The kitchen is the most frequented and accident-prone space in any Indian home. Choosing functional yet aesthetic kitchen tiles is a challenge, and you need types of flooring that can withstand dropped objects and accidental spills. But if you are willing to pick up the gauntlet, here are a few types of flooring we think are best suited in a kitchen floor.

Types of Flooring #1: Ceramic Tiles
A playful pop of patterns for the floor

Porcelain or ceramic tiles are the most common kitchen tiles in Indian homes. Both are hard, water-resistant and easy to clean. They also come in an assortment of colours and styles and suit any aesthetic. A couple of things to lookout for is that the tiles may crack if glassware is dropped, and the grout lines might collect dust and grime. 

Types of Flooring #2: Hardwood
A chic and classy choice

Solid hardwood kitchen tiles are highly durable and add an instant, classic, timeless appeal to your kitchen. However, if you are living in highly humid or coastal regions, avoid wider planks as they will warp over time. Additionally, these tiles are prone to scratches and stains, and require periodic refinishing. 

Types of Flooring #3: Laminate Wood
An affordable choice for wood-like flooring

Laminate wood adds a soft, modern touch to the space, and is a highly affordable option for kitchen tiles. It is easy to install or replace, and the top layer can withstand any amount of abuse. However, unlike hardwood, laminate flooring cannot be refinished. Since it can be slippery, avoid using this type of flooring if you have children or elderly in your home.

Types of Flooring #4: Vinyl
An elder-friendly option

Vinyl comes with textures that mimic wood-grains, and is a budget-friendly, water-resistant, quick-to-install alternative to wooden floorboards. Vinyl needs a flawless subfloor to be installed perfectly. 

Types of Flooring #5: Bamboo Wood
The sustainable choice

Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to regular kitchen tiles. Since the trees mature within 5 years, this type of flooring is a sustainable alternative to regular timber. This beautifully grained wood is one of the strongest natural materials in today’s market. However, substandard bamboo wood is easily susceptible to water-damage and prone to staining, so choose carefully.

Types of Flooring #6: Marble
For a brighter look

Aside from wood, the most desired kitchen tiles are marble as they lend a sense of sophistication. The colours and variations in the marble give your home an organic, earthy look. Since it is an inherently cold material you may want to consider adding radiant floor heating in colder regions. Some types of marble are easy to scratch and stain, so it requires routine sealing.

Types of Flooring #7: Granite
Super durable pick

Granite is an amazing hypoallergenic flooring option for your kitchen tiles. Good quality granite adds to the value of the property. It is also beautiful and exceptionally durable. However, granite is harder to install than other materials as it is a heavy material. So, ensure your floor can support its weight before diving in. 

Types of Flooring #8: Concrete
For heavy-duty users

Concrete flooring is popular in many of the busiest kitchens in the country. They instantly give your space an almost industrial look. Just like marble, concrete is also a naturally cold material so it is perfect for the tropical parts of India. Note that it is a hard flooring and can be uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time, so a few well placed bamboo runners might be a perfect addition.

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