Although traditionally a task-focused area, the kitchen of today has evolved into a multi-purpose watering hole, the workhorse of the home. Of the many kitchen layouts available in the repository today, the semi open kitchen is definitely one of the most coveted options. This three-wall kitchen layout strikes the perfect balance between task-oriented and visually appealing design.

What is a Semi Open Kitchen?

semi open kitchen-yellow island-laminate cabinets
A perfect mix of open & closed kitchens

A clever combination of open and closed kitchens, a semi open kitchen combines their perks just as effortlessly. As the name suggests, this kitchen is one that has at least three full walls with the fourth either partially or completely open.

Pros and Cons of a Semi Open Kitchen

semi open kitchen-pros-yellow kitchen-breakfast counter
You can add a breakfast counter in this layout

Like all kitchen layouts, the semi open kitchen has pros and cons that make it either ideal or unsuitable for certain homes.

Pro #1: It’s Contemporary in Design

Semi-open kitchens are only a recent phenomenon, brought about to balance the benefits of most kitchen layouts. It’s a contemporary choice for those looking to style their home around their kitchen.

Pro #2: It Assures Privacy while Opening up the Space

This kitchen has three walls, which means the typical messes of a kitchen are well-contained from view. However, the absence of a full or partial fourth wall ensures that the kitchen is still visibly accessible. This is a perk if cross-ventilation and the flow of natural sunlight is a priority.

Pro #3: It Facilitates Conversations

A semi open kitchen is similar to open plans in that it opens up the kitchen to the living room. This facilitates conversations between family and friends and makes sure those in the kitchen aren’t left out. It also exudes an air of informality, which is perfect for intimate gatherings and hangouts.

Con #1: Lesser Countertop Space

Because there’s a lack of full walls, a semi open kitchen may compromise your chances of having more countertop or cabinet space. This could prove to be a problem for those who like to whip up a storm in the kitchen. That said, this can be remedied with smart storage solutions such as fold-away countertops and Lazy Susans in corner cabinets.

Con #2: Doesn’t Ensure Complete Privacy

If you prefer formal, closed-off kitchens, then this kitchen might not be the one for you. They’re still open on one side, which makes it easy for smells and sounds to escape from the kitchen’s premises. That said, you temporarily block the kitchen from view by installing folding screens or sliding doors. High-quality vents can help prevent the smell of food from permeating into the rest of the home.

Semi Open Kitchen: The Verdict

semi open kitchen-verdict-wooden kitchen
Ideal for compact homes!

Overall, it is perfect for compact-sized homes where the flow of light and ventilation is a necessity. It’s also ideal for homeowners keen to open up the culinary process to the rest of the home, especially when entertaining.

Although this kitchen layout has its fair share of cons, these are easily worked around to create a kitchen that is informal yet task-oriented! Read more about open kitchens here: 5 Things to Know Before Getting an Open Kitchen

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