed kitchen may fall short of cupboard storage to store all your items. Lucky for you, there are plenty of kitchen cupboard designs to choose from that are sure to suit all your needs. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of Livspace kitchen cupboard storage ideas that you can use as inspiration.

Disclaimer: Please note that the costs mentioned below are subject to change based on availability and other factors. For more details, consult with our interior designers to receive revised quotes for your next dream kitchen!

Now let’s get into it to figure out which kitchen cupboard storage unit is your perfect match:

#1: Install Upper and Base Cabinets for Unlimited Storage

You have storage high and low!
Modular kitchens can also be a great option to avoid splurging on civil work

Here, our designer has made use of semi-modular units from the Livspace kitchen catalogue to avoid making civil changes to the kitchen. And if you’re on a tight budget, this is a great way to reduce your costs as well. 

While the materials and colour scheme used help keep the space looking large, this Livspace kitchen still remains storage-intensive with the choice of cabinets. This was largely made possible with a combination of upper and lower kitchen cupboard storage solutions.

Cost: ₹2.6 Lakh

#2: Minimal Design That’s High on Storage Space

Did you know that these cabinets are made of anti-scratch materials?

To give storage capacity an extra boost, this Livspace kitchen included a laminate-finished tall unit to store perishable items. Though the size of this layout is small, the homeowners still get the best of kitchen cupboard storage with beautiful white acrylic-finished loft cabinets. 

What’s more, the minimal design of this kitchen helps keep things clean and clutter-free while also being storage-intensive.

Cost: ₹2.6 Lakh

#3: Budget-Friendly Doesn’t Have to Be Unaesthetic

A C-shaped kitchen is known to help improve the workflow

If you have a small kitchen and want a design that can still give you high levels of kitchen cupboard storage, opt for a C-shaped layout. And that’s exactly what our designer did with this Livspace kitchen! The change in layout allowed the homeowners to include a tall unit to satisfy their growing storage needs. 

Additionally, if budget kitchen interiors is what you seek, consider going for an MDF modular kitchen. Not only are they relatively inexpensive but based on the finish used, they are also highly water-resistant.

Cost: Under ₹3 Lakh

#4: Open Racks Help Make Clutter-Free Counters

A geometric-themed backsplash can add interest to your kitchen design
A neutral or light colour palette is a great way to make your kitchen look spacious

To make the most of this home’s kitchen, the entire wall space was covered in kitchen cupboard storage. The cabinets featured here are high-gloss laminate and bring a subtle hint of elegance to the space. To improve the way your kitchen is organised, you can opt for a mix of open and closed cabinets, as has been done here. 

Similarly, you can use open kitchen cupboard storage ideas as display units. Or you could also opt for glass-shutter cabinets if you prefer storing your crockery in closed but visible spaces. 

Cost: ₹3.3 Lakh

#5: Get Creative to Maximise Space and Functionality

The G-shaped layout of the kitchen helped create more storage space for the family

The Gade Family’s kitchen follows a spacious G-shaped layout that brings in heaps of storage. Here, the lower cabinets are made of a wooden membrane finish while the upper cabinets are of a matte-finish laminate.  

With a mix of base and loft cabinets, they’re sure to never run out of kitchen cupboard storage. Pictured beside the fridge is a multifunctional tall unit that can be used to store groceries and other essentials.

Make use of your vertical space with simple seamless kitchen cupboard designs

What’s more, this layout also allows the inclusion of a washing machine and dishwasher. By embracing a G-shaped design, the original plumbing of the kitchen was also kept intact.

Cost: ₹3.7 Lakh

#6: Simple Kitchen Accessories Can Boost Functionality

A simple carousel unit stands beside the window to offer added storage

This Livspace Kitchen has several kitchen cupboard storage ideas you could steal for your kitchen. While there was a significant amount of structural change that brought this kitchen to life, the accessories used were the icing on the cake! These include a carousel unit, pull-out trays, wicker basket and a bottle pull-out. 

So even if you do not have a lot of space to work with, you can still opt for smart storage solutions such as these.

A red shelving unit adds a pop of colour to this neutral-toned kitchen

But what caught our eye here is the mid-tall unit by the fridge that can be used to store groceries or crockery. Our designer went a step further by also including overhead kitchen cupboard storage that helps keep this small kitchen storage-intensive.

Cost: Under ₹4 Lakh

#7: Utilising Loft Space Provides an Added Level of Storage

Acrylic-finished cabinets in calming shades of bluish-grey and white

For Nazia’s kitchen, the design brief was all about kitchen cupboard storage. To make this happen, our designer had to make civil changes to alter the layout of the kitchen. This helped create more space for an additional storage unit that doubles up as extra counter space. Similarly, our designer also added upper and lower cabinets, along with wicker baskets to boost storage in this Livspace kitchen. 

Cost: ₹4 Lakh

#8: A U-Shaped Layout Allows More Room for Cabinets

The beige cabinets used here help create the illusion of more space

This kitchen belongs to a +16-year-old flat in Mumbai that was due for a change. However, having grown used to the layout, the homeowners didn’t want too many structural changes in this space. To spruce things up, our designer instead changed the kitchen cupboard designs to match the rest of the home’s theme. 

The new cabinets not only got a glossy facelift but they further boosted the level of kitchen cupboard storage in this compact space.

Cost: ₹4.7 Lakh

#9: Even Compact Galley Kitchens Can Be Storage-Intensive

Small in size but high in functionality

If you think narrow galley kitchens are a lost cause when it comes to storage space, you might want to think again. Take the Shahs’ home for example. Their kitchen sits in a fairly tight space but doesn’t fall short of kitchen cupboard storage in the slightest. This was made possible with the use of marine plywood cabinets from the Livspace kitchen catalogue.

Cost: Around ₹5 lakh

#10: Who Says White Isn’t for Kitchens?

A simple yet classic country-style U-shaped kitchen layout

While white may not be everyone’s first choice when it comes to kitchen design, it definitely offers a classic look to your kitchen space. What’s more, these white kitchen cabinets offer the best of kitchen cupboard storage too! This U-shaped Livspace kitchen includes upper and base cabinets that cover the entire area with storage units from end to end.

Cost: ₹5.5 Lakh

#11: Nothing Says Storage Like a Tall Unit

Add a pop of colour between your cabinets with yellow shelves
To conceal kitchen appliances, opt for a roll-up shutter unit in open kitchens

If you have an open-concept kitchen and want to keep it spacious, you can opt for a C-shaped layout like the Dembis did. The family was big on storage, especially since they use thalis for most of their meals. And what better place to store a thali than a tall unit! 

Apart from the kitchen cupboard storage, our designers also included a roll-up shutter unit to help conceal kitchen appliances. Since the kitchen follows an open-floor plan, this also helps tidy up the space from the point of view of other common areas.

Cost: ₹6.7 Lakh

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