A breathtaking view, refreshing air and a relaxing setting are all reasons why we insist on getting a home with a balcony. So wouldn’t it be a crime if you didn’t do it up with good seating? We have a few balcony seating ideas that suit modern balconies. Sit back and enjoy the view as you lounge comfortably.

Balcony Seating Ideas #1: Swing it
balcony seating ideas-swing designs- swings for balcony
Swing in style

A sleek swing paired with a coffee table will fit into a compact balcony and provide plenty of seating for when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with your significant other. Using the space optimally, this setup is ideal for varying moods while it provides a nice deck to enjoy the sunset.

Balcony Seating Ideas #2: Cheers to Tranquility
balcony seating ideas-mini bar designs-bar unit designs-bar unit for balcony
Say cheers!

While many might not prefer to have a bar unit in the balcony, this home designed by Livspace features an open bar with serving table. The high chair fits the bar to a T and there is a cushioned bench as well. Let this inspire a balcony makeover in your home!

Balcony Seating Ideas #3: Weave them Together
balcony seating ideas-wicker chair designs-balcony chairs
Easy breezy style

Hand painted tiles like this could make all the difference to a tiny balcony. Add a couple of wicker chairs and a coffee table. Now you can enjoy your mornings out on the balcony with a cup of coffee and a book to go along.

Balcony Seating Ideas #4: Pack for a Picnic
balcony seating ideas-artificial turfing for balcony-terrace decor ideas
Everyday is a picnic

Bring in the feeling outdoors with a fun picnic table with chairs. Add an artificial grass carpet to complete the look. This not just is suitable for snack time, but can also be an excellent spot for kids to play and hangout.

Balcony Seating Ideas #5: Go Old School
balcony seating ideas-bench design ideas-moroccan tiles for flooring
Basic and beautiful

Adding warmth with wooden tones, an old school bench or a chair can add personality to your balcony. Its comfortable and lets you reminisce. Plenty of balcony furniture is available in the market right now; you can have your pick based on what fits your balcony size.

Balcony Seating Ideas #6: Curl up in Comfort
balcony seating ideas-swing design ideas-vertical planting for balcony
Comfort comes first

A nested swing is ideal where you don’t want to take the trouble of putting in hooks on the ceiling. This swing lets you cocoon in peace and catch up on the latest bestseller.

Balcony Seating Ideas #7: Outdoor Living
balcony seating ideas-high chairs for balcony-wicker sofa designs
Variety is the spice of life

If you have long and spacious balcony like this one, you can turn it into an outdoor living room of sorts. Add a rug, a console and centre table with a variety of seating arrangements. So you can have cushioned stools and ottomans as well as high chairs to enjoy a bird’s eye view. Also, it is important to keep the furniture light, so go for a wicker sofa and chairs.

Balcony Seating Ideas #8: Garden Seating
balcony seating ideas-pouf designs-balcony garden ideas
Poufs and stools for seating among greens

When space is scarce and you want to make your balcony as green as possible, go for poufs and stools. These seating options come in vibrant colours and are easily movable. So you can allot the maximum amount of space to growing plants in your balcony and carry a pouf or stool out whenever you want to enjoy sitting in your personal garden.

Balcony Seating Ideas #9: Flexible Setting
balcony seating ideas-foldable furniture ideas-balcony furniture ideas
Time with nature

If you’re not comfortable leaving furniture on your balcony or are scared of exposing it to the rain or sun, opt for foldable seating. You can choose to rearrange them depending on your need and don’t have to worry about space constraints as it can be stacked away easily.

Balcony Seating Ideas #10: Lay it down
balcony seating ideas-artificial turfing for balcony-floor seating for balcony
Stretch and relax

For more compact balconies, you can use a carpet or artificial grass that can comfortably seat you. You can add some floor cushions too for comfort. This way you won’t have to struggle with furniture and still spend quality time lounging on your balcony. Here’s a new spot for you to do those Suryanamaskars or for your kids to play.

With careful planning, even the most compact balconies can turn out to be comfortable and breathtaking. Let us know which of these are your favourite seating option.

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