From a rustic sky bar that enthralls your guests to a pristine vertical garden that soothes the nerves, there is a lot you can accomplish with some good large balcony design ideas. If your home is blessed with an expansive balcony, make the most of it by trying one of these inventive and fun outdoor balcony design ideas curated from #LivspaceHomes.

Large Balcony Design Idea #1: Sky Bar
large balcony design ideas-sky bar designs-bar stool designs
When it comes to the bar, sky’s the limit!

Set up a private sky bar in your balcony with a mobile cart and rugged bar counter. In these types of outdoor balcony design ideas, the rustic wooden flooring coupled with the inventive and narrow bar stand, creates a simple look, without cluttering the space. The quirky bar counter dials up the energy up for the high spirited. You can add a touch of green to this space with some potted plants. 

Large Balcony Design Idea #2: Vertical Garden
large balcony design ideas-coral cushions-white wicker furniture
A garden that touches the sky!

It is refreshing to behold a vertical garden, when you are perennially surrounded by concrete towers. While there are many ways to set up a decorative green wall, some outdoor balcony design ideas such as this use a criss-cross wooden frame to support the creepers. The patterned furniture, from seating to the swing, mirrors the design and creates an eclectic theme. 

Large Balcony Design Idea #3: Party Deck
 large balcony design ideas-patio designs-wooden flooring for balcony designs
A deck for outdoor parties

Capitalize on sectioned off balcony space by turning it into a party deck! This design uses a wooden deck and wall tiles to define the space, and leverages welcoming patio furniture for a relaxing vibe.

Large Balcony Design Idea #4: Play Area
large balcony design ideas-green turning designs-picnic table designs
Outdoor play area in our own balcony

If you don’t have a dedicated play area for your toddler, fret not! Your large balcony can be turned into an entertainment space for your child, while you can stretch your legs too! Lay out some turf to cushion falls, add an outdoor bench for homework time, and ensure you have high railings for extra safety. This is a great way to get your kids out in the fresh air without having to go too far. 

Large Balcony Design Idea #5: Coffee Bar
coffee bar designs-wicker furniture designs
A perfect setting for your evening cuppa

The sleek coffee bar at the end of the space packs a lot of storage, while the hand painted tiles and wicker furniture add character, making this large balcony stand out. The cushions continue the soft grey aesthetic of the coffee bar, creating a homogeneous look.

Large Balcony Design Idea #6: Art Gallery
wooden flooring for balcony-wall painting for balcony-artificial turfing for balcony
A statement unto itself

Create a balcony space that is out of the ordinary, with statement wall art, an embossed painting, or a modern art installation. Opt for neutral flooring to really let the art pop, and fashion a sit-out right beside it. Now, you’ve got yourself one of the most unique outdoor balcony design ideas!

Large Balcony Design Idea #7: Multi-purpose Balcony
balcony seating ideas-artificial turfing designs
The best of everything squeezed in!

Make the most out of your large balcony by picking furniture that will allow you to turn it into a multi-purpose space. This all-in-one balcony is an ultra-functional area that packs an outdoor seating area with a plush sofa, a sky-gazing spot with high chairs, and a reading spot at the far corner with comfy chairs. It is one of the most comprehensive outdoor balcony design ideas you can emulate!

Give one of these ideas a shot and let us know what you think. Also explore Seating for all Types of Balconies.

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