The whoosh of speed in your ears. A gust of wind in your hair. And a squirming sense of weightlessness, even if it’s just for a moment. All these experiences of a carefree childhood point to a jhoola and the absolute sense of freedom it brings. Swings are more than furniture or decor. They transcend the premise of requirement or affordability. They are just pure joy! So if you aren’t doing enough with your balcony and want some quality outdoor time, you might want to invest in a balcony swing.

And what better time to get one than now? In this post-pandemic world, when everyone is spending more time at home, a balcony swing is just what is needed to add some fun to the space. So let’s take you through our favourite jhula design ideas from Livspace homes that are perfect for the outdoors.

#1: The Balcony Swing for Kids

balcony swing-swing for kids-artificial turfing
Be sure to child-proof your balcony jhula with a safety net

What are the features you’d need in a swing design for the balcony that’s perfect for kids? The most important thing would be for the swing to be secure because kids will swing it much faster and higher than adults. Hence, a balcony jhula with iron chains and a child-proof net around the railings makes sense here.

#2: The Nestled Balcony Swing

balcony swing-nestled swing-vertical garden
A nestled jhoola design is sure to create the perfect reading spot

If you are past the age of bending and bowing with the wind but still like the whole playful nostalgia of a swing, this is the jhula design you need. A nestled jhoola is essentially suspended from a stand; it doesn’t swing as much but it does rock. It also happens to be the comfiest spot to curl up with a book and a cuppa. 

PS: Did we say how much we love the fresh coral colour of this balcony swing cushion against the white wicker? Articles

#3: A Comfy Balcony Swing for Lazing Around

swing design-wooden swing-vertical garden
This jhoola design is sure to have you swinging your way through the day

Are you one of those people who eats, sleeps and studies/works on the balcony jhula? If so, you need a comfortable jhula for your balcony, like this one. It has enough room to sit or lounge comfortably. With the wooden back and the bolster cushions, this is a spot you wouldn’t want to move from. And the strong iron chain ensures that it can support your weight over a long period of time. 

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#4: The Couple Goals Balcony Swing

swing design-balcony design
The perfect jhula for the balcony that emphasises we time

Not getting enough ‘we time’ and intimacy with your partner? Here’s what you can do. Get yourself a two-seater swing design for your balcony. It’s just enough for two people to sit and have some quality time. 

However, make sure it’s not too big or you will both be sitting in your own corners! It should be just right to make you sit tight and cosy. Moreover, the ‘his’ and ‘her’ cushions are a dead giveaway, setting the context for romance right away. 

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#5: The Budget Balcony Swing for Your Tea/Coffee Time

swing designs-cane swing
And the affordable contender among jhoola design options is…

Are you looking for an affordable balcony swing that will serve the purpose but not be a serious investment for you? You should consider a cane jhula for the balcony, which is also less expensive than wooden or metal swings. 

However, do note that this jhula design is less durable but lasts long enough with light use. You can swing on it during your morning and evening cuppa to look out into your neighbourhood. 

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