Looking to turn your kid’s room into a space that fosters self-expression and wonder? This blog features over 35 amazing wallpapers for kids and teenagers that can help you create the desired results effortlessly. With a wide range of exciting designs, vibrant colours and whimsical patterns to choose from, these wallpapers for teens can transform any room into a haven where imaginations can soar. 

Wallpaper ideas for teenagers and kids #1: Nature/animals/plants

A subtle kids’ room wallpaper with ‘dino’-graphics
Bears, bears and more bears on this cute cream wallpaper for kids

These wallpapers for teenagers and kids are a good choice for bringing some elements of nature inside their rooms. They can be subtle and use warm hues like beige and cream, or vibrant with the use of bold colours like teal and orange. Just be sure to choose one that vibes well with the rest of your kids’ room decor.

Teenagers and kids’ wallpaper ideas #2: Movies/comics/anime

Marvel wallpapers for your little action heroes
Elsa and her tribe wallpapers for the Frozen fans…
You cannot forget this age-old comic right from your childhood!

From Avengers to Jujutsu Kaisen, your teen’s favourite movie/show can be their wallpaper too! Do not forget to add some cool light fixtures to accentuate it, wherever necessary. These teenager wallpapers usually bring a burst of colour, so try to keep the rest of the room toned down a bit to get that perfect balance.

Best wallpaper ideas for kids and teens #3: World maps

Have a budding adventurer at home? Give their favourite wall a makeover with cool vintage or modern world map wallpapers for teenagers. The world map can help your child learn about different countries and cultures, and the animals can spark their curiosity about the natural world. Plus, with those vibrant colours and playful illustrations, you are not just decorating a space – you are creating a zone where fun and learning collide!

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Teenage room wallpaper ideas #4: Adventure

Imagine decking out your teenager’s space with the most adorable ‘bearful’ hot air balloon, a super cool treasure hunt map, UFO sightings, and even a flying whale! If your kiddo is all about space, adventure and pirates, these wallpaper designs are their teen dreams come true.

Trendy teenage wallpaper ideas #5: Cars, planes and more!

Put up your kids’ favourite vehicles on the walls

Give your kids a turbo boost with these cute wallpapers for teens if they are aspiring racers, pilots and even tech enthusiasts. Who knows, these wallpapers for teenagers might become their source of inspiration.

Cool wallpaper ideas for kids and teens #6: Ocean-inspired

The gentle waves and calming blue tones in these ocean-themed teenagers’ wallpapers are like a lullaby for your kids. And here’s a bonus – the serene hues might even improve their sleep quality.

Aesthetic trendy teenage wallpapers #7: Floral

Picture a floral teenager wallpaper that whisks you away to the Victorian era, with warm beige and brown tones and a hint of soothing green and soft pinks. Add in some wooden furniture and vintage architectural panels, and voilà – you have created a snug space that is straight out of a fairytale. 

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Cute wallpapers for kids #8: Alphabets and numbers

An array of learning opportunities walled up into one

You can turn their room into a super cool learning nook, a play zone or simply a cosy bedroom with these alphabet and number wallpapers. They can learn the alphabet and numbers while also practising their reading and writing skills. It’s not just a bedroom wallpaper for kids; it’s a cognitive nudge for your little one!

Bedroom wallpapers for kids and teens #9: Sky

The blue hues of the wide-open sky will instantly make the bedroom feel bigger and super welcoming. The gentle clouds drifting by create a calming vibe, perfect for helping your kiddos relax after a busy day. Plus, it’s a great way to spark their curiosity about the world outside.

Teenage bedroom wallpaper ideas #10: Outdoors

Your little explorer can now dream up adventures in the forest, conquer mountains, or take a dip in the river—all without leaving their room. This nature-inspired setup isn’t just about aesthetics; it can actually boost their mood and reduce stress due to the incorporation of natural elements such as rivers, mountains and trees.

Bonus wallpapers for teenagers #11: Football, city skyline and geometric

For the aspiring sportspersons…

Decking out your kid’s room with a football, skyline or geometric wallpaper isn’t just about sprucing up the walls—it’s like giving their space a VIP pass to an infinite wonder world! Geometric wallpapers are the chameleons of decor; they can be cute and playful one day and all grown-up and sophisticated the next. The same goes for skyline wallpapers. Needless to say, football is definitely a conversation starter for both you and your kids.

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How much will a wallpaper cost you?

MaterialCost Range*
Printed paperFrom INR 4,000/roll
Paper-backed VinylFrom INR 550/roll
Cost of wallpapers based on material

Is there an estimated installation cost?

The process of installing wallpaper begins with smoothing the wall surface. It is sanded and cleaned, and then primer is applied. This entire process, along with installation, costs about ₹30 per sq. ft.* Since skilled labourers are required for installing these wallpapers, Livspace employs only the best people to get this done!

*Disclaimer: These wallpaper material and installation costs are for reference only; exact costs might differ according to the nature of your requirements, size of home and location. Talk to our designer to get a free quote today.

Pros and cons of wallpapers

if installed and
maintained properly
Can be more expensive than paint,
but textured paint
can be as expensive.
However, given its durability,
wallpaper is cost-effective 
Enhances the visual appeal
of a room with the
sheer variety of designs
and materials available;
offers far more versatility
as compared to paint
Harder to replace.
If a portion of the wallpaper
or the wall gets damaged,
the same pattern may not
be easily available and
you may have to replace the entire thing
Can be easy to clean
with a broom or cloth, especially vinyl wallpapers
It is not the easiest to
install or remove, but with the
right professional help,
this can be a fairly simple process
Weigh the pros and cons before choosing your preference

How can you choose a cool wallpaper for teens?

Consider the following points to pick the best wallpaper for your teens:

  • How old is your kid? Consider your kid’s age while choosing a wallpaper.
  • What does your kid like the most? Ask them what they would prefer before zeroing in on a design.
  • Choose a theme beforehand to make selection easier. You can additionally add 3D effects or chalkboards on the wallpaper to make it even more interesting.
  • Consider the quality. Can the wallpaper material withstand wear and tear because small kids can be messy?
  • Is the wallpaper you chose matching the overall interior of the room or can you change the room’s interior to match the wallpaper you chose? You need to maintain a balance of colour, theme and aesthetics.
  • If you think your child may outgrow their current wallpaper, choose a design that is versatile enough to grow with them.

How can Livspace help you?

With a track record of delivering over 75,000 stunning homes, we are all about ensuring top-notch quality wall designs for your kids’ room interiors. Let our seasoned designers at Livspace take the reins. Book a consultation today for quality and secure interiors that suit your style.

Disclaimer: Please note that all information in this article is accurate as of the publication date. Costs, budgets, materials, finishes, and product availability from the Livspace catalogue may vary. For the most up-to-date details, consult with our designers who can provide information on pricing and availability.