If you’re a person who loves some peace and quiet, we’re sure you would love to do up your balcony. Be it compact or large, here are some design ideas to inspire you to take up the challenge of creating a beautiful outdoor space.

Balcony Design #1: The Perfect Outdoor Space
balcony design ideas-balcony swing
The swing and surrounding greens make this balcony a cosy nook

A swing can take you to your happy place! Turn your balcony space into a personal sanctuary with a wide swing, wooden rafters across the ceiling, interesting tiles on one side of the railing and coffee table just for essentials.

Balcony Design #2: With 3 Types of Seating
balcony seating-wicker sofa-bar stools
A balcony to chill, entertain and enjoy some downtime

How dreamy does this balcony look? With a comfy wicker sofa, bar stools and table perfect for brunch days, the space certainly is the highlight of any conversation. Throw in a faux grass patch and you are all set!

Balcony Design #3: Cosy and Colourful
small balcony-patchwork armchair
Table for one, please!

Barely-there balcony? No problem! Throw in a patchwork armchair with a basic coffee table like this balcony. If space allows, add in a plant shelf to seal the deal.

Balcony Design #4: And They Were All Yellow..
balcony design ideas-garden door-potted plants
A quirky and bright balcony garden for those with green thumbs

This balcony sports pops of yellow in planters and the railing. The wooden floor tiles make the space looks like something out of a catalogue!

Balcony Design #5: The Deck
wooden terrace-rattan furniture
Wooden deck made for terrace parties

With a pinewood deck, rattan furniture and added height to enjoy the view, this balcony surely makes a powerful statement. We love how the space is sprinkled with a splash of colours as well.

Balcony Design #6: A Slice of Space
small balcony-patterned tiles-wicker furniture
The statement mosaic flooring turns this ordinary balcony into a delight

Even simple solutions can turn around your balcony space. Take cues from this balcony with patterned tiles and minimal wicker furniture. Cosy, isn’t it?

Balcony Design #7: The Sky Bar

A bar in the balcony sure makes up for a beautiful place for a party! Whether it’s the cushioned bench or the mounted shelf and base units, this one features ample storage for all your bar essentials.

Balcony Design #8: A Green Corner
balcony design ideas-bonsai
Turf and bonsai for a soothing green space

The balcony space is done up minimally with just wooden flooring and green turf. An existing wall hanging of wooden corks finds its place on the adjacent wall. We’re sure the ambience is perfect to enjoy a cup of tea or grab a drink!

Balcony Design #9: A Pocketful of Sunshine
open balcony-weather resistant furniture
Minimal set-up with a pop of colour

One look at this balcony and it has us falling in love with it. Clear blue skies, a hot cuppa, a nice book and you perched atop the sunshine chair. Oh, and the cherry on the cake? The furniture given is all weather-resistant!

Balcony Design #10: A Dash of Red
indoor balcony-red furniture-greenery
Create an indoor sanctuary for your family

This balcony thrives on colours — red furniture, colourful planters, a mix of indoor plants, green turf and pebbles. The balcony has been netted to keep out pigeons while still letting in fresh air. What a refreshing cocoon!

Balcony Design #11: Out in the Open
balcony design ideas-contemporary bar
Set up a contemporary bar for Friday nights

Have enough balcony space with a gorgeous overlooking view? Take advantage of it with a sleek bar unit! The cabinet door doubles up as a table when it’s pulled down.

Balcony Design #12: A Curtain of Freshness
green balcony-grass curtain
A pop of colour for a balcony sit-out

Who knew a grass curtain could do the trick in keeping nosy neighbours at bay? While it ensures privacy, it also gives your balcony a fresh appearance. The orange furniture adds a pop of colour to keep things interesting.

Balcony Design #13: Rustic Charm
balcony-rattan furniture
A colourful cushion, a hot cup of tea and an exquisite view!

A stunning view of the city, some hot coffee, comfortable rattan furniture — this is something you can look forward to every morning and evening!

Balcony Design #14: A Vertical Garden
garden balcony-vertical garden
Rejuvenate yourself in this garden balcony

For the gardening enthusiasts, here is a wonderful vertical garden to fit into your compact balconies! You don’t have to give up on your hobby just because of space constraints.

Balcony Design #15: The Kids’ Corner
kids' balcony-playground
A balcony reminiscent of a children’s park

We’re sure your kids will thank you for such a wonderful playground. You too can join the fun at this lovely picnic table.

Balcony Design #16: Truck-Inspired Bar Unit
themed balcony-truck theme
For those LIT weekends!

Calling all the party-folks! Cheers to a wonderful bar unit upcycled from a Tata truck front mask. We’re sure you’ll look forward to lively weekends with this adorning your balcony.

Balcony Design #17: A Cosy Niche
balcony design ideas-nature inspired-rattan furniture
The perfect hideaway to enjoy a warm cup of tea

Want a nature-inspired home? Here is a wonderful balcony design with rattan furniture and a small garden. We’re sure the eco-friendly personality in you would rejoice.

Balcony Design #18: Back to Basics
balcony styling-floor seating
A place to just sit back and relax

Not enough space for furniture? Just add a mat on the floor, throw in some pillows and you have a great balcony seating. You can also fit a compact chair to lounge in.

Balcony Design #19: Little Warm Corners
balcony design ideas-hanging garden
With a hanging garden for a touch of freshness

Paint a bright colour for an intriguing design. Also, having a hanging garden instead of using up your floor space might be a smart choice for smaller balconies.

Balcony Design #20: A Wall of Sunshine
balcony styling-swing-yellow wall
With a cosy swing seat for those lazy Sunday afternoons

Need a corner at home, that’s both chirpy and quiet? Get yourself this wonderful swing and place it against a bright yellow wall in the balcony. Sip your coffee or read a book, take your pick!

Balcony Design #21: A Fairytale Setting
balcony design ideas-floral wall-cushioned swing
The perfect corner for your Instagram selfies!

A live vertical garden for the balcony, anyone? The white and pink flowers with fresh green leaves add so much life to this space with the swing.

Balcony Design #22: Curl up With a Book
small balcony-book corner
The bright cushion and colourful mosaic adds a splash of colour

When you are someone who just cannot do without a bookshelf wherever you go, this corner is made for you. Look at that tiny rack – isn’t it lovely?

Balcony Design #23: A Splash of Colour
balcony design ideas-bright cushions-potted plant
A rustic wooden chair to let you enjoy the view

Living in a high-rise apartment and enjoy the luxury of having good breeze in the balcony? You should definitely add seating and throw in some colourful cushions to the scene!

Balcony Design #24: A Meditative Spot
serene balcony-Buddha statue
For those serene moments after a long, hard day

Your balcony can be a space for relaxation and meditation. Place a Buddha statue in front of a waterfall and add some ambient lighting. Your very own meditation/yoga spot is ready in no time.

Balcony Design #25: Go Green!
balcony design ideas-hanging plants-wooden rafters
Hanging plant, a turf and comfortable seating – what’s not to love?

For a casual, chic look, add a grass mat and some benches made out of reclaimed wood. Wall and railing planters will add to the look while keeping the vibe minimal.

Balcony Design #26: A Breath of Fresh Air! 
balcony-cane furniture
With such a gorgeous view, you will be spending all your time here!

Want to keep it simple? Then find good old cane furniture that can be teamed with plants for comfortable newspaper reading time with the missus!

Balcony Design #27: Pop of Yellow
balcony design ideas-minimalistic
Is this a balcony? Or a garden? Our lips are sealed!

Who says you can’t do anything with narrow balconies but dry clothes? Get iron chairs and a small table in minimalistic design for intimate coffees with your SO.

If you loved this and are looking for some balcony seating ideas, go here!

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