Ceiling designs are often overlooked while constructing a room. And when it comes to pooja rooms, we often turn our focus on idols, pictures of deities, lamps and decor. But did you know that a pooja room ceiling design can make a mammoth difference to your divine space? It emits an aura that will make your pooja room ceiling design look more spiritual. So, make your mandir look heavenly with these pooja room ceiling design ideas.

#1. False ceiling

pooja room ceiling design - false ceiling
Divinely lit

One of the most popular trends for ceiling designs is the false ceiling. This type of ceiling has gained immense popularity in recent times as they can be highly customized. Additionally, false ceilings come in a variety of patterns, colours and designs. Use warmer tones for your pooja room to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. You can also add a backlit panel with religious inscriptions to compliment your ceiling design. And the best part about false ceilings? You can keep them as minimal or as extravagant as you like. 

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#2. Pooja room with chandelier

pooja room ceiling design - pooja room with chandelier
A touch of radiance

You can always add a touch of luxury with chandelier lighting. Ceilings aren’t complete without proper lighting. As an ornamental lighting fixture, your chandelier doesn’t have to be very large to create a lasting effect. Consequently, they work well for high ceilings, and you can choose from traditional to contemporary, depending on the look of your interiors. In order to alter the overall ambience of your pooja room, the bulbs can be changed periodically. For warmer tones, opt for yellow bulbs and for brighter colours, go for white bulbs. Add in some traditional metal lamps or bells and your ceiling design is now complete. 

#3. Pooja room with a bit of sparkle

pooja room ceiling design - pooja room with a bit of sparkle
Golden hues

We absolutely love this pooja room with its exquisite blend of colours. A perfect mix of traditional and contemporary, the lighting of this pooja room is tasteful. Besides, the golden firework fairy light delicately creates an aura of elegance and the mix of marble whites, golden bells, wooden tones and deep reds brings out a certain positivity. The sparkle of the ceiling light is gracefully complemented by the backlit laser cut jaali panel which acts as a backdrop for your deities. Did you notice how the traditional golden bells from the ceiling match the lamps on the floor? Well, we sure did. 

#4. Divine whites

pooja room ceiling design - white pooja room
Elegant whites

Whites have the power of positivity; and there’s no better way to keep your ceiling white than with a laser cut panel and LED strip lighting. This vastu-compliant pooja room has a calm and relaxing aura with pristine white jali cut panels adorning the ceiling and walls, keeping the pooja room elegant and minimal. The LED strip lights accentuate the jaali designs on the ceiling thereby creating just the right amount of brightness. In addition, jaali panels are quite affordable and the LED lights give a warm glow to your prayer space. The idols, lamps and bells complete this pooja room, making it a divine space to mediate. 

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#5. Wood and jaali panel roof

pooja room ceiling design - wood and jaali panel ceiling
Warm wood and pure whites

The combination of wood and white creates warm undertones to your pooja space. The high ceiling of this pooja room brings out a sense of length and height,thanks to the vertically placed white jaali panels that extend to the ceiling. Furthermore, the addition of a skylight is one of our favourite features. Allowing natural light into your pooja room is always a good idea. It harnesses the flow of positive energy to your prayer space making it ideal for your rituals. 

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#6. Ceiling with wooden rafters and hanging lanterns

pooja room ceiling design - ceiling with wood rafters
A wooden illusion 

We’re loving the minimal yet perfect backdrop for this pooja room. The wooden rafters perfectly engulf the sides of the pictures of gods and effortlessly extend to the ceiling. The browns make a lasting impression against the lighter coloured walls and ceiling. Also, the strength of the rafters have been made use of here by hanging ornate traditional bells from the ceiling. The colours and textures in this room keep the space well balanced and are perfect for a calming and relaxing environment. 

#7. Wood rafters with spotlights

pooja room ceiling design - corner ceiling with wood rafters
Amicable use of space

Whoever said that a ceiling can’t be customized for a corner space? Take a look at this customized wallpaper and ceiling design for such a niche space. The entire ceiling has been utilised here with spotlights embedded in the mini wooden rafters. Moreover, the spotlights have been placed asymmetrically to throw light on every part of the pooja space. The addition of the metal bells from the ceiling give this nook a traditional look. The yellow wallpaper adds a pop of colour to this modern pooja space, giving it the perfect ambience for prayer.

#8. Wood ceiling with spotlights

pooja room ceiling design - wood ceiling with spot and cove lights
All about that wood

The introduction of natural earthy tones (such as wood) to your pooja room gives it a look of a classy home temple.  From the floor to the ceiling, this home temple is the epitome of wood. Just like the use of false POP ceilings, wooden false ceilings create a stunning effect. The ceiling stands out here with two different types of lighting fixtures: spotlights and cove lighting. Cove lights are embedded into the recesses of ceilings to accentuate the adjacent walls and ceiling. The lighting focuses the attention onto the temple setup placed on the wooden platform. The wooden pillars also stem from the ceiling, making this a complete and serene ensemble. 

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#9. Embossed ceiling

pooja room ceiling design - embossed ceiling for pooja room
An embossed glory

A warm and inviting pooja room, this space has a godliness of its own. The warm strip lighting along the top edges of the walls brings focus onto the ceiling. Embossed ceiling designs also come as wallpapers or ceiling tiles which can be neatly stuck onto your ceiling. Painted with a subtle shade of mauve, the embossed carvings on this ceiling stand apart. The brass lamps hang effortlessly from the corners of the ceiling, thereby filling up the corners of this pooja room.

#10. Warm yellows and bright whites

pooja room ceiling design - carved ceiling with cove lighting
A perfect blend of lights

Mix and match is more often right than wrong, and this carved out pooja room is just the right example. The concoction of wooden tones, printed wallpaper, white shelving and the ceiling design makes this one stand out. The yellow cove lighting carved into the ceiling gives this space a certain warmth while the white recessed lights draw attention to the pooja area. Notice how the folding wood door and the partition separate the pooja ceiling design from the rest of the living room? Overall, this mandir gives a pleasant and divine atmosphere.