When a kitchen remodelling is concerned, cabinet handles are often at the very bottom of the list. However, kitchen handles on cabinets can make or break the look of the kitchen. It’s important not just to pick the right style but also the right colour that matches your overall look without scrimping on practicality. Here are 5 types of kitchen handles for cabinets you can explore:

Kitchen Handles Style #1: Pull-out Handles

kitchen handles-laminate kitchen-pull-out-handles-white cabinets
Straightforward or ornate, these can give you the type of look that you desire

Pull-out handles do what they say on the tin. If you are looking for a kitchen handles modern design, this is the perfect option for you. They can be as straightforward or as ornate as you like them to be. Unpretentious variants are basic stainless steel ones, while the more decorative ones can be sleek if being fitted into a modern kitchen or bulky if ornate. The pros of these handles are that they’re easy to use and fit in with almost any kitchen cabinetry style. However, they’re not a great pick for vintage-style kitchens and the positioning of these matters as ill-placed handles may hamper their practicality.

Price range: ₹450 onwards

Kitchen Handles Style #2: Classic Knobs

kitchen handles-artistic knobs-kitchen cabinets
This old-school option is perfect for vintage kitchens

Knobs are smaller, round kitchen cabinet handles that are usually fixed on the opening edge of a cabinet door. Knobs are a win for vintage kitchens as they channel an old-school vibe. Modern-day knobs come in metal, wood, ceramic and other materials, making them a versatile option. Since each knob involves a single attachment point, you only have to drill a single hole. The downside to this is that if the drill hole or the screw comes loose, the knob will fall right off. Knobs are less practical than pull-outs because of the limited surface area, especially when opening doors in haste.

Price range: ₹399 onwards

Kitchen Handles Style #3: Edge Profile Handles

kitchen handles-profile handles-profile shutters-profile lights
These provide the illusion of handle-less cabinets

A more recent and modern style of furniture hardware, edge profile handles sit along the vertical or horizontal edge of the cabinet door. The main benefit of this modular kitchen handles designs, especially for use in small kitchens, is the handleless illusion it provides. This reduces clutter on the surface of the cabinets while still being present and functional. The drawback of this style is that it only looks best in modern or plain kitchens. Despite the edge that juts out, profile handles provide even lesser surface areas when compared to knobs and pulls.

Price range: ₹900 onwards

Kitchen Handles Style #4: Traditional Stainless Steel Handles

kitchen handles-stainless steel handles-sleek handles-kitchen cabinet handles
This type of handles are low on maintenance and a practical choice

If you’d rather go back to the basics, then stainless steel handles are the way to go. They’re low maintenance, water-resistant and easy to wipe down in case of a spill. The only negative is that they’re not fancy and therefore don’t bring more to the table than what they’re practically used for.

Price range: ₹300 onwards

Kitchen Handles Style #5: Stylish or Customised Options

kitchen handles-customised knobs-stylish knobs
Customised handles allow you to get the exact look you want

If quirky is your calling, then opt for customised handles like these. Not only do they look stylish, but also give your kitchen cabinets a unique character. From curated ones to cute animal-shaped ones, the market is flooded with options. Take your pick!

Price range: Can vary based on design and material

To finish off your kitchen cabinetry with a bang and keep things functional in the kitchen, taking a little time to choose the right types of handle will turn out to be a smart choice.

If you are looking for types of kitchen handles, you can select from any of the above, keeping in mind your kitchen aesthetics and your budget. So, go ahead and give your kitchen cabinets a revamp with a stunning kitchen handles design!

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