You may have noticed, how your balcony calls to you when you want a moment’s respite from the monotony of home chores or when you want to zone out for a while without leaving the sweet comfort of your home. Perhaps, for this very reason, it becomes fundamentally essential to spice up your bland balcony, so that it becomes a little gateway to your own Narnia.

Mentioned below are a few creative tips that will transform your balcony into an incredibly inviting space:

1. Light it up

balcony lighting
Source: Andreea Raicu
The easiest and quickest way to bring life to any space in your home is to light it up! Gone are the days when fairy lights were used in homes only to illuminate balconies during Diwali evenings. Today you can string fairy lights across the balcony all year long. If that’s not your cup of tea, try adding paper or metal lanterns or place small candle stands in corners where a breeze won’t extinguish them.

2. Add potted plants

plants in balcony
A collection of flowering plants in vibrant pots can transform the look and feel of your balcony with minimum investment. If you can’t find brightly coloured pots, just paint the ones you already own in bold colours. The balcony featured in the picture above goes one step further by mounting the planters on the wall to create a statement wall.

3. Add drapes for privacy

decorate balcony
Source: Bendut
This is an unconventional idea, but you could hang woven, sheer or lace drapes around the balcony to give yourself some privacy and to create an ideal little getaway from the world around you. The balcony shown above is practically an outdoor room with its swing chair, floor cushions, twin coffee tables and matching rug. The colorful decor of this space almost makes up for the unexciting view.

4. Create an accent wall

decorate balcony
Source: Inhabitat
Creating an accent wall on your balcony is an excellent way to transform your balcony without decking the entire area, and it’s easier than you think. The easiest way is to paint one wall. If that idea doesn’t get you excited, you could add an eclectic collection of wooden frames, mount a shelf or two with a selection of garden sculptures and knick-knacks or just opt for a vertical garden.

5. Get the right seating

decorate balcony seating
What good is a beautiful balcony if you can’t relax and unwind there? Keeping that in mind, introduce comfortable, weatherproof seating such as bistro sets, deck chairs or benches to this area. If your balcony is spacious and has a roof that provides adequate protection from elements, then you can add a bean bag or a plush two-seater.

6. Nail the flooring

decorate balcony
The floor of your balcony is a vital part of the decor, and there are many options available to you. You can go for the much-coveted wooden floor or opt an artificial grass carpet. You can even use different textures, for example, wood decking with decorative pebbles added to the periphery for an organic effect.

7. Look inviting to birds

decorate balcony
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Adding a bird feeder to the balcony is a great way to invite feathered friends to the balcony. They will bring the place alive with their chirps and tweets and be a source of delight for you and your family. Just place your bird feeder strategically to avoid soiling the balcony floor with bird droppings.

Be it a narrow balcony or a wide one, investing some time to prettying it up is surely going yield returns in the long run.