A comfortable and pretty balcony is something all of us yearn for, especially after dealing with the traffic and long working hours. If you are someone who enjoys the privilege of owning a balcony or two and want to get a modern balcony design, we are here to help. We present to you our favourite pieces of outdoor furniture that will make your balcony both, functional and chic. Read on.

Modern Balcony Design Pick #1: Metal Chairs

modern balcony design-metal chairs-yellow garden chair-white outdoor table
Stylish and easy-to-use metal furniture

Lightweight metal furniture is a good choice for balconies, since you can move it around. Opt for ones with swirly designs and paint them in your favourite colours. You can match the colours to the rest of your balcony or keep it simple with basic hues. Do not forget to apply a coat of weatherproof varnish to help it last long and continue looking new.

Modern Balcony Design Pick #2: Tie-up Cushions

modern balcony design-tie-up-cushions-cane chairs-cane furniture
Cane furniture with tie-up cushions

If you have a balcony and enjoy spending a lot of time there, then you already know the importance of having comfortable seating. Make your outdoor furniture every bit comfy with tie-up cushions. These are easy to use since all you need to do is tie them to the back of your chairs and on the seat, using strings. Choose cushions that are fluffy!

Modern Balcony Design Pick #3: Swing Chair

modern balcony design-swing chair-artificial turf-hanging planters
A swing chair for creating that dreamy balcony

Time to add some character to your balconies. We know how much we love adding a swing at home, but there are certain constraints to it. Why not get a swing chair instead? It is much easier to move around and can be placed in one corner of your balcony. It served the dual purpose of a swing and a chair. Just add a quirky cushion seat and you’re good to go.

Modern Balcony Design Pick #4: Cosy Table & Chair Combination

modern balcony design-wooden table-wooden chair-outdoor furniture
A cute table and chair combination for your balcony

If your balcony is well covered, then we suggest you go for a sleek table and chair combination. This one right here is made of splayed wooden legs and rattan. You can also add interesting floor tiles to your balcony to jazz it up instantly. This is the perfect setting for a cosy evening in the balcony by yourself or with your partner.

Modern Balcony Design Pick #5: Wicker Furniture

modern balcony design-wicker furniture-wicker chairs-wicker table
Entertain friends and family in this spacious balcony

Famous for being the perfect weather-resistant material, wicker furniture is ideal for outdoors. A set of plush chairs and tables will make sure that you relax without worrying about wear and tear. We love this setting that allows a family or group of friends to have a relaxing evening here.

Do not forget the accessories!
modern balcony design-wall lights-wall sconces-modern balcony lights
Light up with stylish wall sconces

Once you’re done with picking the right furniture for your balcony, the next step is to light up the area. Install some modern wall sconces that create patterns on the wall with beams. These wall lights will act as the perfect accessories for your balcony.

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