Your daughter is your best friend, confidant and partner-in-crime. Your princess deserves the best of everything! So, her bedroom should be her little piece of heaven! Now, if you go on Google, and do a basic search for a bedroom design for girls, you’ll get hundreds of beautiful ideas. But the question is, how do you design a room like the ones in those gorgeous images? Is it expensive? What are the products used? To help you out, we curated 10 stunning girls’ bedroom designs from Livspace homes. But it doesn’t stop at that; we have also explained how you can recreate that exact look using our catalogue product (links provided here). 

Now most of our kid’s rooms are designed with customised fittings by our experienced designers. However, we have scoured our catalogue and online to find the closest substitutes as you will see here. 

#1: White and Pink Minimal Bedroom for Girls of Any Age

bedroom design for girls-pink and white bedroom-stucco painted dusty pink wall-white jaali partition-grey headboard
Bay seating is much-loved by teenage girls
big girl bedroom ideas-white PU jaali partition-grey headboard
The partition makes the room vastu-compliant

Get the look: Choose one wall as the accent wall and get it stucco painted in dusty pink. You can either add a decal to the wall or get a local artist to paint a design. Since the theme of the bedroom is pink, choose duvets and cushions in the same shade. White makes the room look spacious, so add a white PU finish partition and wardrobe. Finish the look with a grey upholstered headboard. 

Products used:

Hydraulic Bed





#2: Hello Kitty-themed Bedroom for Small Girls

bedroom design for girls-Hello Kitty themed room-wall moulding-sofa cum bed
A sofa-cum-bed saves floor space in this Hello Kitty-themed room, which is compact
little girl bedroom ideas-study unit-L shaped study table
L-shaped units are perfect for corner spaces

Get the look: Who wants a cute Hello Kitty-themed bedroom design for girls? Use MDF to create the Hello Kitty face and moulding as borders to highlight the look. You can also choose the easier option and buy a Hello Kitty frame or decal online. Considering your daughter will be growing really fast, keep ample space for her. Choose a sofa-cum-bed if space is scarce and soft fabrics for the upholstery to keep it child-friendly. An L-shaped study table takes up minimal space if you can fit it into a corner.

Products used:

Hello Kitty decal


L-shaped study table

#3: Floral Blues Shine in this Fairytale-themed Bedroom for Tweens

bedroom design for girls-blue and white bedroom-button tufted headboard-floral wallpaper
How many floral prints can you spot in this room?
Strip Banner 01 7
big girl bedroom ideas-tufted headboard-blue floral wallpaper
When using white furniture, make sure there is at least one colour for visual interest

Get the look: This bedroom design for girls is fit for a princess! The focus of the room is the gorgeous vintage wallpaper in a dainty floral pattern. The plush button-tufted headboard adds a curvy charm to the room. The furniture, like the side table and study unit, comes with subtle curves to match the white headboard. The use of blinds instead of curtains highlights the full-length windows in this room.

Products used:


Floral Wallpaper

Side Table


#4: Sweet and Summery Bedroom for Baby Girls

bedroom design for girls-sunbed-curtains-side table
The window is completely child-safe as it has railings outside
little girl bedroom ideas-floor bed-play tent-sunbed
Use both sheer and thick curtains to suit all seasons

Get the look: If your daughter’s bedroom has big windows, then consider setting up a daybed. All you need is a floor mattress. Throw in some cushions and pillows to complete the look. Don’t forget to add curtains; use a combination of sheer and blackout curtains here. Also, add a small table or storage unit where your little one can keep her books and toys.

Products used:



Sheer curtains

Pink darkening curtains

Side Table

#5: Festive Decor for Girl’s Bedroom in Red and Green

bedroom design for girls-trundle bed-storage-wallpaper
Colours like red and green give this room a festive look while being functional
little girl bedroom ideas-bed with storage
Every piece of furniture in this room comes with storage

Get the look: If you are looking for a small bedroom design for girls, this room is a great inspiration! The bed is a tall trundle that comes with a pull-out bed and has storage underneath both. Would you believe that the quirky set of stairs beside the bed has hidden storage! Add to that the festive vibe created by reds and greens and it becomes the full package!

Products used: 

Trundle bed

Tall storage

#6: Den-style Bedroom for Teenage Girls

bedroom design for girls-bunk bed-tufted headboard-bookshelf
This room can be your daughter’s den thanks to it’s cosiness
little girl bedroom ideas-study unit-dresser unit
The seating unit with subtle curved legs is a vintage addition

Get the look: The overarching vibe in this room is ‘cosy’ that can be attributed to the wooden flooring and cushioned bed.  The showstopper is the bunk bed that comes with a tufted headboard and also has an attached bookshelf. The other pieces of furniture in this room are the study unit, dresser with mirror, and chairs making it perfect for teenage girls.

Products used:

Bunk bed


Study unit


#7: A Pastel Bedroom That Your Girl Won’t Outgrow

bedroom design for girls-pastel themed room-four poster bed-L shaped headboard-pull out bed-study unit
See how the dresser unit is attached to the bed to save space?
little girl bedroom ideas-wardrobe
Pastels are forever even if your little girl becomes a young lady soon!

Get the look: The bed stands out for the L-shaped headboard that guarantees safety. The bed also has a pull-out feature that converts it into a queen bed. The swing wardrobe has been painted in ice-cream shades for a playful look that is not overtly girlish or childish. You can easily picture a college-going girl living this room with minor alterations to decor.

Products used:




#8: Travel-themed Bedroom for 5-10 yr-old Girls

bedroom design for girls-wall paint-aeroplane design
The aeroplane design comes with backlighting
big girl bedroom ideas-Manhattan skyline painted wall
Painted wall can be replaced with wall decals

Get the look: If you are looking for a bedroom design for girls, this is probably the easiest to implement. The key thing that stands out is the quirky walls. While one has the image of an aeroplane, the other has a silhouette of the Manhattan skyline. These walls have been specially painted, but you can also use decals to get this effect.

Products used: 

Aeroplane decal

Manhattan skyline sticker


#9: Stylish Boho-chic Bedroom for Tween Girls

bedroom design for girls-wooden rafters-fairy lights-chalkboard wall-full length mirrors
Fairy lights are tried and tested way to decorate girls’ rooms
big girl bedroom ideas-high ceiling-full length mirrors
That flower petal-shaped headboard is definitely boho-chic

Get the look:  If your daughter’s room has high ceilings, add mirrors to accentuate the height. The ceiling has wooden rafters with spotlights. which is something you will have to ask your builder to install. The feature wall on the side boasts a chalkboard finish. Now, if you cannot change your walls, you can just as well add a chalkboard for your daughter to scribble on.

Products used:


Chalkboard sticker

Fairy lights


#10: Charmingly Rustic Wooden Design for Girl’s Bedroom

bedroom design for girls-rustic theme-distressed headboard-wooden rafters-wooden corner unit
Rustic vibes come from the distressed finishes in this room
bedroom design for girls-distressed headboard-laminate wardrobe-wooden rafters
Don’t we just love how the headboard adds a pop of colour to this room?

Get the look: The most noteworthy element of this bedroom design for girls is the distressed, yet colourful headboard. The rustic corner unit and the blue laminate finish wardrobe complete the look. You can aim for a look like this by picking furniture that has distressed and ruggeded finishes. Use rope lights to complete the industrial-inspired look. This room is perfect for the grunge phase that many girls go through. 

Products used: 



Corner Unit

Rope lights

At Livspace, our designs are a mix of high-quality modular units and expertly designed customised furniture. The above bedroom design for girls is amongst our favourites! While we have tried to provide you with alternatives that are easy to find, the complete look is only possible with the help of our expert designers.

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