For many, the living room is the heart of the home, a space for relaxation, entertainment and connection. It’s where families gather to catch up, enjoy movies and unwind. However, in homes where space is at a premium, creating distinct areas for both entertainment and spiritual practice can be a challenge. This is where the innovative concept of a TV unit with a mandir comes in.

Let’s break down the 3 style options of a TV unit with a mandir

#1: A cohesive modular TV with pooja unit

These TV with pooja units in the living room are a visual blend of materials and aesthetics

The TV and mandir sections are visually unified, often featuring complementary materials and finishes. This intentional design choice not only fosters a unified aesthetic but also ensures a harmonious flow throughout the room.

#2: The distinct pooja room with TV unit

While part of the same furniture piece, these TV units with pooja rooms in the living room sections are distinct, with individual design elements or slight variations in materials. This offers a subtle separation between the entertainment and spiritual areas.

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#3: The floating TV unit with mandir design

A floating TV unit with a pooja room in the living room makes it feel airy and lighter

This modern approach features a TV unit design mounted on the wall, with the mandir section mounted on the TV unit, creating a visually lighter and more spacious feel.

How much will a basic TV unit design with a pooja unit cost?

The starting price for a TV unit with a mandir made of MDF SF laminate and CNC shutters with Duco and SF laminate is ₹3250/sq. ft.

*These costs are for reference purposes only; exact costs may differ according to location, size of the home, nature of requirements, materials/finishes chosen and the scope of work.

Now, what are some of the most popular designs of TV units with mandir?

The one thing you need to remember before choosing a TV unit with a mandir is to choose a unit with enough storage space for your TV components, pooja essentials, and other belongings. It should also not overwhelm the overall feel of the room. Consider using task lighting to highlight your pooja unit and ambient lighting to create a relaxing mood.

#1: The magic of OM

The inclusion of the “OM” design carved in CNC boards on a pooja unit attached to a TV unit signifies a unique approach to integrating faith and modern design. The “OM” can also be strategically placed on various elements of the pooja unit, such as the back panel, above the prayer area, or even subtly incorporated into the design of the doors.

Things we 🫶

  • The tiny hanging bells
  • Ceiling pendant lights
  • Sleek drawers
  • Subtle colour palette

#2: Hanging bells and diyas

Diyas by the TV? Sure, but make it electric

The visual design of a TV unit is often modern and minimalistic, while diyas and bells have a traditional and ornate aesthetic. Combining them directly might create a visually cluttered or mismatched look. Additionally, open flames near electronics may pose a fire hazard. So, you can opt for electric ones and place them quite away from the TV.

Things we 🫶

  • The grained and floral wallpapers
  • Ample storage options
  • Overhead display space

#3: The attached shelf

The pooja and TV unit that’s cohesively separate

This maintains a clear division between the sacred pooja space and the entertainment area while keeping them visually connected within the same functional unit. Some might feature partitions or shelves to create a clear division, while others might use a more integrated design with subtle separations.

Things we 🫶

  • The OM carving on the back and side panels
  • The orange arch behind the TV
  • Overhead and cabinet storage on the pooja unit

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#4: The Ganesha carving

Just like the OM symbol, your most revered God can be carved on the back panel, the top shelf, or even incorporated into the doors of the pooja unit. Ensure the carving is positioned appropriately above the TV unit, maintaining a respectful distance and avoiding any visual clutter. Also, consider adding subtle lighting to accentuate the carving, especially if it’s placed within the pooja unit.

Things we 🫶

  • The Ganesha carving
  • The backlighting on the pooja unit
  • The golden trims on the back panel
  • Ceiling pendant lights

#5: The marble panel separation

Who needs a separate prayer room when you have this multifunctional marvel?

In this unique TV unit with a mandir design, a marble panel that matches the rest of the living room furniture separates the mandir from the TV. You can choose one with light streaks or a bit of colour to make it look more interesting. Add a soft light under the curving panels to make the prayer area stand out. A small idol can be placed on a small, decorated stand inside the prayer area with bells on a pretty hook or holder.

Things we🫶

  • The marble panel
  • Modern laminated curved panels
  • LED strip lighting
  • Overhead display space

#6: The neutral colour palette

Neutral tones let the mandir’s beauty stand out

The subtle brown and beige tones gracefully complement the mandir section, ensuring it takes centre stage within the TV unit. With its profound religious significance, the mandir rightfully claims attention. The backlight on the jaali design gives it a divine look!

Things we 🫶

  • The chandelier (of course)
  • Textured wallpaper
  • The jaali OM design with backlighting
  • Under cabinet LED strip lighting
  • The kalasha on top of the unit

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