Spanning cultures and continents, wall hanging decors meld diverse styles with an assortment of materials. From the intricate silk tapestries of China to the geometric patterns of Navajo weavings, each piece mirrors the rich traditions and artistic sensibilities of its origin. Your walls have the potential to echo your cultural heritage or personal style, but the question remains: How can you achieve this?

  • Do you want to create a calming atmosphere, inject a burst of colour, or tell a story through your wall art?
  • Do you want that piece to complement your existing decor whether it’s modern minimalist, rustic farmhouse, or eclectic bohemian?
  • Can the wall hanging serve a dual purpose, like providing storage or concealing imperfections?

Let’s take you on a tour of some of our best wall hanging decor ideas specially picked for you!

Wall art idea #1: Brushstrokes speak louder

Hang tight because we did go a little overboard with wall hanging paintings!

Polyptychs paintings

Let your art do the talking!

Polyptychs are meant to draw the viewer’s attention through their subject matter, striking colours, and visually and thematically aligned panels. The different textures of the artwork, whether canvas, wood, or metal also create a focal point. Polyptychs wall hanging paintings are the best conversation starters, which is why we consider them the best wall decor for living rooms.

If your room boasts a modern minimalist interior design, consider opting for a sleek metal diptych featuring geometric patterns. Conversely, a wood polyptych depicting a nature-inspired landscape in soft, calming colours can evoke a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Calming colours can create a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to art. Experiment, have fun, and choose pieces that you love!

Original artwork

The inner artist in you is calling!

Empty walls are always an excuse to pick up your brushes! Unlike mass-produced prints, each brushstroke on your oil painting holds the artist’s individual expression, making your wall a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Original art, especially if you are an emerging artist, can appreciate in value over time, becoming a valuable asset.

P.S.: We totally ❤️ the rustic sky blue room wall paint design behind the township canvas

Oil painting

Oil paintings aren’t just for museums

Oil wall hanging paintings require preservation through several steps: priming the canvas with gesso, thinning paint with solvents, and applying varnishes for final protection. Utilising natural bristle brushes and maintaining a humidity level of 40-60% around the painting can make them last for years to come. Yes, it’s an effort but totally worth it!

Abstract art

Abstract art: the anti-boring way to express yourself

Unlike paintings with people, places, or things, abstracts use colours, shapes, and lines in unique ways. This can change the whole vibe of your room, making it feel calming, exciting, or anything in between. Instead of telling you what to think, abstract art lets your imagination run wild, making it personal and special to you.

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Wall decoration items #2: Let there be light

Let your walls shine with the warm embrace of these enchanting wall lights

Go beyond traditional art with the captivating depth of 3D wall lights, or embrace Scandinavian simplicity with a modern minimalist lamp. Wall lights offer a savvy space-saving solution, ideal for smaller rooms or areas where floor lamps may not be practical.

Wall mirror design #3: Mirror, mirror on the trend

A long wall mirror effortlessly reflects light, instantly transforming even the gloomiest corners into airy, expansive spaces. Place a mirror opposite a window to amplify natural sunlight, or position it strategically in a dim corner to disperse light throughout the room. This simple yet effective trick adds a natural brightness, instantly uplifting the mood and ambience of your space.

Wall designs with wood #4: #shelfiegoals

These shelves are both stylish and practical

Floating shelves look their best when they’re right at eye level. This makes them the main attraction in the room, and anything you put on them gets noticed right away. The number of shelves you use depends on how big the room is and how big the shelves themselves are.

Decorative wall hanging items #5: Macrame magic, tapestry tales and scrolled secrets

Some Macrame magic

Macrame’s back with a bang! 

Macrame, the ancient craft of making pretty patterns with rope, is having a major moment again, both in fashion and home decor. Remember those cool plant hangers from the 70s? They’re back and trendier than ever! The best part? Creating your own macrame masterpiece is easier than you think. Just tie some rope to a stick, knot it up in a cool pattern, and hang it on the wall!

Woven wonders of scrolls and tapestry

Game of tapestries

Wall hanging fabrics in medieval Europe depicted grand narratives, and religious scenes, and even served as insulation in drafty castles. In many cultures, woven wall hangings or tapestries held spiritual significance, representing deities or warding off evil spirits.

Framed fabrics

Framed tapestries are the new statement art

Let us tell you how to frame a tapestry behind glass:

  • Secure the tapestry edges onto a wooden frame with fabric or staples
  • Place a spacer like an acid-free mat board or foam core between the tapestry and the glass to prevent direct contact and allow air circulation
  • Opt for UV-protective glass to reduce fading from sunlight

There you have it: a mid-century modern touch to your room!

Easy wall hanging #6: Greenery galore

Say hello to hanging planters!

Feng Shui approved all your wall hanging plant babies. A hook, a rope and a cute little planter are all you need for their vertical homes. Just make sure you water them periodically and keep their soil replenished with nutrients.

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Wall hanging design #7: Upcycled art

Give your old stuff a new purpose

You could repurpose old baskets into unique frames by threading vibrant yarn through their woven patterns to introduce bursts of colour. Create intricate designs by intertwining ropes or repurposing baskets as pockets for displaying plants or trinkets. By combining these materials, you’re not just decorating your walls, but also telling a story of sustainable interior design.

Wall hangings for living room #8: A blast from the past

Thrift finds + creativity = vintage wall magic

Give new life to old books, frames, and other items you might have lying around the house with this retro-themed wall hanging decor idea. You can find most of the materials you need at thrift stores or online, and the assembly is fairly straightforward. Consider incorporating vinyl records or vintage radios as eye-catching pieces to complete the retro-themed ambience.

Aesthetic wall decor idea #9: Dreamcatchers, plates and embroidery – the dream team

Hoops of creativity

Let the creative juices flow!

Show off your amazing embroidery with two fun and easy options! Want a sleek and simple look? Simply clip the top of your piece to wall hooks or a quilt hanger and display it anywhere in your home. Feeling more rustic? Lean a ladder against the wall and drape your embroidery over a ladder step for a charming wall hanging decor. Both methods are quick and easy, and let your beautiful handiwork shine!

Wall hanging dream catcher done right

Hang it high, let good dreams fly

According to tradition, a dreamcatcher is often placed on a southwest-facing bedroom wall, but there are specific guidelines to follow. It should not hang freely, nor should anyone walk beneath it. Ensure it’s positioned where strong winds won’t disrupt it, although a gentle breeze is acceptable. Traditionally, dreamcatchers are hung above cribs or beds, where they can receive sunlight during the day. So, pick a spot that checks all the boxes and let your dreams flow freely!

Did you know that in some Native American cultures, a dreamcatcher is a handwoven willow hoop with a web or net? And for an extra touch of meaning, you can even decorate it with special items that hold significance for you. These could be feathers that symbolise strength or freedom, or beads that represent blessings or good luck.

Dish fit for a wall

When hanging your mismatched plates, think less of “gallery wall” and more of “eclectic art exhibit!” Just like spacing out photos on a gallery wall, leave room between each plate to let them create a spectacular wall design for living rooms, dining rooms, and even the foyers. Form a loose pattern so that the unique individuality of each piece stands out. Don’t be afraid to let their differences shine – it’s what makes your collection special!

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Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of woven macrame or the eye-catching allure of abstract art, there’s a wall hanging waiting to transform your #LIVing space.

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