When the world is in chaos, you can always find peace in prayer. It’s true for all of us – when life gets us down, when we want some solitude, it is the pooja room that we retreat to. A devghar design should evoke feelings of serenity and piety. So, we have compiled a list of divine pooja rooms that are calming, tranquil and beautiful.

#1: Timeless in white

The colour of peace

What we love: The white colour creates a serene atmosphere while the gates demarcate the space from the rest of the home.

#2: Beauty in Simplicity

Hints of gold to highlight the simple structure

What we love: The hanging bells are symbolic of traditional temples. These, in particular, do not occupy too much space as they’re attached to the wall.

#3: A devghar design that evokes piety

Divinity beckons

What we love: The intricate jaali doors look traditional while maintaining privacy.

#4: Tranquil shades of yellow and white

Holy colours for your holy space

What we love: The subtle colour combination of white and pale yellow makes the devghar design look spacious and tranquil.

#5: Rooted in tradition

The best pooja room is a traditional one!

What we love: While the pooja room, in itself, is simple, the grand brass diyas give it a traditional touch.

#6: For contemporary homes

Modern and chic

What we love: The frosted glass door that creates a minimal and glamorous look for this modern devghar design.

#7: Striking backlighting

Divine light

What we love: The gorgeous backlighting glams up an otherwise simple devghar design.

#8: A wall unit for a compact home

The minimal one

What we love: The minimal design that doesn’t take up too much space.

#9: Elegant jaali doors

Pristine jaali doors

What we love: The timeless combination of white and jaali!

#10: Approved by vastu

The colour of happiness

What we love: While this mandir unit is quite simple, the use of the colour yellow, which is a vastu-approved colour for pooja rooms, elevates the look.

#11: A private space to meditate

Behind closed doors

What we love: The doors keep the pooja room peaceful and private.

#12: The magic of marble

Timeless beauty

What we love: The stunning intricate backdrop in jaali is the showstopper of this devghar design!

#13: A devghar design with a carved glass panel

A contemporary look

What we love: The etched glass panel which showcases a pretty floral design.

#14: A serene space behind the curtains

A mandir should always be covered when not in use

What we love: The white curtains have a gorgeous sheen that amps up the glamour quotient. Also, they are such an easy option when you want some privacy in the mandir but don’t have doors.

#15: Who doesn’t love a pop of colour?

Captivating colours

What we love: The gorgeous orange backdrop looks so vibrant while also being pleasing on the eye.

#16: A calming space

Secluded with a partition

What we love: The gorgeous jaali partition creates a divine corner where you can find peace while praying.

#17: Small spaces can also be serene

Nooks and crannies converted into mandirs

What we love: The plush seating that is perfect when you want to sit and meditate.

#18: Reminiscent of a traditional mandir

devghar-design-traditional-mandir-jaali gateway-seating
Grand and holy

What we love: The intricate jaali gateway which adds a traditional touch and elevates the simple devghar design into a beautiful temple.

#19: Sleek beauty

For the ones who love a modern look

What we love: The sleek, stone back panel which creates a modern and edgy look.

#20: The holy sound of bells

The sweet chime of divinity

What we love: The bells on this pooja unit create a gorgeous pattern that is both unique and traditional.

#21: Soft, muted lighting

The light highlights the mandir

What we love: While the devghar design is quite simple, the spotlights on the wooden panels on top give the mandir a divine aura.

#22: The divine corner

A cosy place to pray

What we love: The elegant Kashmiri motifs on the side panels.

#23: A hub of cosmic energies

Jaali panels and holy doors

What we love: The domed roof looks stunning and also helps in centering cosmic energies within the pooja ghar.

#24: Etched glass

Stunning designs

What we love: The etched glass back panel and the intriguing chandelier.

#25: Divine beauty

White will always be a favourite for mandirs

What we love: The intricate, gold designs that make this devghar design look so grand and elegant!

#26: The outdoor devghar design

Such a unique mandir idea!

What we love: The concept of a mandir unit outdoors! The surrounding greenery just adds to the charm.

#27: A marriage of old-world charm and modern design

Traditional beauty

What we love: The dark wooden mandir and the holy bells add a traditional touch while the marble platform and the soothing orange paint complete the entire look.

#28: Lights will lead the way

Such unique lighting!

What we love: The lanterns in three different shapes that highlight the simple pooja unit.

#29: Fit into a niche

Who said you need a separate room for a home mandir?

What we love: The fresh, green wallpaper that looks so soothing.

#30: Peaceful patterns

Patterns can elevate the look of a mandir unit

What we love: The patterned back panel is the highlight of this simple devghar design.

#31: Cerulean charm

devghar-design-background-cerulean blue
Such a charming unit!

What we love: The cerulean blue wall gives the pooja unit a serene and tranquil look.

#32: The magical backlit devghar design

Backlit mandirs are always a favourite!

What we love: The muted backlit panel looks like some form of divine energy is emanating from the pooja unit, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

#33: Old-world charm

A space where you can find peace

What we love: The private nook, the wall mounted shelves for the idols and the diyas – all combine to create a peaceful, temple-like effect.

#34: A showstopper background

Can’t take our eyes off the backdrop!

What we love: Definitely the backdrop! The burnt orange colour and unique design work on the backdrop is striking. We also love the hanging bells.

#35: Compact yet charming

Minimal pooja units never lose their charm

What we love: The devghar design is so unique! The curved sides with the hanging bells are only surpassed by the lovely swing where you can place your idol.

#36: A vibrant corner

For compact homes

What we love: The backlit jaali of this space-efficient pooja unit makes it look vibrant and elegant at the same time.

#37: A touch of purity

Simply stunning!

What we love: The pure white colour of this pooja unit that is so serene and calming!

While choosing a devghar design, always remember to finalise on a look that is tranquil and creates a peaceful aura for prayers and meditation. Looking for more pooja room ideas? Check out these affordable Indian style mandir units.

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