If you are lucky enough to have a little private space in the sky, then you should be drawn to setting it up and making the most of it. These high-rise home balcony design ideas are sketched out for all activities. Despite its size, you can give yourself a party deck, a meditation corner or both! Just throw in a few of our ideas and you are good to go.

Take cues from our list of fun balcony interior designs that are making their way into our Livspace homes.

Home Balcony Design #1: Designed With Wooden Panelling & Minimal Seating

home balcony design-wooden panelling-minimal seating-coffee table
Create an L-shaped seating and add cushions

If your balcony receives a lot of footfall and is constantly buzzing with activity, opt for smart flooring and seating. Here we have opted for minimum seating in the corner. The wooden panelling is a good insulator of heat and works for extreme temperatures.

Home Balcony Design #2: Flooring Designed With Moroccan Tiles

home balcony design-brown and white tiles-balcony tiles-seating
A balcony with brown and white moroccan tiles

Every home deserves a peaceful corner for some birdwatching or maybe, some quiet self reflection. Moroccan tiles in a monochromatic design steal the focus in this balcony. Moreover, the pergola designs and metal seating makes this balcony the perfect escape from a bustling city life.

Home Balcony Design #3: Build a Bamboo Roof

home balcony design-bamboo roof-turf-seating
Eco-friendly and innovative roofing option

Gathered the entire family for a barbeque brunch but the harsh sun is ruining everything? A treated waterproof bamboo roof can keep your balcony cool in summers and dry in monsoons. This eco-friendly option can last you 3-5 years.

Home Balcony Design #4: Enhance With Potted Plants and Artificial Turf

home balcony design-potted plants and artificial turf-vertical garden
Load up on potted plants, vertical gardens and more

A living room with an attached balcony makes for the perfect party hub. Don’t you agree? Keep it comfortable and festive all year round with artificial turf and colourful flower pots. For a narrow balcony, bar stools are a great choice.

Home Balcony Design #5: Hanging Planters and Plant Rack

home balcony design-plants-potted planters-hanging plants
Double up on plants with a plant rack

For the passionate cook in you, turn your balcony into a vegetable and herb garden. Accommodate more plants with a plant rack and hanging planters that acts as a great space-saving hack.

Home Balcony Design #6: Transform a Balcony into a Deck

home balcony design-white furniture-deck ideas-coffee table
Opt for white wicker furniture

Turn your high-rise balcony into a reading deck with wooden roof and flooring designs. Lastly, throw in some stylish wicker furniture. Here, the rattan wicker furniture comes in set with a white coffee table and makes for a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of chai in the Mumbai rains.

Home Balcony Design #7: Install a Decorative Jaali Roof

home balcony design-jaali roof-balcony furniture-wall art
The unique ceiling is made of CNC jaali that is laser cut

Nothing ends a fun game night like a fight over a game of UNO. Take your gatherings outside with a full set of furniture. Moreover, this false ceiling is made of metal rafters and a laser cut CNC sheet. The myriad patterns in this ceiling are perfect for a kaleidoscopic play of light.

Home Balcony Design #8: Opt for Rattan Wicker Furniture

home balcony design-dining table set-wicker furniture-fan-lights
Take a look at the hanging lights and flower put sculptures

Wicker makes for the perfect outdoor furniture as it is waterproof and durable. The brown wicker dining set. This space flaunts lovely moroccan tiles on the floor and pergolas that deck up the space. Pretty planters add to the greenery.

Home Balcony Design #9: Place a Chair Swing

home balcony design-two seater set-coffee table-terrace balcony
Choose from a number of swing chair designs

If you have a spacious balcony, you have limitless decor options. With a balcony as big as this, you can opt for fun seating options like hanging chairs and plenty of potted plants.

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