If you’re a believer, then you already know that a home without a pooja room is just a dwelling. One of the most important places in the house, the pooja room is the centre of all the positive energy. And since it’s a place of worship, your pooja items need to be cleaned regularly. Here we provide you 6 easy pooja room cleaning tips that require minimum effort.

Pooja Room Cleaning Tip #1: Bright Copper Idols

Keep your copper idols sparkly with our simple pooja room cleaning tips.

The first step to pooja room cleaning is to clean the idols. Wondering how to clean copper idols and utensils in your pooja? It’s pretty simple. Just use some salt or vinegar with a lemon slice. If you’re using lemons, apply some salt on half a lemon and scrub your copper items with this. If you have vinegar handy, then add a few drops of vinegar to salt and do the same.

After the scrub, wash the idols and utensils with warm water. The grime and tarnish from your copper utensils should have disappeared. Also, if you are wondering when to wash God idols, check for any dust, grime or stickiness. If you notice any of these, it’s time to give your idols a wash. 

How to Clean Pooja Room Interiors Tip #2: Shiny Silver Utensils

Your silver will shine like new with our ingenious pooja room cleaning tips.

Wondering how to clean God idols at home when they are made of silver? The easiest pooja room cleaning tip to get your silver figurines in your pooja room to shine is by applying a dab of toothpaste and gently scrubbing with a toothbrush.

If you have several tiny silver pooja items, which are difficult to scrub individually, bring a litre of water to boil, add one tablespoon of baking soda and a tiny scrap of aluminium foil to it. Drop silverware in the pot for ten seconds and you’re done. Your silver pooja items will shine like new.

Pooja Room Cleaning Tip #3: Polished Brass Idols

Brass can sometimes form patina. Use our pooja room cleaning tips to get rid of it.

Most of our Ganesha idols in our pooja rooms are made out of brass, making how to clean brass idols a very relevant question. In fact, many of us even have brass urlis and bells, so it is imperative that you know how to clean pital murti at home. The bane of owning brass is that it attracts grease and grime, and gets tarnished very quickly. Brass also oxidises and sometimes forms patina, a turquoise colouring.

Wondering how to clean brass idols at home? Cleaning brass is actually rather simple. When it comes to the question of how to clean pital murti, all you need is lemon, baking soda and a wet cloth. Just scrub with a slice of lemon. For tough stains use some baking soda on your lemon slice. After the scrub, use a wet washcloth to remove the stickiness from the lime. These easily available home remedies are the quickest and easiest solution to the question of how to clean brass God idols at home.

How to Clean Pooja Room Interiors Tip #4: Reflective Marble Floors

Maintain the shine of your pooja room marble floors with our simple home remedies.

Pooja room cleaning tips also include floor cleaning. Maintaining the lustrous effect of marble in our pooja rooms can be quite a task, given the continuous exposure to heat and oil.

If you are wondering how to clean pooja room marble flooring and how to remove any stains from it, then the answer is easy: use a mixture of lemon juice and baking powder. You could also use baking powder and dishwashing liquid diluted in warm water to work the stains.

Pooja Room Cleaning Tip #5: Washing Your Idol’s Clothes

The soft cotton clothes that we wrap around the idols need to be cleaned regularly as well as part of your pooja room cleaning routine. The best way to clean it is to hand wash the clothes with plain soap and water. Make sure you do not use any harsh detergent on the delicate cotton fibre.

How to Clean Pooja Room Interiors Tip #6: Squeaky Clean Doors

Pooja room cleaning

The doors to our pooja rooms are mostly made out of wood and more often than not, they sport a jaali pattern. Obviously, these intricate cuts are prone to dust accumulation.

A pooja room cleaning tip to clean the wooden doors is to take cotton balls and dip them in olive oil. Wipe the doors with the cotton to give your pooja room doors a new lease of life.

These simple pooja room cleaning tips can go a long way when it comes to keeping your pooja room clean. Home remedies are preferred to harsh cleaning liquids when it comes to cleaning pooja idols and items since they do no harm. Use these tips and see how your pooja room gleams!

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